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Everyone loves a corpse
rooprect24 December 2015
Weekend at Bernie's. Death at a Funeral. Grand Theft Parsons. Call me sick, but there's something hilarious about dead people. And if you feel the same way, you'll enjoy this movie even if it isn't exactly Citizen Kane.

In the opening scene, our titular character Henry, while bragging about his 6 ex-wives, dies. In the second scene we learn that his estranged daughter "Barbie" (wonderfully played by Elisha Cuthbert in a role that may remind you of the adorably neurotic Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally") must organize his funeral which is to be attended by, you guessed it, his 6 ex-wives.

From there you can probably guess how things turn disastrous, and that's the fun of this movie. It's so delightfully predictable that you needn't stretch your brain cell too far to have a good time. Presented in an interesting collage of flashbacks of Henry's life and vignettes of the days leading up to the actual funeral, the movie gives us some funny, over-the-top characters. My favorite was probably Wife #2 "Ophelia" (hilariously played by Jenna Elfman), a vodka tonic swilling socialite who always seems to be just 1 Xanax away from being a serial killer. Tim Allen himself plays a memorable role as Henry Lefay, not exactly a likable guy, but very fun to watch as he makes a total arse of himself.

There's a serious undertone in a subplot about the daughter Barbie and her inability to commit to romance herself, despite the fact that she's dating an absolute dreamboat "Lloyd" (Eric Christian Olsen) who will likely have all the ladies in the audience swooning and all the gents nervously checking around their seats to see where they dropped their sensitive side.

In all, this is a fun romcom driven not so much by its plot as it is by the absolutely insane characters in the story. Don't miss small but memorable performances by Barbara Barrie ("Grandma Mae") and Edward Herrmann ("Mr. Goodenough" the funeral director) who are both respected veterans of the 1960s Alfred Hitchcock hour as well as more TV credits than you can shake a remote at. "The Six Wives of Henry Lefay" is an adult yet family friendly film without any gratuitous nudity (well OK, we do see Tim Allen's bum as he runs naked from a knife-wielding psycho) and without any profanity (well OK, there is one F-bomb but it is perfectly placed and thoroughly hilarious). Safe to watch with your kids or your parents... but definitely not your ex-wife.
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Funny, but not wise or emotionally profound
napierslogs5 December 2010
When "The Six Wives of Henry Lefay" is just a screwball comedy, it's actually pretty good. Every ex-wife has something to add to the hilarity and absurdity, and Tim Allen is the best he's been in years as the unapologetic Lothario, Henry Lefay.

Jenna Elfman is the crazy ex-wife, Ophelia, she could very well be his one true love except for when she's chasing him around the house with a carving knife. Andie MacDowell is her usual self, trying to bring stability as the mother of Henry's child. Lindsay Sloane is particularly hilarious as the naive and current but soon-to-be ex wife. However the star of this movie is Elisha Cuthbert, Barbie, Henry's daughter. She has had it with him marrying women younger than her, lying to her, and tricking her into trying to break up with a wife for him. She's at her best as a tough, together, independent woman when she as to arrange her father's funeral while trying to appease all the wives.

Cuthbert is great as Barbie, and the movie really is about her, but she's the only character with any kind of depth. When "The Six Wives of Henry Lefay" tries to be a touching drama, it fails miserably. There is nothing particularly thoughtful about this film, and all the wives are painfully painted one-dimensionally, and I don't think they were supposed to be.

"The Six Wives of Henry Lefay" is funny, but it's not particularly wise or emotionally profound.
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A fun little dark comedy that will entertain simply
Robert_duder12 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
--Fun sitcom like comedy --Dark twisted and funny --A little bland at times and perhaps over the top too much for its own good at times --Solid cast, good supporting characters --Story sometimes feels a little contrived and forced

Tim Allen does a solid job in the role as womanizing Henry. He doesn't have a ton of screen time but he definitely carries the movie very well. Nice to see him in something a little less slapstick for movies.

Elisha Cuthbert is actually really great as Henry's daughter Barbera. She has great chemistry with the cast and with Allen as well. She really shows some great acting chops though she is the straight-woman in the comedy.

