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I wasted 3 hours of my life tonight
capechick273025 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I knew this was going to be a bomb when the first shark attack reminded me of a video game from a few generations back it was so completely phony. Granted it was made for TV so it couldn't be as realistic as "Jaws", but my goodness this is now on my top 10 for worst movies I have ever seen.

The basic premise, as usual, is the bad guy, Armand Assante wants to build a multi-million dollar condominium complex in this little town on the California coast. Most of the residents are all for the idea because the "fishing has dried up" and the economy is in the toilet. Only Daniel and his family are holding out.

Apparently The Bad Guy has deliberately contaminated the water to destroy the fishing in the hopes that everybody in the town will wish to sell to him (ho-hum). Unfortunately there seems to be a nasty side effect of this poisonous water: The sharks get bigger, meaner and start bonding together! OMG! Can you guess how The Bad Guy dies at the end?? The scenes were so disjointed; one minute it's sunrise but in the next scene it's still dinnertime. These people all knew about the shark attacks; well maybe most don't because nobody I saw eaten was ever reported missing including a daycare worker and yet THEY STILL GO IN THE WATER! We have people swimming, scuba diving, surfboarding, having a water Baptism, you name it, they were doing it the water. And while it appeared to be cold enough that some were wearing sweaters and wetsuits & you could see their breath, people right up the beach were in bathing suits and splashing in the surf. People are being eaten and murdered and some of the characters start making out after a near death experience.

Have you figured out yet that this is a stinker of a movie? Who makes these things? Worse yet, who approves these movies? A Junior High kid who has played Donkey Kong a few too many times? If you're desperate to see people eaten by sharks go watch Jaws (the original) and don't waste 3 hours of your precious life on this drivel. The actors and actresses should not have even got paid for this movie, they should be sending US checks for watching it.
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A Complete Abomination
Chris Hardaman28 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Beware -- this movie is terrible.

***minor spoilers to follow***

First off is the horribly cliché'd plot of an evil, greedy businessman trying to develop beautiful natural coastal town for profit. Come on, that is lame! It's done to death! Also there is a high amount of shark attacks in this movie and none are actually seen on film, which is fine because it was a Hallmark movie so I get that. What isn't fine is that the writers substituted quantity over quality. They failed to develop any of the characters who died. Not only that, but nobody seemed to notice or care that people were going missing at an alarming rate. This is a small town where pretty much everyone knows everyone. There wouldn't be an hour gone by before the entire town would be on alert. How could the filmmakers miss this elementary fact?

I think this film had a promising cast, but pretty much everyone really laid an egg here. Maybe it was the poor writing or perhaps the poor direction, but most likely it was a combination of bad writing and bad direction. The script was a failure and whoever was responsible for authorizing this script into production should be fired. The director is much more talented than he showed us on Shark Swarm. I just don't know what went wrong, but this film failed on every level. (1/10)
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Simple Review
bwanaart26 May 2008
This movie was a classic "B" - - SciFi type of movie. It has a wonderful cast of really good actors...but in my opinion the plot was anemic, the directing was even more-so...and I loved it! Why? Because the cast each did an excellent job of acting and the setting was believable. One can see from the 'heft' of big stars where the budget most certainly was spent. It most certainly wasn't spent on special effects or, for that matter, screen writing.

