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MPAA Rated PG-13 for some teen drug and alcohol use, sexual content, violence and language

Sex & Nudity

  • One scene where sex is imminent; a girl begins undressing (although a door is closed before anything explicit is shown). The girl involved in this scene later tells her father that she is not a virgin.
  • Lots of suggestive dancing (grinding, and so forth).
  • A teenage girl takes off her shirt. Her bra is shown, and a young man makes a comment about this.
  • A teenage girl asks a teenage boy if he thinks she's a slut, and he responds, "I think you've been kissed a lot." She later asks him if he wants to kiss her, and he tells her, "Someday."
  • A teenage boy tells another teenage boy a story about how he was taken from his room by two girls to go dancing, then into a bathroom stall where they started kissing him and ripping his clothes off. However, he then says he was joking.
  • Some passionate kissing between teenagers.
  • Some sexual references, as well as teenagers making brief but crude jokes about boners, breasts, balls, wet dreams, threesomes, orgies, and wet T-shirt contests.
  • A teenage girl asks her father if he'll pass another law, then says that didn't keep her ex-boyfriend out of her panties.

Violence & Gore

  • In the beginning, teens are listening to music in a car, the driver kisses a girl next to him, and when he looks up a semi hits them head on. Very sudden and shocking. The destroyed car is shown. Everyone in the car is killed.
  • A group of young men attempt to crash a dance, but are stopped by four others. A somewhat intense brawl ensues, with punching, kicking, and a few of them being knocked unconscious. A grown man ends the fight by punching one of the young men in the face.
  • A teenage girl gets angry with her boyfriend and punches him a few times; he then grabs her and throws her to the ground. After he gets back in his truck, she grabs a crowbar and starts smashing his truck's headlights and windshield. He gets out and slaps her in the face, knocking her to the ground, and then drives away. She is later shown with a black eye and a cut on her lip.
  • A man suddenly slaps his daughter.
  • There's a rather intense scene involving a bus race. One bus catches on fire and slams into another, resulting in an explosion. A few characters receive minor injuries.
  • A teenager gets very angry and is shown letting off steam by dancing, throwing things, and knocking things over. He swears and yells quite a bit during this scene.
  • A young woman stands in front of an oncoming train; she is pushed out of the way at the last second.
  • A teenage boy is punched in the face and knocked unconscious by a man who is then cracked over the head with a bottle. The teenager is later shown with a bloody nose.
  • Teenagers standing up to their parents and other adults is one a major theme. Some younger characters are shown talking back to, lying to, and sometimes yelling at adult authority figures.
  • References are made to a woman dying of cancer.


  • Swearing occurs fairly often. Examples include "s--t, "a--hole," "dick," "ass," "piss," "bulls--t," "dumbass," "screw," "prick," "douchebag," "hell," "damn," "oh my God," and more. One instance in which "fag" is used in a derogatory manner.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The opening scene that leads to the accident shows teenagers who are drunk and partying at an out-of-control party.
  • Teens drink beer and smoke pot in a few scenes.
  • A teenager asks another if he wants to get high, but he refuses. The joint is seen clearly several times, but no one is seen smoking it.
  • One character is clearly high during the bus-racing scene. Another character tells him that he may have had a lot to smoke, but he dismisses this.
  • The main character is falsely accused of doing drugs several times.
  • A character makes a joke about getting stoned.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The car crash at the beginning is very sudden and shocking. Some younger viewers may be frightened. A scene in which teenagers race buses is also quite intense.
  • A young girl gets mad at her father, who slaps her, making her cry.
  • A young man beats up a teenage woman; some viewers may be upset by this.
  • After winning (something like a NASCAR) race, the driver has his girlfriend steal the checkered flag and has her hold it aloft while he does a victory lap. She is hanging out the race car's window while she does this, and there is a possibility that she could fall out and get hurt. Her friend, a girl who watches from the sidelines, is terribly frightened by this, and lectures her angrily about how she was risking her life unnecessarily, and doesn't talk to her for days.

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