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Nothing special
Draysan-Jennings20 October 2021
It started out ok but about halfway in it got a little boring. Some of long drawn out meaningless dialouge between Benny and Blaire almost put me to sleep. I wouldn't say it's the worst vampire movie out there and its definitely not the best. It's basically just another mediocre vampire film. 5 stars.
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Stupid Plot
jhalim69-492-21480522 October 2021
It was interesting at the begining, despite the bad acting. But when the driver, either due to his hormonal horniness or what not, decided to bring the 2 vampires who has a plan to kill his brother, who he has seen carnage done by them, home to his grandmother.....theats when I quit the movie.
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Sucking blood
legobuilderpro21 October 2021
First I want to say that I like Vampires, meaning it sucks when Vampires are not portrayed correctly like how badly the Twilight movie series shows them. When they are portrayed right I enjoy the movie more.

Night Teeth sounded promising when I read the plot, so I went on Netflix to check it out, now I have some things to say about it.

I do like the acting of the main character and the 2 Vampires, it feels like effort was put into this which was nice seeing the time they spent on it was not put to waste.

I actually did like the stuff Vampires do in this like sucking blood and fast healing, even keeping the simple weaknesses like the sun burning them. I like that they portrayed these Vampires as crime causing creatures that cause trouble.

I liked the world they kind of set up and how there are certain rules in the truce between humans and Vampires, but there are some things that were small issues.

The main evil Vampires or Vampire was a little over the top and I didn't feel like it fitted the situation of what was going on, also it can be slow at certain times but it wasn't that big a deal.

This isn't a great movie but its not an awful movie, I think you should at least watch it because at least it got the idea of what Vampires are. I got to give it credit for that.
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trying to be another cool vampire movie
SnoopyStyle23 October 2021
Vampires exist but they have kept their existence a secret except for a select group. They made an agreement with the human authorities. They agree not to kill and drink from only those who consent. They have become rich and powerful while living the high life during the nights. Benny (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) is reckless teen. His brother recruits him to take over his driving job for the night. He has sexy Blaire (Debby Ryan) and Zoe (Lucy Fry) as his clients. They are making several stops and intends to finish before sunrise. He has no idea that they are vampires.

This movie tries to be cool like a nightclub that you can't get into. The funny thing about those nightclubs is that they look trashy in the full light of day. This movie tries to be another cool nightclub but closer examination leaves it wanting. First, I don't like Benny. He's a stereotypical bratty teen. It would work better for him to be roped into the job. He would gain more rooting interest if he's less brash. As for this world building, it's haphazard and half done. Apparently, there is vast conspiracy and nobody outside of it knows anything about it. The plot is a bit thin. This movie is a bit thin.
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Aimless sexiness
Calicodreamin21 October 2021
Night teeth oozed with sexiness, which is always appreciated in Vampire Noir. However, when taking a deep dive into the plot, it was a bit aimless and lacked depth. Almost like arriving at a game already in progress and leaving before it finishes.
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Contrived nothingness
ds-mulholland21 October 2021
More attention spent on cinematography (hence the 3 stars) than storyline. Another example of modernist, shallow film making, lacking in timeless appeal or anything more captivating than a one night stand.
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Collateral, but with two female vampires instead of Tom Cruise
KumarjitDey24 October 2021
'Night Teeth' is writer/director Adam Randall's second movie after 'I See You', which was strong on drama and elevated by academy award winner Helen Hunt and the rest of it's casts' fitting performances. 'Night Teeth', on the other hand, is an unsuccessful mix of genres, wherein none of the ingredients will fulfil your desired taste buds. With a few forgettable bites and barely any action pieces, this highly unoriginal movie hardly has any thrills in store for you.

The film follows a happy-go-lucky college student and part-time chauffeur, Benny, whose life turns upside down when he is taken hostage by two female vampires, disguised as party hoppers, who uses his service to stop at multiple locations in Los Angeles to kill all the vampire bosses in one night. The film could have been decent judging by its plot outline. Unfortunately though, the filmmakers focused more on use of colours and lighting than on the screenplay and editing.