All in all, I would not only recommend it because of its positive aspects...but would watch it again and again if the opportunity affords itself. The positives outweigh the negatives.
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Onw of the worst films I ever watched
lvelho-19 May 2009
The movie has Terrible script. It show us terrible performances and awful lines. Just couldn't waist my time to see it until the end. Very very bad. Several scenes in the movie are plainly useless. Don't have connection with the story, and don't add any value. Why are they there ? Bad editing ? Some lines are just ridiculous and one could not believe people talk like that to each other in real life. Some things happen that result from very dumb decisions from the characters. For instance: There are these 3 boats side by side in the middle of the sea (actually one can tell it is shot in an harbour so calm the water is) the bigger boat has the engine broken and main characters want to get away from a bad guy and sharks. Instead of choosing the middle fiber boat they decide to get away using the smaller rubber boat...plainly dumb.
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Good because of Armand Assante
Tonci Pivac21 April 2011
I really enjoyed this one for starters,, John Schneider did a wonderful job with the material that he was given,, i was disappointed in Daryl Hannah though,, i thought that Armand Assante did a great job as the bad guy in the movie, F. Murray Abraham didn't have enough screen time in this.. the plot was great i thought,, here you have a real estate developer trying to basically buy up the whole entire fishing community, although be it very unscroupulus in his ways, dumping illegal toxins into the bay, therefore making all the fish die off , so the community goes basically bankrupt, but in the process the chemicals do something to the sharks and mess up their brain waves, turning them basically from docile,, to manhunters,, and they eventually start to swarm on the community of Full Moon Bay,, i think this was a great TV movie, and i know many of you won't agree with me,, but i just don't care.
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Whole Lotta Munchin' Going On
zardoz-138 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
People who love to watch movies about fictional shark attacks will get more bite for their bucks with veteran television director James A. Contner's "Shark Swarm," literally a shark munching marathon that clocks in at a whopping 169 minutes. Okay, the sharks--great whites,hammerheads, and scores of others--are primarily CGI creations. You will lose count of the number of times that one shark gobbles the camera, but Contner manages to generate a fair amount of suspense. Every time that anybody plunges into the briny deep, you know that they will wind up as shark bait. Of course, everything here is entirely preposterous, but you know that the seaweed huggers will love the ecology message. The teleplay by Matthew Chernov and David Rosiak takes its time with the formulaic plot that has "Jaws" written all over it with some melodramatic variations. Indeed, if "Jaws" did not discourage you would splashing around in the deep blue sea, "Shark Swarm" ought to with its fishy action.

Fisherman Daniel Wilder (John Schneider of "The Dukes of Hazzard" & "Smallville)and his wife Brook (Darryl Hannah of "Splash") along with their brother Professor Phillip Wilder (Roark Critchlow of "Komodo vs. Cobra")are the only people who refuse to sell out to a greedy real estate developer Hamilton Lux (Armand Assante of "I, Jury")who wants to turn the waterfront into a luxury condo. Lux has brought out everybody else in town and struggles to buy out Wilder, but he cannot make our hero an offer that he can refuse. Meanwhile, Lux's have a power plant and his scheming underling Kane Markus (John Enos III of "Demolition Man ") has been secretly dumping toxic waste into the coastal waters to drive off the fish and deprive the fishermen of their livelihoood.

Meanwhile, Philip strikes up a relationship with an EPA employee, Amy Zuckerman (Heather McComb of "Apt Pupil"), who initially starts out working with Lux until Philip woos her from the dark side. Eventually, she discovers foul play and Lux manages to wield his influence and has her removed from the job. When Philip is not making time with Amy, he is getting even more acquainted with popular college professor Professor Bill Girdler (F. Murray Abraham of "Scarface")who uses a NASA satellite to study the California coastal waters. Lately, he has been noticing schools of sharks swimming together and regards this behavior as anomalous. Before long even Daniel is suspicious. It seems that the phosphorous that Lux's henchmen have been secretly dumping has really screwed up the sharks. These predators attack anybody in the water! "Shark Swarm" is aptly titled because Contner shows up many scenes of swarming sharks that gang up on humans. In the last hour, things turn pretty melodramatic when Markus moves against Wilder and company and tries to drown them in a shark cage. Meantime, Philip has acquired secret pulse guns from another professor and discovers that when discharged at the schools of sharks that they scatter. Several other subplots crop up, including one about a little girl who refuses to wade into the water after she witnesses two shark attacks. Her distraught parents strive to make her look stupid, but she stands by her guns and gets to tell them after a narrow escape from shark infested waters that she "told them so." Professor Girdler picks up the sharks on his satellite imagery because they are glowing with the phosphorous and he warns our heroes that three beaches are liable to turn into massacres. At one point, Markus tries to kill Daniel and Brook, but Brook outsmarts him. This is the most anemic scene in this made-of-the Sci-Fi Channel movie. Daniel and Brook are suspending in a shark cage that the predators will gnaw through in no time. Miraculously, largely owing to circumstance and the fact that they are hero and heroine, they survive.

