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Is it possible to love each movie even more than the previous one?
MIssM191 October 2019
Seriously, this was amazing. I believe #2 and this one are the best so far out of the four. The cast is great, the chemistry between Kristoffer and Jill is unbelievable: I love the relationship Travis and Amy have right now, there are feelings obviously and the desire to have each others back and support each other no matter what. Ugh, I love a relationship with good development.

I love the fact that Amy is the Sherlock and Travis is the Watson of this relationship (I've been binge watching BBC's Sherlock this past few weeks and I'm obsessed!)

I realized there are always three or more suspects, and they keep it a secret until the very last 5 minutes, which is great. Amy's dad, Graham, is getting more screen time, good for him. I just have to point out the obvious, is there a cellphone in this world that can have THAT good of a zoom? And Travis didn't have jurisdiction but somehow he was the lead of this case? Funny.

I may be biased because this is the only Hallmark M&M I watch but these series of movies are clever, fun, there is good chemistry between the cast (important!) and I just wish I have one to watch every month. Keep them coming please!
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Awesome story!
soonasblog25 September 2019
This is the best of all Myster 101 series. Great story, characters and I found the typical mystery twist awesome in this movie!
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Love These!!!
soteriagal27 September 2019
I love this series! The leads are well suited, witty, personable and have loads of chemistry! All the actors are wonderful and believable. The stories are interesting and clever! My only beef with all the Hallmark movies is those empty 'to-go' cups that everyone can tell have nothing in them!! If they're concerned about spilling coffee, fill them with water! We aren't fooled! But thank you Hallmark for clean, heartwarming, family friendly movies!!
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agambre23 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I am speechless!! This episode has so much twists and turns that you'll kept on guessing. Once again it was extremely hard to guess even towards the end. A KILLER COP???? WOW!!!

Congratulations to the writers and the entire casts. Jill and Kris are the most talented actors who make the movie so much fun to watch. The chemistry between them is unbelievable. Kind of disappointed that their relationship was not taken to the next level. But hoping it'll be on the next episode, please.

Personally, of all the HMMM mysteries (past, present, and upcoming), Mystery 101 series topped them all.
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Best Mystery Series
Jazzie-too19 April 2020
The actors in this series are the best collection I've seen in any Hallmark production. Not just the main actors, but the supporting cast as well. I missed Dead Talk when it aired--but was SO happy I was able to wath on the Ha;;mark app via my internet provider. I never watch movies on my phone--but watched this one straight through. Just great story, well written, and superb casting!
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Hallmark mystery
SnoopyStyle3 May 2020
Professor Amy Winslow (Jill Wagner) heads to Seattle to present at Teachable Talks which is founded by her ex-flame Tim Bishop. A jealous detective Travis Burke (Kristoffer Polaha) joins Amy's dad Graham on his drive to attend the Talk. A murder happens and Travis' old acquaintance Rachel Knox leads the police investigation. Amy and Travis decide to investigate it themselves.

As Hallmark franchises go, this is one of their better ones. Wagner and Polaha have good easy chemistry. This one has their past relationships pop up for added spice. The mysteries are functional although they are never that intense. This one has a compelling reveal. It's fine.
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Guys, Am I going to have to take you down to interrogation?
cgvsluis4 January 2021
Amy gets invited to give a TedTalk style talk in Seattle on "Why people are so obsessed with mysteries" by a former boyfriend (Tim Bishop), which sparks both curiosity and a little jealousy in Travis. Travis ends up in attendance with Amy's father...as his road trip driver since Graham hadn't a lot of sleep and "it might not be safe for him to drive", to both support Amy and check out this old boyfriend. A tech genius who is also there to give a TedTalk ends up plummeting to his death. Amy suspects foul play, but the local law officers refuse to speak to her...into the fray is Travis, who calls upon a former colleague of his who happens to be working the case in Seattle.

Thanks to their usual great teamwork and good instincts, once again Travis and Amy are integral in solving the case.

This is the second time the song "who can it be now?" gets used in a Mystery 101 movie.

