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MPAA Rated PG for mild action and brief language

Sex & Nudity

  • Two scenes including brief instances of kissing.
  • Several statues in the museum are shown without clothes, but nothing graphic is visible.
  • We see the famous VJ Day photo showing the dip and kiss, and then see a live-action version of the same. Needing to avoid detection by Kahmunrah's warriors, Larry cuts in and kisses that same woman.
  • Amelia playfully tells Larry (about him checking out her clothed body), "You haven't been able to take your (what sounded like "cheaters") off my chassis."
  • Various flying and animated cupids show bare butts, but no apparent genitalia.
  • We see the Thinker statue, shirtless, on several occasions, and he's apparently nude, but we don't see any genitalia. He likes the looks of a statue of Venus (bare back) and then flexes his muscles for her.

Violence & Gore

  • Lots of non-graphic fighting during the battle scene, mostly played for laughs. A sword fight is more intense, but no one is injured.
  • Dexter the monkey twice slams his crate lid onto Larry's fingers.
  • Despite being told by a young security guard not to touch a museum exhibit, Larry does just that. The perturbed guard then taps Larry with his flashlight, prompting Larry to grab and then hold that around the guard's throat.
  • Kahmunrah's minions hold spears on Larry.
  • Knowing what's inside and needing to get away from Kahmunrah's spear-wielding minions, Larry opens a crate that releases a giant squid that grabs the warriors and tosses them about, allowing Larry to escape. Yet, he later encounters that same squid that blasts him back a long ways into a crate.
  • Larry drives a motorbike with Custer in the sidecar, and the two knock over some of Kahmunrah's guards in passing (the bike hitting some, and Custer's flagpole hitting others). Custer then stands up , accidentally clotheslines himself on a girder and falls to the floor. Moments later, a spear lands in the front tire of the motorbike, and then more land in the wall all around Amelia, but don't hit her.
  • Larry grabs the pitchfork from the American Gothic painting, and Amelia throws it at one of Kahmunrah's warriors who catches it. Various spears are then thrown at them, but miss.
  • Napoleon holds a dagger on Larry.
  • Amelia slaps Larry and then kisses him, and then repeats that.
  • A squirrel (giant-sized in comparison to his miniature stature) comes at Octavius, picks him up, bites his helmet (as if a nut) and then drags him away (but he's later seen okay, riding that squirrel).
  • Some Tuskegee airmen struggle with Kahmunrah's minions.
  • In a hurry to stop Kahmunrah, Amelia and Larry crash their small plane through a glass wall, sending Larry rolling across the floor, while Amelia crashes into a large display case while still in the plane (both are okay).
  • Capone twice hits an Einstein bobble-head on the head.
  • Kahmunrah's bird-headed warriors throw spears at the gigantic monument version of President Lincoln, but those spears bounce off his stone body. He then flicks some of those warriors away.
  • A big battle breaks out between the good and bad guys, with struggling, flipping and hitting, as well as some brief sword sparring and such (played for action and comedy rather than realism, and no one seems harmed by any of that). During this, Larry avoids a battle ax swung at him.
  • Larry and two monkeys take turns slapping each other repeatedly.
  • Octavius uses his helmet to break the glass of an hourglass holding Jedidiah, thus freeing him.
  • Jedidiah and Octavius use their miniature swords to stab various villains in their shoes and legs, thus leaving them hopping and hobbling about.
  • One monkey punches one of Al Capone's goons, followed by the other kicking him.
  • Al Capone slaps Napoleon, who then jumps on Capone and the two struggle.
  • Kahmunrah tries to hit Larry with what looks like some sort of scythe, with Larry blocking that with a flashlight until he's disarmed of that and must avoid more swinging of scythe. On the floor, Larry then kicks Kahmunrah in the face, gets control of him by using the flashlight, and then throws him into the Egyptian temple chamber where he dissolves into an atomized swarm.
  • Three men attack a man, one throws him, one punches him, one kicks him in the face, and one kicks him and does a pile driver on his back knocking him to the floor.
  • A man grabs a miniature man, places him in an hourglass, flips it over and sand begins to pour on the miniature man's head (the other man talks about the small man having only an hour to live). A squirrel stands over a miniature man, picks him up in its paws, tries to bite him as if he's a nut, and then drags him away by the feet (we hear the man yelling, but we see him again later uninjured).
  • A man is thrown through a stone passageway and we see him disintegrate and blow away.
  • Several men with swords and spears come into a room and surround several people. Several men with spears surround another man. Several men with guns and bayonets threaten another man.
  • A giant squid attacks a man (he gets away unharmed), a saber-tooth tiger skeleton lunges at the man (he gets away unharmed) and a pterodactyl swoops overhead. A man plays tug-of-war with a T-Rex skeleton, it wags it tail as if it's a dog, and the man is thrown but is uninjured. A monkey closes a box on a man's hands twice (the man groans).
  • A stone entrance opens with loud rumbling. Rockets in a museum prepare for launch, and flames blow out of a rocket and smoke billows before the launch is cancelled.
  • Giant squid tentacles flop out of a wooden crate (they are not alive). We see a large T-Rex skeleton in a museum setting and it becomes animated in a few scenes. A giant squid hugs a man and the suckers on its tentacle kiss the man leaving behind slime.
  • We hear a commotion over a telephone and a man yelling at someone. A man yells at another man. A man makes reference to "tonight being their last" referring to a number of people and animals. People make remarks about a man's stature.
  • Some fight scenes but no blood or visible wounds.
  • During an argument, one person threatens to kill another.


  • Two uses of "damn."
  • A man with a pitchfork tells another man "I will fork you," 3 mild obscenities, name-calling (big-in-the-britches, short, dum-dum, gigantor, goofy, delusional, boob, grouchy, little, freak, small little man), 1 religious exclamation.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The paintings and the exhibits coming to life oculd be quite creepy to some viewers
  • The fact of knights and things coming to life might scare younger veiwers.
  • The Underworld scene is a little frightening for the young ones.
  • There is a final one-on-one battle between the hero and the villain which is pretty intense.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • After Larry and Amelia kiss, one of the miniature museum figures (Jedediah) pops out of Larry's shirt pocket and claims that he just "got to second base."

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