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Major Wilfred Banks: Anton, isn't it?

Geoff Goddard: Sorry?

Major Wilfred Banks: Anton Hollywood, pianist?

Geoff Goddard: Yes. Well, no.

Major Wilfred Banks: Well, I'm afraid Joe's decision is final, he doesn't feel you've got what it takes. And if you've come for compensation, you can trot off back to wherever the hell...

Geoff Goddard: No, it's Geoff, not just Geoff. Geoff Goddard.

Major Wilfred Banks: Oh! The author! Tunesmith!

Geoff Goddard: Composer.

Major Wilfred Banks: Composer, yes, of course.

Geoff Goddard: The name Anton Hollywood was Joe's idea, it's not real. It's a stage name. He thought he'd do a Russ Conway with me, didn't work out.

Major Wilfred Banks: So you're Goddard, are you? Read Goddard, didn't think Hollywood.

Geoff Goddard: No, well, you wouldn't.

Major Wilfred Banks: Don't slouch, young man! Upright! Shoulders back! Splendid song!

Geoff Goddard: [in a whisper] Thank you.

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