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Sex & Nudity

  • A character constantly watches porn, nothing is shown to viewer
  • Characters are seen showering, No nudity is shown
  • a character's room is covered in cutout pictures of women in skimpy clothes/lingerie. In episode 1, the character is shown cutting out a picture of a girl in lingerie, posing provocatively. no nudity.
  • episode 2: character is shown watching porn but the screen is blurred and his head is covering part of it. very faint moaning can be heard coming from the video
  • Episode 3: Man is shown asleep with his hand under the waistband of his underwear while porn plays on the TV ( not shown)

Violence & Gore

  • episode 2: bloody corpse is show from the shoulders up with its throat slit multiple times
  • episode 2: character is hit over the head with a hammer. no blood or gore is shown.


  • Episode 1 & 2: use of "shithead" (captions)
  • Episode 3: use of "bullshit"
  • Damn, shit, and ass are used most commonly
  • Episode 7: use of "fuck"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two characters drink and smoke socially in the first episode
  • Episode 2: social drinking, one character is shown drunk

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Alot of bloody scenes are shown
  • A mentally handicapped character constantly giggles and moves in an unsettling way
  • The murderous characters are frightening. Some are wildly psychotic and others are overwhelmingly solemn and unfeeling when killing.
  • Intense themes of cannibalism. In episode 3, A character is asked to eat meat that is presumably human.
  • Multiple characters are tortured before being murdered.

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