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Made Me Root For Michael Myers
CinemaClown16 October 2021
Completely clueless about what it wants to be or where its priorities lie, Halloween Kills is an absolute trainwreck of a sequel from start to finish. A dull, pointless & thoroughly frustrating entry that fails to capitalise on the blank canvas after the 2018 film wiped the slate clean by retconning the franchise, this latest instalment is an utter mess that's all over the place and unsure of its own identity.

Co-written & directed by David Gordon Green, the story shift the focus on other survivors of Michael Myers' 1978 killing spree by sidelining our protagonist yet does it so awfully that we are never for once invested in the new characters. Green does the bare minimum to improve the ride, has no idea what tone to settle with, and branches the story out in directions that's neither warranted nor called for.

It attempts to give us a peek of the trauma that Myers inflicted on not just Laurie Strode but the entire Haddonfield community and skims on mob mentality in dumb, facepalm-inducing ways. The film is devoid of tension, build-up & atmosphere, Myers' looming presence is also gone, and the narrative flow & editing is a nightmare. The only aspects working in its favour are the grisly kills & Carpenter's score.

Overall, Halloween Kills features a healthy dose of gnarly kills & slasher brutality but the rest is not only underwhelming, it's almost cringeworthy. The callbacks are mere distractions, the subplots lead nowhere, performances are forgettable, and it really made me root for Michael Myers as he creatively slaughters a lot of stupid, annoying folks in this. A wasted potential at best, this newest chapter adds nothing to the saga.
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Colossally stupid characters...
benjaminskylerhill15 October 2021
God bless these actors...they're all trying so hard with what they have. And there are so many good ideas on display here: a town going mad with bloodthirsty revenge because of what Michael has done, violently coming together to hunt him down? So good on paper.

But I swear...this script was written in two hours...by a group of aliens who have never actually interacted with human beings before or heard real human beings speak. Not a single thing here is believable or genuine in any way.

These characters are all so stupid. 80% of the deaths in this movie would have been avoided if they had just acted like real people. I have no sympathy for anyone who dies. I feel no fear for them. I feel nothing.

The only reason I don't give this a lower rating is because one of the deaths made me laugh so hard I forgot how underwhelming the rest of the movie was.
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Awful characters and adds nothing to the 'Halloween' universe
jtindahouse15 October 2021
'Halloween Kills' is the definition of a sequel for the sake of making a sequel (or more accurately the sake of making money). It not only adds nothing to the story, it destroys some of the good things from the 2018 version. I've been looking forward to this movie for a long time with the COVID delays, and I sadly have to say it was not worth the wait at all.

The characters in this movie were atrocious. Firstly, they destroyed 'Laurie Strode'. Not only does she do absolutely nothing in this movie, she is rude to kind nurses and assaults a doctor. Yup, that'll get us on her side. But that wasn't even the worst of it. The side characters they created for this film were embarrassing. There is a scene where a character just stares at 'Michael Myers', says something to the effect of, "Michael, you've come home", and then just stands there and waits to be killed. That's the worst example of it, but this is very much a rinse and repeat thing throughout the film.

The pacing of the film is all over the place too. There's a very strange and uninteresting opening scene. Then we get a couple of admittedly great scenes with the firefighters and in a house with a couple. At this point I was having a good time. 'Michael' was ferocious and in no mood to mess around. Then we hit a wall and frankly never recovered. Even at the end when the film should be building up to the big conclusion, it feels like it's stuck in first gear.

Also there's a subplot involving a mental patient that is just unpleasant. It's not scary, it's not clever, it's just depressing and unnecessary (and quite insulting to the audience that we are expected to buy it). I didn't find much to enjoy about this film sadly. It looks great and the start was decent. Otherwise though it's not one I can recommend. 4/10.
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Let Michael Rest In Peace
Tweetienator17 October 2021
Halloween Kills is a mindless splatter movie, and that's already all that the movie got for you - some well staged killings. The rest is a rather tiresome affair, including characters who I can't related to and don't care for. The story? Just filler time till Michael does his next job. Is it the worst Halloween movie? I don't know, because all those new additions of the late 90s and after 2k I watched only once and are hidden behind a dense cloud named oblivion. To be honest, I can't remember anything of those movies. Verdict: Halloween Kills won't get a recommendation, but if you need some mindless splatter, you may give it a try. This one is for sure just made to milk an almost dead cow.
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Analog_Devotee15 October 2021
The ending to the 2018 film was way too satisfying to be undone for such a mediocre, convoluted, needlessly padded and ultimately underwhelming sequel.

