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  • After causing an accident that kills the woman of his dreams, a young man receives a mysterious device that takes him on a tour of his relationship with her.


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  • Eric Phillips is distraught after an act of vandalism he commits leads to the death of Daphne, his long-time crush, in a car accident. As he mourns her loss, he is approached my a mysterious man who offers him help before disappearing. The next morning, Eric finds a package next to his bed containing an electronic planner that transports him to a moment in a bar where Daphne kissed him, the first of several journeys that allow him to witness other scenes from his recent past with her. Tormented by nightmares and hallucinations, Eric is determined to stop her death, but is frustrated by his inability to interact with anyone, until he discovers on a trip back to the night of her death that his past self can see him. When Eric returns, however, the planner indicates that it is running out of power and the stranger reappears demanding its return. After pleading for more time, Eric has his roommate break into the planner and reprogram it. Transported back to the point where he vandalizes the car of Daphnes boyfriend Todd, Eric wrestles with his past self, causing him to disappear. Eric then succeeds in stopping Daphne from getting into the car, much to Todds anger, who roars off with Eric in the passenger seat, causing an accident that kills both of them.

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