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It is not very exciting
deickemeyer7 March 2016
In this western picture there is no typically western scenery; a beautiful but very quiet stream is the background of most of the story. The pretty widow has two lovers; the one who is the villain is rejected. The villain pushes away from the bank a rowboat in which the widow's little girl is sitting, but there is not much suggestion of danger in the boat's floating on that quiet stream. A woman, who has not appeared in the picture until then, jumps in and swims out to the boat, but there are no oars. Indians now get the boat and draw it to shore. At first we do not know whether they are friendly or not, and though, in other places, the mother is shown to be nervous, we can't see any particular danger. The woman who swam to the boat was so unaccountably helpless that we suspected that she was in league with the Indians, whether friendly or not, till we saw her bound. Word is carried to the widow and then cowboys chase the Indians through a not- very-wild country. There's a pistol fight and the child and woman are rescued. It is not very exciting. The acting is good. - The Moving Picture World, July 15, 1911
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