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11 Jul. 2008
When an enraged gunman takes a hostage in a public square, the team must take drastic action and deal with the consequences.
18 Jul. 2008
First in Line
A desperate father turns a policeman's gun on a surgical team, demanding a heart transplant for his dying daughter.
24 Jul. 2008
The Element of Surprise
A reformed drug addict visits a dealer who owes him money, unwittingly putting his life at risk in the middle of an SRU takedown.
31 Jul. 2008
Asking for Flowers
The SRU pulls out all the stops to rescue a cop taken hostage on his boat, but soon learn that the captor is his battered wife's older sister.
7 Aug. 2008
Who's George?
A bank robber who may not be who he says he is tests Sergeant Parker's negotiating skills, while the rest of the team scrambles to determine what he really wants before he kills his hostage.
14 Aug. 2008
Attention Shoppers
A shooting at a mall brings the SRU into a situation involving a gang, retribution and a girl who's trying to make it against the odds.
21 Aug. 2008
He Knows His Brother
SRU responds to shots fired in a home where they find a well-connected lawyer shot, and the rest of the family protecting the shooter.
11 Sep. 2008
Never Kissed a Girl
Ed inserts himself into an incident at the courthouse when a parolee demands, while holding a hostage at gunpoint, to see the prosecutor that sent him to jail.
18 Sep. 2008
Planets Aligned
While trying to rescue an abducted girl, SRU finds another kidnappee and Jules must connect with her in order to save everyone.

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