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  • Suzuki Zaibatsu found the 51st Easter Egg made by Russian Jewel maker February. Kaido Kido sent police a warning letter that he would stole the egg which Suzuki would display 4 days later. Kaido Kido (when) able to steal egg at the time when everyone's outside. SCORPION shot Kaido's eye and made Kaido vanished. Conan met 3 ladies in the mission that they have to protect the easter egg in Suzuki's home. Seiran Hoishi (27), Romanov Empire, knew chinese and she was finally...



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  • Ayumi met Kaido Kido in the balcony inside her home and she showed that off. Mitsuhiko and Genta praise Kaido Kido as Heisei Lupin. Sherry ask Conan, what would our Heisei Sherlock Holmes tackle this Heisei Lupin...Conan kick soccer said that he would arrest Kido. Kaido Kido committed 134 crimes, 15 outside Japan. Even USA, France, Germany got Kido's footprints. Stole 152 Gemstones. Suzuki found the 51st easter egg (Green) of Russian Jewel maker February. Kido sent a warning letter that he would stole the Egg from Suzuki. Police believed Mori's 3am speech by 12th letter is English L. Heiji brought Conan to a shrine and got a small luck and the travel area said that Conan's important secret would be revealed if he travels outside, and warn Conan not to accept any travel request. But finally Conan and Heiji stared Kido's mail and found that 12th letter means Kido's letter 12th word, "Heh" means 19:20. Heiji dropped from bike. Kido's left eyes got attacked and he fell. Conan grab his Pigeon and bring it home to cure...Kido died? The Russian girl said her great grandpa and great grandma spoke a strange code, as if "Baroshi had bought meat or not". Russian Girl said she went to France to make candies and found out that Seiran Hoshi was born 2 days after, both born same year same month. Conan spoke to both females that he born between then. Rachel heard that date and felt Conan is Shinichi and began to stalk Conan. The female, Seiran Hoshi (27) was Russian Evil Monk Rasputin's offspring. She came to steal the green egg (memory egg) from Suzuki Zaibatsu. Kido recovered and disguised into Shiratori to help Conan to avoid Rachel to find Conan is Shinichi. Conan ask Agasa to find people who just shot others' left eyes, Agasa found an international Fugitive, SCORPION, wanted by 27 countries, age and gender unknown. All helpless Victims all got left eyes shot. Conan later checked that, Scorpion shot people left eyes because Rasputin got his left eyes shot when his corpse was found near sea when Rasputin died. She did that to revenge for her ancestor Rasputin. Inui and Mori spoke something bad on Rasputin and Seiran killed Inui but Conan rescued Mori and Rachel. Conan find that the girl's strange word means this gate's Password. Seiran was the Scorpion who shot people's left eyes. Seiran closed that special gate but Conan was already inside waiting for Seiran. He said that Seiran name (Pu-Su Chin-Ran) can gain RASPUTIN when reordered and guess she was Rasputin's offspring. Seiran was finally controlled by Conan and Mori, "Slim legs Seran was SCORPION. OH NO! Jesus Christ!" Conan return the egg to the girl and they returned home. Rachel thanked Conan for rescue her but she said she wish to know if Conan is her Shinichi or not. Before Conan reveals himself, Kaido Kido disguised as Shinichi to rescue Conan. Because Conan rescue his pet Pigeon. Plus he knew Conan fear Rachel know he is Shinichi Kudo. Conan said Kido must knew about the girl's great grandpa so use title of LAST WIZARD OF CENTURY to title himself. Ending Credit, Rachel blame Conan why not keep Shinichi (Kido), and show to Conan that she would beat Shinichi hard if he came again. Conan "If so,...I would not come sooner."

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