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Sex & Nudity

  • Two teenagers have sex, no nudity shown.
  • A teenage boy and girl have sex, and you can see the covers moving. Very little motion is shown and it only lasts a few seconds.
  • There are some brief kissing scenes
  • A teenage boy performs oral sex on a girl.
  • Woman uses a vibrator. The vibrator is shown but no nudity is shown.
  • Lots of use of sexual language.
  • A teen girl masturbates.
  • A teen girl gets touched on the leg by a adult man despite protest.

Violence & Gore

  • Someone gets shot on their hand.
  • A bunny is killed. Little blood is shown
  • A flashback of a young woman being abused by a man which can be triggering to survivors of domestic violence or abuse
  • A teenage girl harms herself with a lighter.


  • Lots of profanities.
  • There's many uses of many type of cuss words throughout the show and commonly used is B****
  • Many curse words used frequently. Someone is referred to as a "p---y"; girls are referred to as "bitches"; a teen remarks of the mayor, "All the thirsty moms throw their twats at him"; regarding a kid who's bullying him, Georgia tells her 9-year-old son, "Screw that a--hole"; the teens refer to their teacher's "small d--k." Many uses of "s--t."
  • Season 1 has 75 uses of sh-t 20 uses of a-s 2 uses of the f-word season 2 has 78 uses of sh-t 8 uses of a-s and other mild profanity

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A group of teenagers smoke marijuana together.
  • Two adult women smoke marijuana while drinking alcohol.
  • References to weed and in one episode a mother asks a teen boy for weed

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A teenage girl self-harms with a lighter. Season 2 covers this topic more than the first.
  • A woman discusses being molested as a child.
  • Multiple instances of poisoning someone as a means to solve your problems (references of current insinuations and flashback recollections)
  • Armed robbery shown. Embezzlement and stealing shown.
  • A brief shot of a man in a casket.
  • TW Abuse / Domestic Violence: In a flashback a woman is slapped,shoved against a wall and drug out of a trailer. She runs off crying.
  • Women gets pushed around and hit by a violent man. Vases and glass is smashed


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Austin stabs another kid with a pencil. No blood is seen, only a noise heard.
  • In a flashback, we see that Georgia (whose real name was Mary) is being abused and cuts her abuser with a piece of glass. After her son is bullied, she coaches him as he punches the bully in the nose and says to his mother, "He had a nasty spill. You should be more careful." Ginny intentionally burns herself and has scars from cutting.
  • Young boy shoots a man in the arm
  • Ginny fueled with rage yells at Marcus without letting him speak. It's implied that Marcus injured himself by crashing his motorcycle on purpose.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • It is shown in a flashback that Georgia drugs a man in the living room and he presumably dies
  • The adults drink copious amounts of wine and smoke marijuana (which, it's pointed out, is legal in Massachusetts). The teens also smoke marijuana, and Ginny uses a bong at a party.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In Season two, Georgia is arrested. Austin's reaction is sad.

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