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Sex & Nudity

  • Men are seen in swimming trunks and the women are seen in bikinis.
  • Brook and Daniel share a kiss in several scenes.
  • Kim and Chris share a kiss near the end.
  • Daniel is seen shirtless, before falling into bed with Brook and kissing passionately.
  • The camera goes to a couple making out on a beach towel.

Violence & Gore

  • The sharks sometimes bite and fight each other.
  • A swimming teacher enters the water, she then turns around and sees sharks coming for her. And then is attacked.
  • A girl is on the raft and is being attacked by multiple of sharks.
  • We see a man pulling another man out of the water who can't move because his leg has been bitten off and his shorts are covered with blood.
  • 14 divers are attacked by sharks at different times.
  • 3 sharks are seen washed up on the shore, some are split in half. Then a man puts his hand in one of the shark's mouth and then without warning the dead shark bites his hand off.
  • Hamilton and another woman fall off a pier and are then attacked by sharks, one by one.
  • Weezer accidentally drops his surfboard on Chris' head, he is not injured.
  • Kane, Tony and Tia are all pushed or kicked off a boat by Daniel or Brook.
  • Tia shoots a man in the chest, and slowly dies.
  • A male lifeguard is attack by 1 or 2 sharks.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • References to Alcohol and Champagne.
  • Amy is seen with champagne glass in her, (no drinking is seen.)
  • Kane and Tia are seen with champagne glasses in their hands. (No one is shown drinking.)
  • 2 fishermen are seen drinking beer on a boat.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The shark attacks may disturb some viewers.
  • Brook and Daniel are trapped in a cage underwater with the swarm of sharks.
  • The sharks may scare some young viewers.
  • A jump scene when a man puts his hand in one of the shark's mouth, then the dead shark bites his hand off suddenly.

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