So disappointing.
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yusufpiskin15 October 2021
David Gordon Green is one of the few people I trust in the Hollywood community and has a prominent place in my DVD/Blu-Ray archive. But this movie did not happen. They've abused a myth so much that it's empty. It is no longer exciting.

Even if the stars I've always loved, from Thomas Mann to Will Patfon, are in the cast.

Hollywood must stop exploiting cult productions to the bone.
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Everyone in this town makes the dumbest choices possible
MJC_4215 October 2021
The movie takes place immediately after the events from 2018's Halloween. I imagine that if you liked that movie, you'll probably like this one as well. I'm sure you're familiar with the drill. Michael Myers kills a bunch of people, the end.

Here is my problem with this movie. For things to happen as they do, every single character in this movie must do the dumbest thing possible. People are literally throwing themselves into Michael Myers' path to be murdered when they could easily avoid it. People go off, alone, in a house to go looking for him. They never have a chance. When they have the opportunity to call for backup, they don't. When they have a gun that they can use to shoot him, they don't even try to get a good shot and just shoot wildly. Even when they are like two feet away, they can't hit him. They are worse shots than the stormtroopers from Star Wars. Even when they do have an opportunity to take him out, they totally blunder it by letting up and by getting in close to fight, one by one. This movie even goes back in time to come up with new scenes showing people making the dumbest choices possible. Michael Myers just keeps going about his business, and all of these people go out of their way to get murdered by him. Everyone in this town is a moron. So, if you're looking for a movie that isn't remotely scary involving Michael Myers walking around slaughtering people dumber than livestock with occasional scenes of Jamie Lee Curtis screaming wildly for no real reason, you will probably like this.
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absolute garbage
stehartley16 October 2021
Nothing redeemable about this instalment. Bad acting and special effects and giving micheal what amounts to superhero powers is turning this franchise into a joke. Clearly no thought has gone into the plot. Just a big body count and ridiculously stupid decisions by the victims make this a slasher movie Cliché. Obviously thrown together to make a quick buck. Worse one of the franchise.
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michellepowell-4418215 October 2021
Wow what can I say other than can I get a refund... I was so disappointed. Just horrible and im halloween movie buff... it was great to see all the old cast and some kill scenes were great more of a rob zombie feel than anything. The acting was horrible and the story line was the same...
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Beware! Do not pay to see this trash!
towe-5162016 October 2021
Do NOT pay money to see Halloween Kills! It is the worst of all the Halloween movies ever! Wait til you can see it free. It literally has no point, makes no sense and jumps from scene to scene like it was written by a meth head with adhd! You've been warned! I love the Halloween franchise but this is a slap in the face to all of us fans!
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mkayseryan16 October 2021
Wasn't expecting tht much of a fun time .... I think there's something wrong with me but I enjoyed every min of tht it really was a good movie especially with a friend.
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Calicodreamin15 October 2021
While not perfect, this installment in the Halloween franchise was quite effective. The entire audience was screaming and shouting and just in general having a spooktacular time. The storyline was modern but yet paid homage to the original. The scares, the gore, the stupid decisions, it all came together to make one killer movie.
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You still expected it to be good? A 13th film into the franchise? Did you?
kuarinofu16 October 2021
The biggest problem with the film is that it's not funny enough to be a gory dark comedy. Oh, it's not supposed to be a comedy?

I don't think most of the viewers had any hopes for the 13th installment to surprisingly be good.

I'll be honest, I've seen only three films of the franchise before 'Kills', all of them titled just "Halloween", 1978, 2007, and 2018.

Halloween Kills tries to be gory funny nonsense, and some people may enjoy that, but we're already past 12 films, why not just leave it alone? I'm not saying that all sequels should be the same, I'm saying that at some point you should stop so you don't have to waste your time on creating garbage like Halloween Kills.