Amand Assante makes a slimy villain as does John Enos III. They get their comeuppance just as you would expect. Chomp! "Shark Swarm" is fairly predictable with few surprises, but the familiar cast and their sterling performances help out and the story does manage to hold your attention despite its excessive running time.
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Lots of Sharks
kai ringler18 June 2008
I really enjoyed this one for starters,, John Schneider did a wonderful job with the material that he was given,, i was disappointed in Daryl Hannah though,, i thought that Armand Assante did a great job as the bad guy in the movie, F. Murray Abraham didn't have enough screen time in this.. the plot was great i thought,, here you have a real estate developer trying to basically buy up the whole entire fishing community, although be it very unscroupulus in his ways, dumping illegal toxins into the bay, therefore making all the fish die off , so the community goes basically bankrupt, but in the process the chemicals do something to the sharks and mess up their brain waves, turning them basically from docile,, to manhunters,, and they eventually start to swarm on the community of Full Moon Bay,, i think this was a great TV movie, and i know many of you won't agree with me,, but i just don't care.
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Swarm of Has Beens
naderw7521 September 2008
Ugh. One lame story. Empty dialog. Actors who can't get movie roles anymore. One exception - what is F Murray Abraham doing in this cast of mediocre actors? He has actual acting talent as opposed to Armand Assante who turns in the same swaggering tough guy persona every time. What is with that walk anyway? It's so embarrassing. And poor Darryl Hannah. Glamour girl no more.

Who read this script and said, "Wow, this is gripping. Let's make a movie!" It makes you wonder what scripts don't get picked. Now that's scary. Before there were so many cable stations, this movie would never get made. A studio wouldn't waste money on a rehashed shark tale and mediocre actors. So thanks Hallmark for lowering the standards.
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Best film to watch before a PADI Open Water Dive at Dayang
kerangador3 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Lol. This film is so bad - its funny.

Tedious. Predictable. Bad writing. Clichéd crap.

The sharks form swarms to attack humans like piranhas. The funny thing is that no one seems to notice the people getting killed. No MIA reports. No washed up body parts.

When they finally realize the sharks have gone insane. No one bothers to get the police or coast guard to warn the beachcombers.

Just watch this on fast forward. Watch the funny parts. Watch this esp. if you are going for your Open Water Padi dive - its hilarious. In the Gallow humor way.
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Jaws 5?
Master Cultist8 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Some movies truly reveal the mentality of the gibbering teats that infest IMDb for the most part, giving straight to TV fodder such lowly ratings and savage reviews. You know the type, those that take life way too seriously, and judge every movie as if the people making it genuinely believe they are creating a masterpiece. These imbeciles seem to have no inkling that, sometimes, movies are made just because the people behind it think it will be a good laugh to do so. They snort cocaine, smoke White Widow, laugh their anuses off in the concept meetings and churn out something that they know for a fact is a piece of brown, but my Christly Christington they had a whale of a time making it.

So here's Shark Swarm, a movie that is to Jaws what Dan Brown is to Clive Cussler: a pale imitation. And very enjoyable it is too.

The plot: A shady 'A-Team' style real estate developer is dumping chemicals into a bay that, unbeknownst to him, has the side effect of turning the resident shark population into blood thirsty, pack hunting monsters. No-one is safe; bathers, fishermen, surfers.

Well, unless they just stayed out of the water.

You know, maybe just stood on the shore and looked out to sea, admiring nature in all its beauty from the safety of solid ground.

Then they'd be safe.

I don't know, maybe they could head to Starbucks, grab a take-out skinny mochachino with extra choco flakes and sit on the beach reading a good book, chatting to their friends, maybe even listening to some music on their MP3 players.

Then they'd be safe.

Just don't go in the water people. Don't go anywhere freakin' near it. It's full of things that want to kill us, at all times, not just when sharks mutate but, every second of every God given day there's things in there with big teeth and poisoned prongs and body parts I can't even identify that cut and slash and gnaw. Poisonous, deadly demons with the capacity to exist underwater that hate us, absolutely hate us, and take any opportunity they get to pierce us or slash us or eat us with their huge, tooth-filled mouths.

Just stay away from the water, folks, if it's the last thing you do. The things in there HATE US.
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A worthless movie indeed despite the multitude of familiar faces
Leofwine_draca17 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Yet another in the long line of Creature Feature TV movies that seem to be the bane of modern cinema in the 2000s. SHARK SWARM has everything I dislike about such productions: a low budget (in a bad way), poor cast, rubbish script, and, worst of all, rubbishy CGI effects. The effects in this one are among the worst I've seen: the sharks are relegated to murky, underwater CGI images throughout the film, with nary a mechanical beastie in sight. The budget is low too, of course, and the script takes the scraps left over by JAWS and turns them into a lacklustre thriller with obvious nods to the likes of PIRANHA and others, all of them better films than this. So once again we have a greedy corporate type busy building a business and ignoring the warning signs; a courageous, humble fisherman who first spots the menace; bodies washed up on the beach; fishermen catching something more than they bargained for; marine biologists and women in rubber suits, and lots of other B-movie elements. Even one of the characters is called Bill Girdler, in reference to a director of popular 'animal attack' movies back in the '70s.