Andie MacDowell is also very good but also sort of the straight-woman. Her and Cuthbert have good chemistry as mother and daughter.

Jenna Elfman, and Paz Vega are also terrific as the often screwy wives (especially Elfman) who has an odd but solid chemistry with Tim Allen.

This is director Howard Michael Gould's first go as director. That might have hurt the film a little bit because a stronger director might have held the film together just a little better. He has a lot of experience in producing but I'm not sure he has the experience yet to hold together a movie as director. Still sit back and relax and you can enjoy this very quirky little dark comedy. You won't be rolling on the floor laughing but laughs and chuckles are plenty. 7/10
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Funny and Touching
Bob_the_Hobo7 April 2011
"The Six Wives of Henry LaFey" has some great laughs and great performances, and was well worth the rental. I wasn't expecting much and got a pleasant surprise from this indie-comedy.

LaFey (Tim Allen) has a group of women he's been married to all living in the same backwater town. His daughter Barbie (Elisha Cuthbert) can barely stand him, and after seeing her father extremely embarrass her, Barbie says she never wants to see him again. She gets her wish, and a year later, it seems he's died in Mexico. Barbie decides she wants to lay her dad to rest with a "modicum of dignity", which will be difficult considering the six wives Henry had, all demanding their own way of seeing him off.

This was a really funny movie. The jokes are for the most part pretty clean, you could watch this with the family and not face any problems. The direction is great, there aren't any unnecessary scenes. But perhaps the best thing about this movie is the cast. Tim Allen nails a hysterical performance, and Elisha Cuthbert proves herself as adept a lead as Allen. The rest of the cast, mainly Henry's wives, all turn in funny, funny performances.

A fun, funny film. I definitely recommend.
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Sit back and enjoy this contemporary Screwball Comedy!
zaenkney23 November 2010
They don't make screwball comedies like they used to, but this one was pretty good. In my opinion, "The Six Wives of Henry Lefay" rates a solid 6 1/2 stars. While I wasn't doubling over with laughter through the entire movie, the time I spent watching this crazy family go nuts and enjoying my bowl of ice-cream was thoroughly entertaining.

Yes, Henry is an unconstrained libertine with the social IQ of a 13 year old boy. He races through relationships so fast that he doesn't even take time to glance back at the trails of tears for which he is responsible. In fact, his little boy affect is probably what keeps the women in his wake from killing him. Once connected to him, they stay connected, even burdened with their pain and anger. His daughter, Barbie, has been dealt with by him in a very similar vein. Yet, she, along with his suite of sweets, his collection of coquettes, has his back in time of need. WHY!?

Another reviewer questions why any woman would fall in love with Henry. My response to that is, "Why did Laura Bush fall in love with George? Hillary with Bill? Me with my first husband? We don't need a reason. We just do it! Maybe we are looking for our father-figure, who, by-the-way, we had no part in choosing in the first place. Since we don't have any part in picking them, our father can be the last man on earth we would ever think of dating, and yet there we go, marrying them! What is there to say? Either d-i-v-o-r-c-e or long-suffering, pretty well says it all!

This movie has been widely panned, criticized for lack of depth(?) as well as character development. After seeing some of the very popular movies in the 'comedy' genre currently, I am surprised that these are even requirements. In my opinion, many of us watch certain films simply for entertainment value. Furthermore, are there not endless numbers of variables in our lives that bring humorous connections to various story lines? "The Six Wives of Henry Lefay" was funny, relevant (believe it or not), sweet, and a bit odd. I found myself thinking, were I in this the same situation, I might have shot the guy! But this is not the first movie of its kind.

"The Six Wives of Henry Lefay" is a contemporary screwball comedy reminiscent of the fun and warm films of early 20th century such as "Bluebeard's Eighth Wife" with Carey Grant and Claudette Colbert. A man with faults, people who stick by him, lots of laughs, redemption and a moral delivered at the end is the recipe for a very nice movie night at home for the right audience.
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I had to stop watching… I couldn't take it anymore
ramira-310 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The plot is obvious –this womanizer dies suddenly and his only daughter comes to organize his funeral. The idea fine, but that's about all the good I have to say about this movie.