Travis and Amy continue to build their connection and their on screen chemistry keeps on sizzling. How can Travis not be jealous of this "genius" former boyfriend with a British accent, Tim Bishop, who does seem to still be in to Amy and can still quote Raymond Chandler..."There is no trap so deadly as the trap you set for yourself"?

I appreciated that Bishop thought the gift of Raymond Chandler's Long Goodbye, was Amy's way of giving him the kiss-off. Note to self, another book to add to my tbr list. Thanks Mystery 101!

I love the relationship that Amy has with her father. They are in a lovely and healthy relationship, in which they challenge each other and want the best for one another.

This time, coffee shop Holly was a font of information. I appreciated Amy's dad's take on Bishop...he was charming and "I should stop worrying...shouldn't I?"

It was nice to see Travis, Graham and Amy all dressed up and as a Seattleite it was nice to see a little stock footage of the actual Seattle. As Amy exclaims when she sees her dad and Travis in tuxes...Dap-per!

Crime solving software that will put Travis out of a job? Yeah, right!
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I love this series- keep them coming!
kittybissell19 September 2020
Of the various Hallmark mystery series on now, this one is my favorite, and it's entirely because of the leads. Their chemistry is amazing. And it doesn't hurt that Kristoffer Polaha is the handsomest man on Hallmark (or at least a strong contender). This particular installment is solid, and I recommend it for fans of both this series and of Hallmark mysteries in general. I've seen it a couple times and wouldn't mind seeing it again.

Though as a former denizen of Seattle (and as a lover of pie), I was *so* mad early on in the movie when Amy's former boyfriend invites her to go with him to get the best pie in Seattle- and she refuses! Seriously, I had a hard time getting into the movie after that. I wanted to know what the best pie place was! But on another note, also as a former Seattle resident, it is often painfully obvious to me that Hallmark's Seattle-set movies were not filmed there. Somehow, in this one, they were able to disguise that fact a lot better than usual. Good going, crew!

As for whodunnit- there is no such thing as a random detail in a mystery (or at least in a Hallmark mystery) so I did guess fairly early on who it was. But it wasn't someone that I liked, which is always a happy bonus.
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Mystery 101: Dead Talk
Jo_Blo_Movie_Critic25 September 2019
5/10 - simply not as good as the rest of the series, but how can you not enjoy a light HMM mystery?
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Consulting Detectives
bkoganbing23 September 2019
Professor Jill Wagner and Garrison, PD detective Kristopher Polaha travel to Seattle for a seminar on how computers will eventually take the place of police detectives.

The host of this clambake is Michael Kryszko a Bill Gates type millionaire who says he has such a program. This guy has Gates's money, but Donald Trump's charm and integrity. He gets thrown off a building.

Turns out Kryszko's lawyer had been murdered before our protagonists got to town. And the Seattle police just can't get the job done. Good thing Wagner and Polaha were around.

Wagner also meets up with an old flame who is in the dot.com business also. Matthew James Dowden is as full of himself as he was back in the day. Wagner breathes a sigh of relief.

Fans of the series will like this one.
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Entertaining series, but the old guy really needs to shave
darkavenger778 April 2020
I know the Guy Perpetually in Need of a Shave (GPNS) look is trending with short attention spanners. It looks unprofessional on younger guys, but he looks like a homeless man. Wearing a tux? Dude, spend just a few minutes and knock down that stubble! I bet you can even do it "real quick" to use another modern term.

Having watched the prior installments, it's an entertaining series. The leads have good chemistry. I see the lead female is expecting her first child as I write this in April 2020, it looks like she had filled out a little since the first one.

The plot here involves Amy going to Seattle to give a talk where she runs into an ex-boyfriend. Of course someone there gets ganked. Travis shows up by basically talking his way into driving daddy GPNS (I'll actually call him Old Guy Perpetually in Need of a Shave or OGPNS). Despite being out of his jurisdiction, he and Amy work the case.

One refreshing change to the normal Hallmark/Lifetime plot is this female is never in jeopardy near the end. That level of stupidity gets old. It is funny though to watch her chasing people or otherwise running in heels. She reminds me of Lindsay Wagner, the original Bionic Woman.
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