The one thing this film does have going for it is the cast: although the performances are bad, more of the faces are familiar than you might expect. I'm not talking about the B-movie regulars who pop up in this, although there are a lot of them (John Enos III, John Schneider, Heather McComb, Willie C. Carpenter). I'm talking about the 'once weres', former greats at the box office now relegated to making this trash and picking up a pay cheque afterwards. Daryl Hannah, old collagen lips, whose career seems to be in free fall with this and KUNG FU KILLER; and F. Murray Abraham, who knows no shame with this and BLOOD MONKEY (although his appearance here is little more than a cameo), and worst of all, the leathery, bewigged Armand Assante, who once played to audiences in JUDGE DREDD and 1492. Meanwhile, director James A. Contner once worked as a cinematographer on JAWS 3D, so I guess he knew what he was doing when he set out to shoot this. A worthless movie indeed.
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A Bit Long but Okay for the Most Part
Uriah4317 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Hamilton Lux" (Armand Assante) is a real estate developer who wants to buy all of the homes and business of the small fishing town of Full Moon Bay in order to build condos overlooking the Pacific Ocean. So in order to compel the townsfolk to sell their property to him he has secretly poisoned the nearby coastal waters to kill all of the fish and impoverish the community to such an extent that they will be more than happy to take whatever he offers them. Unfortunately for him, one particular fisherman by the name of "Daniel Wilder" (John Schneider) has no intention of selling out and he happens to own a vital piece of property that Hamilton Lux needs desperately. Even worse is the fact that the particular chemicals used by Hamilton Lux to poison the fish has not only drastically affected the ecological balance but it has also resulted in the sharks hunting in large schools in search of the only food sources now available to them—vacationers enjoying the waters off Full Moon Bay. Now rather than reveal any more of this movie I will just say that, for a made-for-television film, it wasn't too bad. Although I didn't care for some of the characters, I particularly liked the performance of Amy Zuckerman (as "Heather McComb") and the aforementioned Armand Assante. I also thought the shark footage was okay for the most part as well. In any case, although a bit long I have rated the movie as about average and recommend it to those who enjoy films of this type.
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Trash but it rises to the top of the can
Zoooma28 September 2014
Surprisingly not terrible. This made-for-TV action-horror-thriller has a good amount of shark kills and blood, especially for the ultra-gooey, super-sappy Hallmark Channel. I didn't know going into this that it was 2 hours and 38 minutes long (apparently shown in two parts over two nights on television.) When I finally glanced at the time on the DVD player, it showed 1:52 and we were nowhere near wrapping it up yet! Okay, if the time passed by that easily it must not be that horrible. John Schneider (Bo Duke) was actually really good. Darryl Hannah meh. Armand Assante was in his element in a stereotypical bad guy role. Lots of blood but little gore but still like 2 to 3 dozen kills. But why was no one concerned all these people were going missing?!?! Not exactly the most well-written script but I have seen much, much worse. Production value is better than I expected. Anything on Syfy Channel would have been pure trash. This actually rises to the top of the trash can.

4.8 / 10 stars

--Zoooma, a Kat Pirate Screener
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Sharks attack a peaceful bay.
Michael O'Keefe27 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This made-for-cable mini-series can be predictable, but actually interesting. The CGI is at fault of being repetitive although not totally distracting. Nice photography and decent enough story about a small California fishing town being starved out by a greedy industrial millionaire Hamilton Lux(Armand Assante). Peaceful waters have slowly been poisoned by toxic waste in hopes of killing off the local fishing . Lux is wanting to strangle the business of Full Moon Bay in order to turn the area into a high dollar luxury resort complex. With lack of food supply, numerous swarms of Great White sharks enter the bay killing for sustenance and pleasure. Fisherman Daniel Wilder(John Schnider) and his business owner wife Brook(Daryl Hannah)are joined by Dan's brother(Roark Critchlow)and a Marine biologist (Heather McComb)in putting up a last ditch fight with Lux to save the bay. Also in the cast: John Enos III, Gene Davis, Mimi Michaels and F. Murray Abraham.
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OK, but nothing too special
slayrrr6663 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"Shark Swarm" is a fine, if unspectacular killer shark miniseries.


