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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody violence throughout, grisly images, language and some drug use

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • People are stabbed, slashed, and impaled with a variety of objects ranging from light tubes and broken glass to axes and knives.
  • It is far more bloodier and brutal than Halloween (2018). The death scenes are graphic and contain lots of blood and gore in detail.
  • Scenes of violence include slashing, stabbing, shooting, eye gouging, choking, and repeated heavy blows with various weapons. Violence frequently results in gory injuries being sustained.
  • Multiple firefighters are killed one after another (some blood is shown but from angles).
  • Children are bullied at school.
  • A knife is brutally stabbed into a man's eye, as blood pours out heavily. It takes a few seconds for him to succumb.
  • A prolonged sequence near the end has a man's head smashed through a railing and then thrown up and down onto the broken parts while another character watches and we see their reaction. There is loud screaming and gargling and this sequence is extremely disturbing, although not very graphic or bloody.
  • There is a sequence where a man gets stabbed in the armpit with lots of blood pouring out. The man is thrown to the ground and then picked up and has his eyes gouged out with. You see the eyeballs pop out, and there's lots of blood and gore. The body is later seen afterward in full detail.
  • Someone is shot in the neck. A lot of blood is shown.
  • Fireman scene not nearly as bloody or graphic as described. Only a few on screen murders with little to no close up shown. However some of it still is fairly graphic, but it's nothing compared to some of this other movie's moments.
  • A fire fighter falls through a broken floor in the burning house and is then brutally beaten with a metal object. You can see the bashing occur for a few seconds on screen before he gets bashed one last time which causes a slice in his face with blood splattering out (you can see his bloody disfigured face for a few seconds).
  • A man is strangled with a rope, blood pours from his neck and is then accidentally shot
  • Firefighters are attacked with a halligan bar and violently smashed in the face, head and body, one has a buzz saw shoved into his body, and blood splatters out
  • A man's head smashed against a window, he's pulled inwards, dragged with blood on the floor in the form of a large puddle. He is then stabbed with multiple knives in the body while lying dead on a table
  • A woman has a fluorescent light tube shoved into her neck and pushed against the wall. She then bleeds to death and dies slowly.
  • A man is stabbed, his eyes are then are gouged out
  • A man is shown dead; he has a knife shoved into his neck.
  • The aftermath of violence is shown, including dead police officers, dead firefighters, and a man's head that has been caved in with a foot stomp
  • An elderly woman is shown dead hanging from a tree, with a Halloween mask bleeding
  • A dead couple are shown with masks on their faces on a kids playground
  • A police officer brutally attacked with a stab wound in the previous movie is found alive, we see blood pouring out of his neck
  • Michael is shown holding a bloody knife many times
  • A woman is stabbed multiple times inside Michael's home
  • A woman is hit with a car door and accidentally shoots herself in the head.
  • A man jumps from the window ledge of a tall building, and is subsequently seen on the ground in a pool of blood and viscera, with limbs detached. This scene is very gory.


  • 19 uses of "fuck" and 8 uses of "shit"
  • At least 6/7 uses of religious "profanity" (god damn)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Character smokes weed and asks others if they'd like a hit.
  • A character shares a story about how he bought peyote from another character. He then describes a bad trip that the other character experienced that involved him taking off his clothes and freaking out.
  • There is a scene that takes place at a bar and many characters are seen drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Many disturbing scenes of terror and violence. Not recommend for those who can't stomach lots of violence and gore.
  • The movie contains some scenes that are going to be frightening to some audiences mainly because of the way people are murdered and found if you don't like blood and gore this movie could be quite frightening and disturbing and maybe not for you
  • This movie isnt too scary, especially when compared to the previous one, but is way more graphic.
  • Many victims do not die immediately, but still struggle with pain or watch family members die. that is very disturbing.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • The film's climax involves Michael killing a large mob of people one by one in increasingly brutal ways
  • A very intense sequence involving Michael Myers shows Michael entering a older couples' house where he brutally bashes a mans head into shards of glass and stabs a woman with a long light tube. Screaming and psychological torture happens when Michael starts riddling the dead mans body with multiple kitchen knives while the woman (wife) is slowly bleeding out and watching.
  • Tommy Doyle has his head beaten in very violently with a baseball bat. (Offscreen)
  • Children are not excluded from extreme violence.
  • Cameron Elam gets stabbed several times and has his neck broken on a staircase. This scene is very disturbing, accompanied by loud crunching with every hit.
  • A woman gets violently stabbed and murdered in the last shots of the movie.
  • A man is mistaken for Michael Myers and is chased by people trying to kill him. He is trapped between two doors and a window before he decides to commit suicide by jumping off the window. The actual splatter isn't shown, but the body is shown briefly.
  • It is implied that Michael kills a teenager offscreen since he is shown with that teenager's bloody halloween mask in his hands. He then puts the mask on the head of a woman who he stabbed to death in an earlier scene.
  • A woman fires a high powered handgun at Michael Myers as he kills another woman in a car. She approaches the car, missing him. Michael kicks open the door, hitting the handgun the woman is holding. The gun flings around and she accidentally shoots herself in the face.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A mental patient is chased in a hospital by a mob, under the assumption that he's Michael Myers. Realizing he's trapped, the patient proceeds to commit suicide by jumping from one of the top floors. Viewers will definitely find this whole sequence unsettling since we already know he's not Michael Myers, and it gets worse once Karen and some officers figure it out and try to stop the mob.
  • Some may find Michael's tendencies to play with his victims and their corpses after murdering them very disturbing. Specifically the kitchen scene where Michael stabs multiple dinner knives into a man's back after brutally assaulting him resulting in the man dying.
  • Michael's face and mask are burnt because of the fire that Laurie set in the previous movie. Very frightening for younger audiences, and even for some adults.
  • The scene where Michael kills Tommy Doyle off-screen with the bat is creepy. The music accompanied with it will send chills up your spine.
  • Tommy Doyle's and Karen's deaths are intense and emotional for some audiences

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