The film was stupid, not particularly haunting or tense, full of weird characters and weird choices. As a cherry on top, we got some hamfisted social commentary. Instead of a haunting atmosphere, we just get some basic Halloween decorations and masks (probably a reference to H3 but I haven't seen it, just bits). Stuffing the film with references, music, fonts, scenes, actors, morgue nametags didn't do anything for me at all, since I'm so burned out after so many franchises were mutilated by producers to milk some nostalgia money.

I did like the kills though, those were great.
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Halloween - Dark Fate
kuner-5902914 October 2021
These new Halloween films in many ways resemble the Terminator Dark Fate reboot. They bring back some original actors, they continue the story from the last good entry in the series (not quite here, because Halloween 3 was actually really fun), they even got John Carpenter out of retirement to write the score. But they entirely fail to capture what made the originals work. Rewatching the original Halloween, while tame by today's standards, it remains a very creatively filmed and atmospheric film. They used a lot of clever techniques to make that film scary. Michael Myers did not take center stage. He lurked in the shadows, and the way the shots were set up reflected this. As the audience, you were scanning the image on screen, looking for him.

In these new movies, it's all about bombast. Photographing him against the fire, turning him into the Terminator, but without the intriguing sci fi plot.

Which brings me to failing #2: The writers are caught in a trap between not wanting him to just stalk random babysitters like in the past, and not being allowed to flesh out Michael's character, backstory or motivation, keeping him "pure evil", whatever that's supposed to mean. There's not enough subtext to make these films a reflection on good and evil, so the whole vagueness falls flat. There are also too many characters with too little to do.

Laurie Strode's daughter and granddaughter could have been combined into one character, the husband is superfluous, and Jamie Lee Curtis channels her inner Cameron Mitchell by spending almost the entire movie in bed, repeating the same lines about Michael Myers over and over. "He is evil." "Don't worry, you're safe now, the police will get him" "They have no idea what they're dealing with. He's PURE evil."

I don't envy the scriptwriters who had to regurgitate that drivel over and over again.

Like in the last version, the movie overuses slow motion to the point where nothing is ever really scary anymore. The kills take too long, the buildup to them is rarely scary, and even the soundtrack, while good on its own, is not used as efficiently as in past entries.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but these new Halloween films make me nostalgic for Rob Zombie's take.

But really I wish they went with the concept for Halloween 3: An anthology of scary stories centered around Halloween.

3 stars for nice photography, a good score and a few bloody kills to satisfy the gorehounds.
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please let michael myers die peacefully
AziziOthmanMY16 October 2021
I appreciate the original cast members was in this movie but it doesn't contribute or expand why michael myers did what he did. I don't see a point why this had to go on like this.
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The good, the bad, and the ugly
tymoody15 October 2021
I'm a huge fan of the Halloween(2018) reboot and was very excited for this sequel. Unfortunately, it can not hold up to the standards it previously set. Fans will be happy to know that this movie does not let up on the gore and action, but will be disappointed in the fact that this movie is essentially filler. The good: Micheal is just as evil as ever. He has no mercy and the whole town is at risk. The 70's sequences. That one sad scene that takes place at the hospital (you will know what I'm talking about once you see it). Jamie Lee Curtis is great. Full of nostalgia. The bad:The script was almost painful. The dialogues between characters and their monologues were cringe worthy. I wish they had maybe read it over more and realized how much repetitive dialogue there was and how some of the lines would not deliver well. The amount of time you will hear "evil dies tonight" may have you wanting to rip your hair out. The characters make the dumbest decisions. This troupe is a joke for horror movies, but this was beyond extreme. Yes people in horror movies make stupid decisions, but the frequency of them in this movie is laughable. Huge fan of the genre, yet I have not scene a movie that has such stupid characters who are not very likable. If you want a fun gory Halloween movie then this will fulfill your needs, but maybe lower you expectations so you don't end up disappointed.
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What was that??
FilmChamp2016 October 2021
I seriously had to make sure I was watching a real Halloween movie and not some skit of a Saturday night live parody type deal where they mock the themes of horror movies for comedy. This was dreadful. Only kept watching for entertainment with the people I was watching with, it's so stupid it's hilarious. There's absolutely nothing about this movie that's believable or acted well. The actors/actresses, the extras, and even the main top billed actors/actresses were all laughably bad with their bad over the top theatrics and actions. This movie would have sold better if it was a purposeful comedy or something.