Due to a fishing shortage, Hamilton Lux, (Armand Assante) grows frustrated with top fisher Kane Markus, (John Enos III) who is having a personal feud with Daniel Wilder, (John Schneider) an independent fisher in town. When his younger brother Phillip, (Roark Critchlow) is sent to town through a University experiment, he comes in right during the middle of a large property dispute in town, and they both refuse to sell. As he starts his experiments, he finds that the local water supply has been corrupted by toxic waste from a local construction company, which has turned a group of sharks into vicious killers that are targeting the local population. Along with his friend Clint Duran, (Brent King) and wife Brooke, (Daryl Hannah) they take to the seas to stops the sharks from their rampage.

The Good News: As far as killer shark films go, this one isn't completely terrible. One of the most important things about it is that, like all good creature features, it makes them into a credible force to be reckoned with. This here is one in two ways, both of which are perfect at that point. The first is that the film has a great body count, with about a dozen kills in it. That's a welcome addition to any shark film, where the fact that it takes out a rather sizable amount of the cast with some good points to it. Though most are pulled underwater, it has enough in here to make it count, and by featuring as much as it does, it makes for some really great moves on the sharks. The other big factor toward them is that they're depicted as a threat al the way through, using the same kind of attack patterns and not really changing at all during them. That there's a frequent amount of attacks is really great, giving it a lot of action that certainly works. The extended sequence with the henchmen works to introduce the sharks taking them out one at a time, and the inclusion of a cage helps matters a lot, the assaults on the separate teams of divers are rather fun, and the triple assault on the three beaches at the end derives some great parts to it. The last part that works is the important way it handles the sharks at the end. Rather than kill them for being vicious, this one has them driven away and saved, keeping them alive at the end. That's a great improvement over others out there, and is a part of the film's good parts.

The Bad News: This one had a couple of flaws to it that hold it down. The biggest one here is that the film is really way too long. There's no reason this one couldn't have been two hours long, but since it tacks on a good half-hour more, there's a lot of rather dull scenes that really hurt this one. The inane subplot in this one about the building developments around the town really should've been scaled back considerably, as this one takes it over-the-edge and just goes on and on in here with absolutely no real interest to the rest of the film. It just eats up absolutely a ton of time on a story that has nothing to make it interesting at all. All it does is just irritate by going so long on such a dull and incredibly boring part of the film by making it go on for so long. That it takes up so much time in the running time also affects the action scenes in here, as although there's a lot in here which do work well, the fact that they're so short is where the time comes up. They're really quick and over a lot sooner than they should've been, and it reduces the epic feeling it was going for significantly by doing this. The last flaw in here is the terrible CGI for the sharks. They abandon the few relatively decent-looking real sharks in here to go for a constant series of incredibly badly done and fake-looking CGI sharks, which has nothing to do at all with being realistic, is easily spotted in the sequences for doing so and just makes the film look even cheaper. These here are the film's flaws.

The Final Verdict: Though there's some good points to this one, the sheer fact that it's so long to really make most of those stick around. If the length can be tolerated, then this one isn't all that bad to give a chance on, or for the more tolerant creature feature fans, though the length is going to be a turn-off for some.