The bad: The dialogs are simply BORING. There is absolutely no real content, the story line is very superficial; the movie goes in a straight line, no ups and down. For the hour that I did watch the movie I can tell you that I didn't laugh even once and this is supposed to be a comedy.

The characters aren't developing enough. I find the entire concept that this women fall in love with Henry lefay to be a bad joke, nothing in this movie shows us what makes Henry so great that women fall for him. Because of it the viewer can't relate to him thus making him nothing short a moronic characters that you actually happy he has die and cannot do any more harm. In other words, it lacks some real dimension and depth. Some people might say that comedy should not have depth because comedy suppose to be light and fun- but they are mistaken, GOOD comedies should and can give their characters more than a superficial layout.

Elisha isn't in her prime, actually I think the only movie worth watching of her in a leading role is "my next door neighbor" (sorry Elisha). Her playing is mediocre at best in this film, she isn't convincing at all. I think Elisha has the potential to give us a good show, she has an appealing looks and we've seen her in movies so we know she can act

As to Tim Allen the only thing I can say is that there is no defense for such horrible acting, you are a relatively experienced actor with a solid base of fans; this is really disappointing to see you hitting rock bottom.

Because the movie lacks content, humor, story, identifiable characters sophistication and funniness I had to give it only one star AND to post this critic.

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nogodnomasters13 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Tim Allen plays Henry LeFay, a man who never met a woman he didn't marry. Henry is a "Crazy Eddy" type who lives in a small upstate NY town. He is on vacation in Mexico when word comes to his daughter Barbie, that he has died. Barbie, who looks like a Barbie doll, is our voice of reason during this film. The movie then goes into a flashback of Henry, married to a young girl named Autumn (same age as his daughter Barbie), is also engaged to woman who Barbie loathes from high school (3 years younger than his wife Autumn) while he is having an affair with his ex-wife. To be honest, she was wife number 2 and number 4. At one point his ex-wife is chasing Henry with a knife because during oral sex he had answered his cell phone to talk to his fiancee (while his wife was away).

At the funeral, his ex-wives have conflicting instructions, written by Henry as to his funeral arrangements. During the bickering, an African-American woman shows up at the funeral claiming she was really Henry's first wife and that their marriage was annulled after three months. Henry's elderly mom keeps mistaking her for the hired help. In one touching scene Barbie tries to bond with her grandmother by asking her to tell her something she never told her before. As it turns out, grandma was a woman for hire at Pearl Harbor during the war.

After the funeral (I will spare you the comic details of the funeral to prevent spoiling the film) the movie ties up loose ends in a heart warming fashion.

Normally I avoid things with cute title puns such as Joan of Arcadia, or Grey's Anatomy, but this one was good for a laugh. Adult themes, rear nudity, drops the f-bomb very infrequently.
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The Six Wives of Henry VIII...ooops!
torrentstorm15 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
...sorry, of Henry Lefay (a.k.a My Dad's Six Wives). Oh what a pleasure to see such a modern parody played by Tim Allen as the ever loving skirt-chaser Henry, Elisha Cuthbert as his daughter Barbara ('Barbie Doll'), and other equally well-known screen names such as Jenna Elfman as Ophelia (wife nos. 3 & 4), Paz Vega as Veronica (wife # 5)(wow! hadn't seen Paz since Spanglish), Andie MacDowell as Kate (wife # 2), and others.

But truly, if you're a lucky guy like Henry, handsome, rich, hopelessly romantic, irresistible, how could you blame him for having married 6 times and having all 5 ex's plus one widow fight over your remains? Who gets to lay you to rest and where, since all women swear they made you happy and/or you wanted to be buried, in a different location? Will your remains be cremated or buried in a plot (which at least 2 wives claim you selected and, in which one? Who gets to keep your business? Worst of all (or best), which one loved you the most and can correctly claim she had your trust and love? Ayayayayay, by the first ten minutes, and consequently every few minutes after that, it was impossible to keep a straight face any longer! I am still laughing at the fine sense of humor and witty plot of this movie while writing this.