It's like a bunch of amateur high school theater kids made this movie based off of tropes and elements of the Halloween movies. I'd be embarrassed if I was involved in this. Everyone in that town was incredibly stupid, inept, lacking in situational awareness, and absent of common sense. That's how Michael wins, he walked into a town with people who have a collective IQ of less than a child. "He's a 6 year old boy, with the strength of a man, and a mind of an animal" or something similar that was said in this movie. So a man who is mentally ill causally wiping out morons via natural selection on his way to his old house. That's the whole movie in a nutshell. I cannot stress enough how incredibly ridiculous this movie was. The worst Friday the 13th movie made more sense than this comedy skit. You actually root for Michael in this almost.

As you can tell, I really disliked this movie. Don't bother if you're looking to watch a good movie, a good slasher, a nostalgic Halloween movie, or just something interesting. Watch with friends or family so you can laugh at it with them. The over dramatic acting alone is worth laughing at. Or the cringey over dramatic monologues.

2 stars for the fact that Michael looked cool.
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Panderfest 2021
big_c_boss15 October 2021
Firstly, The best thing about this movie was Dr. Loomis being brought back to the screen. Even though the voice impersonator was terrible.

Now, On to a Halloween Sequel that makes Part 6 look like part 1.

Everything from the lines, to the cameos, to the easter eggs are nothing but pandering. The Filmmaker's may say it's Homage, but in the end, they didn't even try. So much is senseless.

For example, The Townspeople coming together to fight for their town. I'm sure it was meant to be inspirational, on some level, before they fail in everyway possible. But, it was insanely hamfisted, cheesy and laughable. In a Hands Across America way.

This movie made me laugh more than a good stand up routine.

Plus, there was a Flashback to 1978 and a subplot that did nothing.

But, As always, it's good to see Michael doing what he does best, even though the story has really sucked in the past two movies.
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Different film from the previous ones of the saga, for this reason unique.
ciropioparlato10 September 2021
Halloween Kills features an even more brutal, ferocious and violent Michael Myers figure and makes the movie a true Horror part of a fantastic series!
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I'm a huge Halloween fan but this was absolutely terrible.
losdubs15 October 2021
I cannot even wrap my head around how bad this movie was. I loved the last one and had been looking forward to this movie for 2 years. I was so disappointed.
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How could they mess up this badly?
lnvicta17 October 2021
There is one good thing about this film and it's the kills. If you're just looking for gore and graphic murders, this movie delivers. If you're looking for anything beyond that, you're out of luck.

There's no characterization, no suspense, and no story. The plot of the film is basically: Michael Myers kills a lot of people while Laurie Strode lays in a hospital bed for 90 minutes and occasionally other characters do stupid things. The subplot with the escaped inmate was pointless; Tommy Doyle was an awful character; the mob justice motif was poorly handled. It was a complete mess.

Halloween 2018 was a breath of fresh air for the franchise. Kills is just another bad Halloween sequel.
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Low expectations, huge disappointment
hxiqkcnra15 October 2021
Who wrote this movie!?!

I mean it literally makes no sense what so ever, Please watch so you can understand the pain I'm in right now. John Carpenter please help!!!
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Halloween Kills wins a very sad contest
El_DustinD15 October 2021
Even the most tolerable Halloween movies have a good amount of bad writing, dialogue, and acting. Halloween Kills blows them all out of the water. It starts stupid and doesn't let up. It just gets dumber and dumber as it goes along. It's basically a parody of itself by the time we get to the final act.

Everything everyone says is dumb. Everything they do is dumb. Just a dumb, ugly movie with no style or reason to exist. This might be the worst movie I've seen all year.
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2 stars only because of the old cast members
willandcharlenebrown15 October 2021
Otherwise I would have given this movie 1 star. What a horrible installment. It's down there with Halloween 3. Bad acting stupid storyline. Big John and Little John? What the heck was that all about? Literally one of the worst of the entire series. Stupid on so many levels. "Evil dies tonight....." chanting??? Felt more like "the series died tonight"
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I cheered for Michael !!!
hotovi16 October 2021
Everybody but Michael deserved to die in this one ! Damn they made the characters so dumb... Ho ever wrote this made 0 effort to make it remotely good ...
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