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Nifty retrospective documentary
Woodyanders10 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This 20-minute retrospective documentary offers an enjoyable and illuminating glimpse at the making of Jesus Franco's surreal psychedelic head trip "Venus in Furs." Franco reveals that he got the idea for the story from a conversation with jazz musician Chet Baker and initially wanted the protagonist to be a black man involved with a white woman, but the sexes ultimately had to be switched because a black man having sex with a white woman was still a huge taboo in the late 1960's. Moreover, the original title "Black Angel" was changed to "Venus in Furs" to capitalize on the popularity of the book with the same name. Franco remembers star James Darren as a nice, yet naive guy who did his own trumpet playing and fell in love with his fetching co-star Maria Rohm. In addition, Franco notes that he was genuinely impressed with Manfred Mann, who played Thelonious Monk music in between takes. Franco also reveals that he didn't have any problems with the notoriously difficult Klaus Kinski and points out that Dennis Price was one of the best actors he ever worked with. Recommended viewing for fans of the film.
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