In the midst of all this, we have Barb (Elisha Cuthbert), seemingly the only one with a level head and cool disposition, and who does NOT believe in marriage by the way, trying to sort out this mess (as she was prone to do with most of her Dad's affairs, as we later find out), trying to keep her step-moms from cat-fighting, tearing each other's hair out, turning their cars into collision masterpieces, pulling the corpse from the coffin, including, but not limited to, verbally bashing one another over things like should visitation be with a closed or open coffin. Poor Barb! It was quite a roller-coaster when her Dad was alive, but now, after death...

But do not think this is another one of those modern movies made with this crude, mindless, senseless humor so prevalent nowadays, where you wonder if the Director or Screen Writers think we are all brain dead. No no! This is a true comedy, tastefully well made, a bit wacky is some places, but logical and I daresay, very plausible. This is the kind of flick you want to watch over and over, and brace yourself for some good hard laughs again and again. The scene where Ophelia (Jenna Elfman), pursues a naked Henry (Tim Allen) across the lawn with a butcher's knife, stark nude herself, while the daughter Barbie stumbles onto them... man, that has got to be the crowning moment! I had to quickly swallow what I was eating to keep from choking!

However, we come now to the real story behind the story, and I can think of no better way to put it without making reference to Kate's (Andie MacDowell) words in one of the scenes, where she tries to help Barbie understand there are, after all, just 2 mistakes you make in this process, and the significance of each one. Moreover, understanding someone like Henry is not about changing him - only he could do that if he wanted to, but it's about appreciating the person underneath, deep down, and here I recall that final scene when Kate was in the hospital. I don't want to spoil it for you, so I'd best leave it here. A story like this poses many questions; it's up to you to find the answers.

If you are like me, a lover of an excellent story, good acting throughout, excellent humor, gripping plot that keeps you riveted till the very end, then be prepared to spend one of the best 90 minute viewing experiences you'll have watching this one. If you like surprise endings, be prepared for one too.

So, bring along your best friend, wife, lover, girlfriend, or even your teenager (there are no risqué moments to be ashamed of); sit back and enjoy!
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one of Tim Allen's best performances
edwbur28 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
when i first heard of this move, i said to myself "really". in fact the only reason i saw this movie was to laugh at how bad it was. but it wasn't. i loved this movie. Tim Allen plays a notorious ladies man who was presumed dead after a skydiving accident. however once the funeral arrangements came, his daughter and five ex wives and current wife were arguing over the arrangements. turns out henry lafey (Tim Allen) wasn't dead. it was a mistake and he didn't even know people thought he was dead. it will be explained in the movie. anyway before his so called death you saw henry lafey trying in some way to make a better relationship with his daughter. but his daughter has to cover for him because he dating to people while married to one. Tim Allen brought the best out of henry lafey, while some actors couldn't do that Tim Allen made his character great. it was also more romance than i thought there would be. in a Tim Allen movie you would see comedy. there were funny moments but it was more of a drama, and romance then it was a comedy. which isn't a bad thing. this movie is a touching, romantic, funny, movie that the whole family will love. its currently out on DVD. see it.
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The Six Wives of Henry Lefay
studioAT20 January 2023
The late 2000's weren't a great time for Tim Allen professionally. Toy Story aside he didn't make many great films (if any) with perhaps him trying to pop up in quirky fare that would lead him in a new career direction.

None of them really worked, and this is a fine example.

It's likeable, it's got some good people around along the way to lighten his load (always lovely to see Lindsay Sloane), but much like his other darker comedy 'Big Trouble' all the moving pieces and well-known people can't save a weak script, or elevate this above being a middling affair at best.

It's not hard to see why Allen then looked to return to TV via 'Last Man Standing', as his time as a film leading man looked to be ending.
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Fun & Light
birdiejr-576-27877724 May 2020
As in any Tim Allen comedy you know you're in for a treat of fun and laughter w this lighthearted take on a man who can't figure out which woman he wants. There seem to be all kinds of laughs from the varied assortment of wives Lefay has chosen over the years and that just adds to the humor of this light film perfect for any day you just need a chuckle.
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