Rated R: Violence and Language
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jodiego27 December 2010
The previous reviews pretty much summed up my feelings about this really bad movie, so I'll just add a few more tidbits that might further encourage you not to watch it. Lots of people killed by sharks and nobody misses them. Shark attacks and dead sharks on the beach and no shark warnings to keep people out of the water. Everyone who falls into the ocean gets eaten by sharks except the stars of the movie. This movie was so bad I stopped watching it 30 minutes before the ending. I'm guessing the ending was "sharks destroyed, boy gets girl, everyone lives happily ever after". 4 hours was about 240 minutes too long. What a waste of my time.
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Very tough to sit through
Wizard-830 May 2010
This is a production from RHI Entertainment, the makers and distributors of a number of awful movies like "Sharpshooter", "Depth Charge", and "Mask Of The Ninja". This should be your first clue as to the quality of this movie. The second clue is that this movie, like those others, was made for television. So there's no foul language, no nudity, no sex, and the presentation of blood and (very limited) gore could easily be showcased on prime time. But even if the movie had any of that juicy stuff, it would still be pretty hard to sit through. The script is awful - it stretches the movie past the breaking point by making the movie last more than two and a half hours. It takes forever for the characters to realize that something strange is going on and that a lot of people are missing, and even longer to find out that it's sharks causing the problems. The movie is also not very well made, with cheap-looking CGI sharks and cinematography that looks somewhat dark even when the movie is outdoors in the sunshine. There is an extremely high body count, and there is a somewhat amusing small subplot about a little girl afraid of the water, but those things are just a couple of drops in a sea of ineptness.
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Other than Armand Assante, Shark Swarm has nothing to recommend it
TheLittleSongbird29 August 2012
The only reason why I didn't rate Shark Swarm any lower was because of Armand Assante. Despite his rather stereotypical villainous character, he does put some gusto into his performance and he is enjoyable to watch. But the rest of the cast are poor. F Murray Abraham, outstanding in Amadeus, is wasted, he managed to save Blood Monkeys but he is not in Shark Swarm anywhere long enough to make the same impact. Daryl Hannah I loved in Splash and Roxanne, but other than her beauty she is very robotic and bland. John Schneider looks bored out of his mind, and who can blame him? They are not helped however their underdeveloped and very clichéd characters, nor by the horrendously cheesy writing. The story takes forever to get going, and never really picks up. The exposition scenes are dull and poorly written, the climax is contrived and the attacks are not scary or suspenseful in the slightest. The sharks are used sparsely, in hindsight you'd think that would work, however aside from the fact that they are horribly rendered in every scene they appear in(even the shark effects in Jersey Shore Shark Attack were this bad) you also don't learn anything about their origins or why they attack in the first place. In conclusion, Shark Swarm has nothing in its favour other than a pretty good turn from Assante(and actually even he deserved better than this). 2/10 Bethany Cox
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Another terrible 'Creature Feature'.
Paul Andrews28 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Shark Swarm is set in California in the small fishing community of Full Moon Bay where all the fish have disappeared because rich businessman Hamilton Lux (Armand Assante) has hired local thug Kane (John Enos III) to pollute the waters around the bay to kill off all the fish so everyone will go out of business & sell him their property cheap. However stubborn long term resident & local fisherman Daniel Wilder (John Schneider) refuses to sell up, while out on his boat Daniel comes across another boat badly damaged. Investigating the boat it seems that sharks were responsible & not just ordinary sharks either, no mutant sharks that swim & hunt in swarms whose DNA have been altered due to all the toxic waste in the bay & with food in short supply the sharks turn to human flesh to satisfy their hunger! It's up to hero Daniel to convince the world that the sharks exist & then destroy them...

Directed by James A. Cotner this stupid & boring 'Creature Feature' is about as bad as they come. Even though Shark Swarm is supposed to be about killer man eating sharks all the boring domestic dramatics take center stage with the whole evil developer trying to run decent family man out of business plot getting much more screen time than the sharks which is unacceptable since the only reason anyone would want to watch a film called Shark Swarm would be for the sharks surely? The plot is slow going so as to have the least number of shark attacks possible thus saving money on CGI effects, there's no gore (or at least in the TV version I saw), it's boring, overlong, predictable & like all bad shark films people venture into the water even when they know they shouldn't. I also liked the reaction of the bystanders on the beach towards the end as they see the sharks in the water, they all turn & run away screaming like the sharks are going to grow legs & jump out of the water & move about on land. Also what happened to Al, the guy who had his hand bitten off? Shark Swarm is awful & even features a really bad climax where the heroes just point 'pulse guns' at the sharks to defeat them, boring. Then there's the happy soap opera style ending just to rub salt into the wound as local small town American mentality wins out over big evil corporate business. What could have been a fun 'Creature Feature' with a strong message about the dangers of dumping toxic waste is actually a boring drama with the shark side of the script almost coming off as a sub-plot.

The sharks are rarely seen with good reason as the CGI computer effects are awful, in fact you never see a shark or one of it's victims in the same shot as all the attacks are exactly the same with a shot of a bad CGI shark underwater followed by a real human actor splashing around & screaming on the surface. The build up is slow & lethargic, the attacks scenes have no pace or gore or any cool shots & it's certainly not scary.

Filmed on what was obviously a low budget one time A list Hollywood actress Daryl Hannah appears here but she doesn't seem that interested while highly respected actors Armand Assante & F. Murray Abraham who has actually won an Oscar also turn up in this which is probably a low point in all three's careers.

Shark Swarm is a terrible 'Creature Feature' with hardly any action or shark attacks, zero gore & a boring plot that deal more with the small town domestic dramas than the man eating sharks. One to avoid.
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