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Molly Sims: Diora



  • [from the trailer] 

    Nick Brady : What are you doing later?

    Diora : Not you.

  • [Nick and Shawn walk at night. They see Diora dumping garbage. Nick approaches her] 

    Nick Brady : [pants]  Diora! God, it is you. The way the moonlight caught your cheek for a second there, I thought you were an angel.

    Diora : [sarcastically]  Nope, just the head counselor who decides whether or not to make you run laps all tomorrow.

    Nick Brady : [giggles foolishly]  God, I love it, huh? A little back and forth, witty repartee, Hepburn and Tracy.

    Diora : I'm not 16, kiddo. Run along and play.

    [Diora walks away] 

    Nick Brady : Still with the witty repartee, that's terrific. You win this round, Miss Tracy.

    Diora : [without turning back]  Hepburn was the girl.

    Nick Brady : Ding, ding. Knockout.

    [Nick walks away frustrated] 

    Nick Brady : [to himself]  It shouldn't be this hard, she's like 100 years old.

  • Diora : Welcome to day one, everybody. Let's start with a warm-up run.

    Nick Brady : God, she's such a fox. I guarantee I'm gonna tap that before we leave.

    Shawn Colfax : Dude, she's married, and like 30 years old.

    Nick Brady : That's just how I like them, ancient and regretful.

  • [Nick and Shawn go to register. They approach Diora, a beautiful woman whose tight red shirt is open enough to show her breasts] 

    Diora : Hi. What squad are you on?

    [Nick and Shawn get closer to Diora. Nick looks at her nametag] 

    Nick Brady : Diora? I believe that's Italiano for 'beautiful princess'.

    Diora : [unimpressed]  No.

    Nick Brady : Well it should be, I'm calling the dictionary people.

    Diora : What squad are you on?

    Shawn Colfax : The Tigers, Gerald R. Ford High.

    Nick Brady : Below-average president, above-average student body.

    [Diora writes down their names] 

    Nick Brady : So... what are you doing later?

    Diora : [puckers her lips]  Not you.

    Nick Brady : [giggles foolishly]  What about accents? You like Aussies? You wanna wear my leather hat?

    Diora : [turns to the mascots]  Mascots, I'll be checking you in ten minutes at the mascot table.

    [Diora turns back to Nick and Shawn] 

    Diora : Why are you still here?

    Nick Brady : You like canopy beds?

  • Coach Keith : [speaking of how the dangerous Fountain of Troy move is 'prohibidado']  You can't even say 'Fountain of Troy' at this cheer camp! Go ahead and say it!

    Cheerleaders : Fountain of...

    Coach Keith : No, stop it - what are you doing? This isn't a game! I'm not playin' around up here!

    Diora : Honey...

    Coach Keith : ...Just a joke. First week of cheer camp, lighten things up. Have a good time. Everhbody say it now. 'Fountain of Troy.'

    Cheerleaders : Fountain of...

    Coach Keith : Oh dear Lord! Oh gosh, shut up, shut up!

    [dances around angrily] 

    Coach Keith : Stop it! Stop it! Nobody does Fountain of Troy at this cheer camp!

  • [Coach Keith introduces his wife to the cheerleaders] 

    Coach Keith : It is now my absolute pleasure to introduce to you your head counselor and my super-sexy handsome wife, Diora. Let's bring her out here.

    [Coach Keith make gestures of fisherman using a pole. Diora arrives, waving her hands. The crowd cheers. Coach Keith kisses Diora on her cheek. Nick and Shawn are shocked to find out the beautiful woman they saw earlier is married to the coach] 

    Shawn Colfax : What? Did he say "wife"?

    Shawn Colfax : No, he couldn't have.

    Diora : Welcome, everyone. For the next three weeks, you'll train with me and the other coaches and then compete in a tournament with the top teams going on to the State Finals.

    [the crowd cheers] 

  • [Nick approaches Diora] 

    Nick Brady : Hi.

    [Diora is not excited to listen to Nick's lame pick-up lines] 

    Nick Brady : Listen, I don't know if I've told you this yet... but your coaching, I mean, it's been incredible. And whatever happens between us, you've made me a better cheerleader. And for that, I owe you...

    [Diora reaches for Nick's mouth] 

    Diora : You have some food in your teeth.

    Nick Brady : [foolishly]  Eh?

    Diora : And your pecs are uneven. Make sure you don't favor one side.

    [Diora walks away] 

    Nick Brady : Always coaching. Ha-ha-ha. God bless you!

    [Diora does not bother to turn back] 

    Nick Brady : Why can't I crack this?

  • [Dr. Rick reveals that Nick and Shawn are in the camp just to get girls. Carly is furious. Rick reads Nick's diary aloud to humiliate him] 

    Dr. Rick : "Cheer camp, day one. The sun rises in the summer sky like Rembrandt's brush on a dogwood branch." Ha-ha-ha. Queeratron. Ha-ha-ha.

    [Nick approaches Rick angrily] 

    Nick Brady : Let's go. Give it to me.

    [Rick's burly friends stop Nick] 

    Dr. Rick : [continues reading from Nick's diary]  "And thereby Diora"...

    [Rick sees that Diora stands nearby and points at her. She is surprised to hear what he reads from Nick's diary] 

    Dr. Rick : ..."I lie awake thinking, will I ever say "Diora", as a whisper in an ear? Will she ever say "I love you", in a moment with a tear?"

    [Nick charges at Rick, but again Rick's burly friends stop him until Rick reads more. Finally Nick gets the diary back] 

    Nick Brady : Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

    Shawn Colfax : Carly, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you.

    Carly : Just leave, okay? Just leave like you always planned on doing.

    Shawn Colfax : Carly, please, let me explain. Give me just one second.

    [Rick and Carly walk away, Rick hugging her shoulder] 

    Dr. Rick : See you later, high school.

    [Diora approaches Nick] 

    Nick Brady : I didn't write that. I bought the book. It was in there.

    Diora : It was beautiful. Thanks.

    [Diora kisses Nick o the cheek and walks away. Nick is stunned, for anything he tried so far did not impress Diora] 

    Nick Brady : Wow, I never really thought of that one. Using one's true feelings to wrangle snooch. So simple.

  • Diora : [breathes heavily]  Meet me on Taryn Field tonight after the competition. Bring your diary.

    Nick Brady : Only if you bring the dance in your step like a shimmering nymph traveling the back of the wind.

    [Nick walks away smiling. Diora moans excitedly. Nick looks back and waves to her] 

  • [after Carly dumps Rick, he tries to punch Shawn but hits Nick. Nick collapses. Diora rushes to help him] 

    Diora : You okay?

    Nick Brady : [smiles painfully]  Nothing a kiss can't fix.

    Diora : [whispers]  Wait till tonight.

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