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Season 1

Episode #1.1
A group of rafters hits some rough water; a woman is attacked by a polar bear; a group of computer programmers travels to Africa.
Episode #1.2
A hiker gets stranded on a zip line; a newlywed couple encounters a hurricane; a family is stunned by what they encounter on a whale watching trip.
Episode #1.3
A tourist saves a chimpanzee; an American professor travels to Singapore to witness a rare religious festival; a mother base-jumps from a waterfall.
Episode #1.4
A beachgoer slips into jagged ricks after being hit by a wave; a pair of hunters rescue a trapped deer; a mother travels to a women's basketball fantasy camp.
Episode #1.5
A bear goes for a swim in a family's backyard; a couple buys a unique home; thrill seekers combine hang gliding with parasailing.
Episode #1.6
A couple has an unforgettable experience on safari; a unique experience for thrill-seekers crosses a motorcycle and an airplane; a dog than can SCUBA dive.
Episode #1.7
An attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro on rollerblades; a girl takes a trip to Russia for a once in a lifetime experience; a trip to the zoo takes a horrifying turn.
Episode #1.8
A firsthand view of the running with the bulls; an all female group of skydivers go for a world record; an Alaskan fishing trip turns disastrous.
Episode #1.9
A father teaches his young children to surf; two San Diego lifeguards risk everything to save a troubled surfer; a vacationing family rescues a whale.
Episode #1.10
A plane crash from inside the cabin; a hot air balloon strikes disaster; a Minnesota family is surprised by what they find at the North Pole.
Episode #1.11
A dream cruise vacation becomes a nightmare; a photographer swims with Great White Sharks; a daredevil attempts to conquer the Niagara Falls in a barrel.
Episode #1.12
A family's pet pig goes on a rampage; a risky combination of skydiving and bungee jumping goes wrong; a family sells everything to embark on a year long trip around the world.
Episode #1.13
A tourist on safari assists in the rescue of an elephant; an extreme snowboarding event takes a dangerous turn; a family catches a mysterious underwater creature on camera.
Episode #1.14
A turn in the weather threatens a couple's wedding day; a group is trapped on a sinking boat; a bungee jump goes wrong.
Episode #1.15
A Hawaiian couple's pet pig loves to surf; a man takes a trip across America...on foot; a man rides a hammerhead shark.
Episode #1.16
Two brothers take a vacation to the Balkans; a private plane makes a heart stopping landing; a fireworks display endangers the crowd.
Episode #1.17
A man captures an attack on the White House; camper starts a forest fire, trapping campers; human "mermaid" takes a record breaking deep sea dive.
Episode #1.18
A woman is caught in a high speed boat race; a man summer-salts Paul Revere's route, land rows Bali, and pogo's Mt. Fuji; a father and daughter face death in a collapsed cable car.
Episode #1.19
A man drives coast to coast on a lawnmower; a stunt plane crashes in the Brazilian jungle; an armed gunman attacks an LA pony-ride park.
Episode #1.20
Synchronized skydivers become entangled during a jump; a purse snatcher is caught during a family reunion; a gator wrestler gets bitten.
Episode #1.21
A sailboat is stranded in the South Pacific; a couple gets caught in the path of a hurricane; a couple drives across Europe then Asia 34 years later in same VW Beatle.
Episode #1.22
A woman travels from Peking to Paris road trip in less than 5 weeks; two men chase a massive storm; runners complete the Mt. Everest marathon.
Episode #1.23
A hidden camera catches bears hibernating in Mammoth vacation homes; a Jack Russel super-dog in the world record book for extreme sports; a bull riding camp vacation.
Episode #1.24
A woman sails solo around the world; extreme bikers ride up a 70 degree mountain; flight attendants join college students to start a wet t-shirt contest on an airborne plane.
Episode #1.25
Hundreds of people participate in a "hell on earth" athletic challenge; people who fear water try land rowing; a man trots around the globe.
Episode #1.26
Roswell, NM hosts the alien encounter weekend festival; a woman walks the great wall of China; the town of Laguna Niguel hosts Amtrak mooners day.

 Season 1 

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