Jorge Lendeborg Jr., who plays Benny, attempts to be a lovable character, as the director wants him to be, but fails to establish that connection. Debby Ryan is hot as Blaire. The rest of the cast is not worth mentioning. And if you have seen Megan Fox in the trailer, you have seen her in the movie - its that short of a cameo.

My final words. If you have no other movies in your watchlist and have run out of other ideas to escape from harsh reality, you could definitely give this a watch.
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Nicki Minaj of vampire movies
EnergyLegs20 October 2021
No style or substance. Main characters a 40 y.o.looking 25 y.o. Carrying a backpack to school, rest of the movie is written just as well. 2 dimensional garbage not worth the time spent watching.
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ive seen better, ive also seen worse........
geeza200621 October 2021
Dont get all the 1 and 2 ratings it really wasnt that bad, ok it was no interview with a vampire, but not alot of vampire movies can top that movie.

It is a little slow at times but alot of movies are like that now, dont get me wrong this will never be in my top 100 movies not even close but i still think its worth a watch if you got nothing better to do, its not a 10 but its not a 1 either, so just watch it for yourself and make up your own mind, you may love it you may hate it but decide for yourself and dont let the 1 ratings decide for you and equally dont let 10 ratings decide for you either.

Ok so i give it a 6/10 because it kept my attention throughout, and the cinematics was good.
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Corny story with a Netflix flavor
leksenkova20 October 2021
Feels 50/50.... Actors who can't act, stupid lines, useless dialogues, absolutely predictable plot full of clichés. But cool cars and mansions, music, outfits and cute faces.. neon saga about vampires. Romeo&Juliette vibe. Can watch once out of boredom. Don't expect much. Have nothing else to say actually.
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But everything was essentially just pointless...
paul_haakonsen23 October 2021
Wow, this movie was a swing and a miss. Now, vampire movies are sort of a mixed lot for me, but I opted to watch the 2021 Netflix movie "Night Teeth" on the odd chance that it might be an appealing and entertaining one.

But as it turned out, then "Night Teeth" from writer Brent Dillon and director Adam Randall was not a movie that had much of any appeal to me whatsoever. There was just so very little worthwhile sinking your teeth into here.

First of all, the storyline was insanely slow paced and devoid of anything interesting or exciting, so I gave up on the movie not even halfway through. Yeah, the movie was that boring for me, so I didn't even bother with sticking around to watch more of that pointless nonsense that was supposed to be a storyline.

The character gallery in "Night Teeth" was every bit as devoid of anything interesting as the storyline was. So writer Brent Dillon didn't score any points here either. I am sure that the actors and actresses that participated in this Netflix movie were doing good jobs, but they just had nothing to work with in terms of script and characters.

"Night Teeth" failed entirely to entertain me, and this was a vampire movie that just lacked a bite.

My rating of "Night Teeth" lands on a generous two out of ten stars, and that is mostly based on the production value alone. If you enjoy a good vampire movie, you might want to skip on this stinker.
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So much potential....wasted
elliotte224 October 2021
This movie could have been an enjoyable horror or horror-comedy similar to The Babysitter. Except, nothing was funny or even remotely cute, there was no horror, most of the action scenes were off-camera and have not seen a protagonist so unlikeable since Tiger King. The main characters over-acted his part of playing stupid and naïve to the point of unwatchable. The plot which could have been simple enough was complicated by a completely unnecessary romance that caused the film to grind to a halt whenever there was dialogue. never fully know what is going on.

Anyone over the age of 18(rephrase, anyone whose mental age is actually over 18) should take a pass.
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Night Dentures
TheBabayaga21 October 2021
The ridiculously titled Night Teeth is all bark and no bite; it's oddly timid and lacks all the thrills and blood-soaked violence you'd normally come to expect from this genre.

