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Sex & Nudity

  • A man and a woman are seen laying in bed, implied to have spent the night together. Nothing shown.
  • No sex and no nudity.

Violence & Gore

  • An almost unrecognizable corpse appears with its head sunk by an impact from a car wreck.


  • An average of 5 uses of fuck per episode. 5-10 of shit per episode, and the same amount for milder terms like "bitch", "damn", and "hell". In the entire series overall, "Jesus" (as an exclamation) and "Goddamn" is said about 5 times each.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A few of the characters are alcoholics and teenagers are seen smoking a joint.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Mentions of a woman being in an abusive relationship
  • The series deals with themes like addiction, religious fanaticism, discrimination, psychological and physical abuse. Plenty of onscreen violence and deaths, often bloody, brutal and upsetting. Also featuring some creepy supernatural elements which will scare younger viewers.
  • Some episodes contain strong volume


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A lot of dead cat bodies can be seen throughout two episodes.
  • A man is trapped in a dark cave, attacked, and a lot of blood is pooled around him.
  • A priest burns his hand on a bonfire as part of a ritual. It's not very graphic, but it can be a bit awkward.
  • A pregnant woman miscarries
  • A man's head is cracked open on a table, we can see some part his blood. A person then drinks the blood.
  • A man's body burns up decomposing as a woman screams helplessly. This scene is lengthy and disturbing, although the physical damage it suffers is almost not seen due to the flames of fire.
  • Mass 'suicide' shown, a lot of vomiting and convulsions are shown
  • A woman slits her throat, graphic and the scene is prolonged.
  • An animal is poisoned in the second episode. Extremely disturbing and graphic scene. Blood, vomit, and bile are all seen as the animal dies.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • An animal dies onscreen, seemingly by being poisoned, while the owner cries out. The animal is seen vomiting and choking before dying. The entire scene is very tragic and may upset viewers.
  • A man burns in the sunlight and the woman with him screams. The screams are played as a voiceover through the end credits of the episode. The scene and credits are extremely disturbing.
  • The ending of the show is very sad and upsetting
  • Erin's death and final monologue is extremely graphic and upsetting.
  • The mass suicide at the end of episode 6 is extremely graphic and disturbing.

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