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Most Magical Detective Conan Movie made yet.
emasterslake20 January 2008
Kaitou Kid is back in town, and he's planning to steal a Russian prized egg that once belonged to Nicholas II. It's currently under the ownership of Sonoko Susuki's family. Kogoro Mouri and several other people are put in charge to protect the egg. But that won't stop Kaitou Kid from stealing it. Conan suspects there's more going on as it is. Soon things will seem to go from bad to worse. Once an unknown killer name Scorpion who's known for killing victims in the right eye with a gun shot. Gets involved with this scenario in stealing the egg.

This is so far the most "magical" filled Detective Conan movie made so far. The mystery about the prized egg and the connections it has with the long lost Royal Family of Nicholas II has so much mystical feel to it. It's also the first movie to have Haibara, Kaitou Kid, & Heiji Hattori in it. That and the mystery will keep to guessing all the way to the last minute of it.

It's a must see if you're a fan of the TV series.
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