This is essentially Collateral with vampires. However, its thinly-veiled story stubbornly hints at something far more interesting to come, only it never happens. More time was definitely needed to create the lore in which humans and vampires have fought and coexisted for centuries. Annoyingly, any nibbles of tension you anticipate in becoming fully-fledged action curiously goes on to occur offscreen, which sucks any incentive to keep watching.

Night Teeth is indeed very stylish and slickly directed by Adam Randall. The City of Angels comes alive at night with moody neon lights and sprawling views across the LA skyline. But it's nothing you haven't seen before in countless other better films. It's a shame this is all style and no substance because Night Teeth really did have potential to be decent.

Sure, the cast is quite charming but Alfie Allen's Victor is about as menacing as a pink poodle, whilst Megan Fox and Sydney Sweeney are criminally underused, given only thankless cameos as two very sexy vampire overlords. In fact, when the only highlight of a film is a Megan Fox cameo you know you're in trouble...
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Huge potential not fully achieved, yet fun to watch !
destroyerwod22 October 2021
I was waiting a lot for this movie ever since i saw the first trailer. Its basically some of my favorite things mixed up, like vampires, love story, night of crazy things happening, it had all the ingredient for me to enjoy. Ultimately i did, but not as much as i wish i would have.

The story between the 3 main characters is overall well developed, and it made a lot of sense what happens between them, but this come at the price of a lot of dialogue and parts of the movies where not much happen outside of that. The movie could had expend its mythology a lot more too and explain a few things like for instance why the 2 ladies are that strong compare to other vamps, or why Victor has the same tatoo as Benny's brother Jay. They definately seem to have a past together but its not really explained? Was Victor a former Vampire hunter? Or i totally missed it. Somehow i feel a series could had been better with this material at expending instead of a movie.

I enjoyed the cameos of the more known actors altough ill admit Megan Fox as a vampire is something i wished lasted more than a few minutes.

Ultimately its kind of weird, i enjoyed it, but i think i had set my expectations too high in the first place like it would be the ultimate vampire movie of the decade for me while it was just "a fun time". But its definately worth a watch. I also hope they make a sequel.
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Here To Save You Precious Time
Saoustou8822 October 2021
Just skip it. They tried with the scenic LA shots, but it's too slow, too long, shockingly horrid acting from everyone involved. Useless plot and storyline. No climax. This is no Interview With A Vampire. It's just disaster end of story.
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Uneven but Adequate Overall
Uriah4323 November 2021
This film takes place in modern day Los Angeles with five extremely wealthy vampire leaders secretly controlling the city with the support of a few corrupt law enforcement officials. As part of the arraignment, the five tribal vampire bosses have agreed to abide by three basic rules which are: (1) To keep their existence hidden from most humans; (2) To never feed off of any person who isn't willing; (3) And most importantly, to never venture into a section of the city known as Boyle Heights. That said, as long as all of the vampires remained loyal to the leader of their clan and obeyed these basic rules their continued existence remained secure and they could live in style. This all changes when one low-ranking vampire named "Victor" (Alfie Allen) decides he wants complete power and abrogates the truce between the humans and vampires by going into Boyle Heights and killing almost all of the city's militia officially established to safeguard human interests. Not only that, but he also sends his two main assassins, "Zoe" (Lucy Fry) and "Blaire" (Debby Ryan) to kill all five tribal leaders as well. What Victor doesn't count on, however, is the fact that the leader of the Boyle Heights enforcement squad by the name of "Jay" (Raul Castillo) has escaped from their clutches and has vowed to kill Victor--along with everyone associated with him. But Jay has one problem in that Zoe and Blaire just happen to have his kid brother "Benny" (Jorge Lendeborg) acting in the capacity of their personal chauffeur and he is completely unaware of the overall situation. Now rather than reveal any more, I will just say that this film started out with an interesting premise and had some good horror scenes here and there. In addition to that, I thought that both Debby Ryan and Lucy Fry performed their roles in a reasonably solid manner. The problem was that there were some rather lackluster scenes thrown in which negated some of the better parts--and this resulted in an uneven feel overall. In short, I thought the film had enormous potential but that it basically failed to rise to the occasion. Even so, all things considered, this film managed to pass the time well enough and for that reason I have rated it accordingly. Average.
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A modest Vamp romp with excellent cinematography
pabstcanrocketship31 October 2021
This movie's alright. It doesn't stumble or drag, all the acting is decent, and the plot is ultimately satisfactory. I like how it ended.

