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MPAA Rated PG-13 for mature thematic content, some disturbing images, sensuality, language and brief teen drinking

Sex & Nudity

  • Two teen characters get intimate in a hospital bed, at a part of the hospital that is currently under construction. However, they are covered with sheets, so nudity is limited to the top of the girl's bare back. Later, one of them reveals that they didn't go "all the way," but they did "some stuff."
  • Kate and Taylor make out in front of her house after one of their dates. The scene is very quiet and intimate, and may be considered awkward. She mentions that she can taste the medicine on his breath while they're kissing.
  • A 4 year old girls bare buttocks are briefly shown from the side during an operation. She is later seen without her shirt on an operating table.
  • Two teenage sisters talk about one of the sisters' romantic experiences with a boy (making out, not having sex).
  • A teenage girl jokes with a teenage boy about repaying him with sexual favors, while her mother is sitting right there.

Violence & Gore

  • In one scene, Kate vomits a large amount of blood, and her mouth is covered in blood as she is carried away on a stretcher. She also vomits in a later scene at the hospital, and her boyfriend jokes about how she obviously had french fries for lunch.
  • Kate is portrayed as a young girl with advanced cancer, so physically, she looks very sick. Her lips are severely chapped throughout the movie, and there is some odd coloring on her skin as she gets sicker. She has some nosebleeds and has another vomiting scene later.
  • A mother slaps her 11-year-old daughter in the face while they are having an argument.


  • Two F words, some uses of sh*t, and a few other minor swear words.
  • A woman calls her 11-year-old daughter a "spoiled little sh*t" in one scene, during an argument.
  • In a scene that might be categorized as "potty humor", a nurse in a hospital needs a urine sample from a teenage cancer patient. As a joke, the patient fills the cup with warm apple juice, and when the nurse comes back in, the patient says it looks a little "cloudy" and that she should "filter it again". At that, the patient drinks the contents of the cup, and the nurse is mortified.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Towards the end of the movie there is a flashback scene, one of the teen characters is drunk and attempts suicide by taking a bottle of pills. She is tackled to the ground by her younger sister before she can swallow them. She does this to escape her grief.
  • A teenage boy hangs outside a bar in the evening for several scenes. We never see him go in and drink, but he loiters outside the doors.
  • A woman mentions that if her 11-year-old niece donates her kidney, she won't be able to drink when she's older.
  • It is mentioned that a main character in the movie lost her young daughter to a drunk driver a few years ago.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Several emotionally intense scenes throughout.
  • Bruising is shown on a toddler's spine as part of her cancer.
  • 11-year-old Anna's decision to seek medical emancipation causes some heated arguments between her and her mother. In one of these scenes, the mother slaps Anna across the face (although there is no blood, bruising, or red marks shown), and in the next scene of this nature, there is screaming and name-calling.
  • A teenage cancer patient dies. His death is not shown, nor is his body, but it is still upsetting. The aftermath of this scene is very sad.
  • A character has a public seizure, which may be frightening to some viewers.
  • A main character is revealed to have had a 12-year-old daughter who was killed in a car accident a few years ago. The accident itself is not shown, but the mother is seen grieving her loss.
  • A 5-year-old child is shown being forced to donate bone marrow against her will. She is crying, screaming no, and clinging to her father.
  • A main character with cancer dies towards the end of the film. Her death is off screen, but it is extremely emotional as right before she dies, she gives her mother a book of memories and thoughts. You see the pages inside the book.
  • In a flashback, a teenage girl gets drunk and attempts suicide by taking pills (her sister stops her). She is seen throwing things around the room. She is trying to escape the grief of her boyfriend's death

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