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Hilarious and sweet!
chatbada14 July 2008
I really love this movie : first because it made me laugh a lot, and also because it's funny in a gentle way, as the two main characters are sweet and full of positive energy, and never vulgar,which is rare in humoristic films... I find it is their best movie, and the most inventive one, as most of the situations are their (to Eric and Ramzy) own creation, their "universe". The sequences of action are really well made up, and it's a pleasure to notice afterwards that they must have worked a great deal to arrive at a result of this film quality. There is also a lot of very famous french actors which everyone will be glad to see in this film. So, I will advice everyone to see this film, the best of Eric and Ramzy!
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Not in the projection room (Screen)
leplatypus9 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This comedy was our final choice at the free-movies day. Being the only french movie, i feel surprised to say that it was maybe the best!

For one time, french show creativity and capture a good idea: what about becoming the only person in a major city? As everyone, sometimes you can feel desperately alone in a megalopolis! With this movie, you can live this experience for real in Paris. It was all the more appealing that this is my hometown for five years now!

In addition, the movie isn't only this strike of genius and owes a lot to Eric & Ramzy. They are cool and funny guys, maybe sometimes a bit too crazy and this movie is theirs.

For the little story, one year ago, i had to go to a shop in my block but it was closed for people and cars due to the filming of the beginning of the movie. I remember talking with the crew to cross it because my delivery was urgent. So the nice hotel with a red opening isn't located near Opera but near the Eiffel Tower in the left bank!
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Funny comedy from France
Wizard-86 September 2017
The French comic stars Eric Judor and Ramzy Bedia are pretty much complete unknowns on this side of the Atlantic, but I know them from seeing their earlier movie "La Tour Montparnasse Infernale" (a.k.a. "Don't Die Too Hard!") many years ago. I thought that earlier movie was kind of cheap, sometimes in questionable taste at times, and not terribly funny... though I did feel that Eric and Ramzy were charming and talented enough to deserve a better project. So when I stumbled across the Eric and Ramzy movie "Seuls Two" on Netflix (with its English title being "2 Alone In Paris"), I decided to give it a chance.

Well, I can say that this movie is a major improvement in every department you can think of. It had good production values, it only drifts into questionable taste briefly, but most importantly, it is pretty funny. It's pretty goofy slapstick kind of humor, but it is accessible for the most part whether or not you are from France. There are a few gags that don't translate well, and the plot does have some confusing touches here and there, almost as if the filmmakers didn't have enough money to shoot some key linking footage. But the upbeat and agreeable attitude combined with the gags that work make the movie work despite its weaknesses. It's a good film to show someone who thinks that all foreign films are artistic bores.
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