But the cinematography and the color and the framing ... all the shot decisions make this a VERY good-looking movie. Unusually so, for the type of film it is. It's so pretty on a technical level that I think it actually improved my opinion of the movie as a whole.

It's light entertainment. It's never bad, sometimes good, and always beautiful to look at.
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MTV popcorn
wisemanfromtowne21 October 2021
The agenda of female masculinity is at the tipping point of utter nonsense and these films depicting white chicks only weighing a buck five being invincible has become real tiresome. This spin on vampires taking over is nothing more than MTV popcorn starring GOT Greyjoy and no talent having Megan Fox and her senseless cameo scene.
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Good bloodsucking fun
Pairic22 October 2021
Night Teeth: An LA (and World) where a secret pact was sealed between humans and vampires 100 years ago, vampires would only take blood by consent. Now a rogue vampire Victor and his minions have broken that pact, slaying humans and the vampire lords. We see nightclubs where humans are strapped to tables, eager to be vampire groupies and give blood, suddenly their throats are torn out by Blaire (Debby Ryan) and Zoe (Lucy Fry). This dastardly duo proceed from club to club slaying the vampire leaders, they have hired Benny (Jorge Lendebourge Jr.) as their chauffeur, thinking he is his brother Jay (Raul Castillo) a human aware of the pact. Benny behaves like his namesake from Crossroads at first but his character develops as the plot unfolds. Vampire enforcers also get involved, clashing with the rogue vampires. Quite gory at times with the biting stabbing and crossbows; Victor literally has human prisoners on tap for blood. Most of the narrative proceeds relatively predictably but there are a few pleasant and disturbing plot turns. Good bloodsucking action and fun. Directed by Adam Randall, written by Brent Dillon. On Netflix. 7/10.
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Decent vampire horror movie
conorwil20 October 2021
I watched this movie as soon as it came to Netflix hoping it would be a great movie and it was though I wouldnt say it's my favorite it's such a fun watch, it's a bit slow at times but you shouldn't read reviews to decide if you want to watch something you'll never know if you'd like it if you don't try it.
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It sucks!!
sailor_julia20 October 2021
Seriously, this movie sucks! And not in the good way.

Very bad acting, the story is boring and to long.

I was expecting more fights with vampires and LESS talking.

Do not waste your time with it.
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A boring music video
davidmeth22 October 2021
Its an abc movie... Driving around doing pretty much nothing... This movie is about a taxi driver waiting around... And some chicks who think theyre cool ... Nothing makes much sence ... It felt like it was written in 6months... Its just flashing lights and music... Nothjng to spoil as nothing happens.
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Boring from start to finish
evan_lassi23 October 2021
The headline says it all, this movie is terrible. Plot is dumb and one of the slowest movies I've ever seen. All the characters and dialogue are poor. I know I checked how much longer the movie had at least 5 times.

How does this movie even get past 1 star let alone 5?
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Move along
sarisled-0591823 October 2021
Nothing to see here! Truly awful. Its for teenagers so if you are one you will probably love it but if you are not you def. Will not like it.

Its supposed to be a thriller for me ot was a comedy but not an entertaining one.
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I love how one of the top reviewers said Collateral without Tom Cruise but with vampires
UniqueParticle31 October 2021
(Debby Ryan) Blaire is worth watching in my opinion I'd love to see her anything else! I'm not fully sure why this is getting a bad rep except some of stale moments even those are very little. The music is excellent, mystery is quite intriguing, cinematography is great and the entertainment value is pretty solid. I'm glad I decided to watch this vampire thrill ride!
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