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Great effects - story lacking
brendan526 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
As expected, the effects were spectacular. The fight scenes were extravagant and fast-paced.

The story though, couldn't keep pace. They kept stopping for a romance that was never developed (and no one really cared). The real thing that brought this movie down though was the constant stooping to this immature level. The had to have said @ss and balls 10 times (and that's a low estimate). Not only this, but those two twin autobots were introduced who were supposed to be "hip" maybe? They just turned out to be extremely annoying and to bring down the level of the movie as a whole.

As a fan of the original cartoon series, I have to say I was really disappointed they stooped the level of immature @ss-balls humor and creating new characters with low IQ's. They could have done better. The action though, was amazing and I am still glad I paid to see it on the big screen.
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Too Much Comic Relief Undercuts An Above-Average Sci-Fi Saga
zardoz-132 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Too much comic relief undermines the dramatic impact of director Michael Bay's visually impressive sequel "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen." If you skipped the original live-action "Transformers," you may not understand the stakes in the sequel or the situation. The original concluded with the treacherous Decepticon jet Transformer streaking off into the sky, guaranteeing the survival of the villains. Original "Transformer" scenarists Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are joined on this installment by "Reindeer Games" writer Ehren Kruger and they bring back the evil Decepticons for a rematch with the virtuous Autobots.

Clocking in at an hour and 49 minutes, Bay's epic length sequel features machine-like entities shape-shifting from various vehicles into gigantic robots with deadly appendages that discharge explosive broadsides whenever they unleash their titanic fury. The problem is Bay neglects the narrative for these massive transformations. When the Hasbro creations aren't changing from innocent machines into destructive robots, Bay and his scribes are slinging visual and verbal jokes as fast as you can blink. In other words, "Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen" lacks suspense until the last quarter hour when the flesh & blood performers inject some emotional gravity into this superficial smackdown between good and evil alien robots.

"Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen" opens with a prologue in 17,000 B.C. when mankind initially runs afoul of the alien robots, before Bay jumps ahead to the 21st century when mankind and the Autobots have formed an alliance. U.S. Army Major Lennox (Josh Duhamel of "Turistas") and Sgt. Epps (Tyrese Gibson of "2 Fast 2 Furious"), command an elite squad codenamed NEST that consists of Autobots collaborating with U.S. and British soldiers to smoke out rogue Decepticons hiding anywhere in the world. The opening Shanghai sequence where NEST routs a gargantuan unicycle that wrecks more havoc than Godzilla ever visited on Tokyo gets things started off on the right track. The unicycle warns our heroes that the worst is about to befall them in the form of a monstrous entity named 'The Fallen.'

The sequel focuses on a thousand year old object called 'the matrix of knowledge' that provides loads of power to whoever acquires it. The scene shifts from Shanghai to the Witwicky homestead in California where Sam (Shia LaBeouf of "Disturbia") announces his plans to attend a prestigious Ivy League university and try to live the life of a normal twentysomething. Sam informs Bumblebee, the yellow Camaro that morphs into a monstrous robot, that he cannot accompany him. Freshmen aren't allowed to have cars on campus. Incredibly, Sam is leaving his super hottie girlfriend, Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox), who looks sexier than ever. After Sam's parents, Ron Witwicky (Kevin Dunn) and Judy (Julie White), get our hero situated in his dorm, they head off to Europe for a vacation. Sam and Mikaela are having their first relationship struggle. She wants him to utter the L-word "love" but he is content only to tell her that he "adores" her and they plan to maintain their relationship coast-to-coast via the Internet.

As Sam is unpacking, a shard of the Allspark falls out of his clothing from the first movie and weird things start to happen. Remember, the AllSpark was a mystical cube that contained the key to the Transformers' existence and was thought destroyed in the original movie. Optimus Prime shows up soon afterward and explains trouble is brewing and Sam has a role to play in its resolution, but our hero refuses to participate.

Of course, what Sam wants and what Sam ends up doing are two entirely different matters. In one of his classes, he scans an astronomy book from cover to cover and accuses Einstein of being wrong. Furiously, Sam starts scribbling enigmatic symbols. Later, the Decepticons return in force, steal parts of the AllSpark, excavate Megatron from the bottom of the ocean floor, sink half the U.S. Navy, and set out to destroy not only the Autobots but also the Earth. The Decepticons' primary target is Sam and they perform a full body scan to obtain vital information.

"Transformers" boasts some spectacular scenes. For example, a robot versus robot mêlée around Egypt's Giza Necropolis, with the evil Devastator, a remarkably mammoth mechanoid, absorbing several construction vehicles so it can scramble atop the peak of a pyramid, is truly a sight to behold. Again, Bay and his scribes cannot inhibit their humor and they show two huge wrecking balls dangling like genitalia between its massive thighs. The scene where the Decepticons resurrect Megatron from the bottom of the ocean is exhilarating to watch. The last thing that you should be thinking about is the nincompoop who decided not to melt Megatron done into a pile of metal so nothing like this could happen. Unfortunately, had they done so it is likely that there would not have been a sequel.

Mind you, "Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen" qualifies as a big, dumb, noisy action-paced sci-fi saga that doesn't make any sense and revels in its larger-than-life idiocy. Humans take a backseat to the fracas between the mechanoids until the final moments when only Sam can save the day. Unfortunately, the humor gets entirely out of hand. Sam's college roommate follows him around the globe and spends more time screaming in terror rather than fighting. Agent Simmons (John Turturro) is back acting just as flaky as ever, too. The Ghetto twin Autobots are as obnoxious as Jar Jar Binks was in the "Star Wars" prequel. The gags and the pranks displace the drama. The language is often rude and verges on the obscene. The surprises are few and far between. Without enumerating them, we are asked to believe that essential characters can die and never be revived. Anybody who believes for an instant that the Decepticons will vanquish the Autobots is clearly delusional, though it would have been a nice cliffhanger touch on Bay's part to stage an ending similar to "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back."
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It Suffers The Sequel Curse, A Lot, But It Has A Few Redeeming Qualities
Ostrumation13 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Michael Bay may not be a great director, but "Transformers" was surprisingly a decent movie. That movie did pander to the masses, but it had enough action, effects and a decent plot to keep it going through its two-hour runtime. Unfortunately, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" doesn't do this very successfully.

The main flaw that ruined this movie was the story. Okay, not every movie has to have a big, complex meaning-of-life story, but the story still could've been halfway decent or consistent. From the opening sequence to Sam going to college, it was already a big mess. The idea of The Fallen getting revenge was a good idea, it's just too bad that the movie wasn't good enough. The unnecessary humor brought it down even more. The first movie had its funny moments, but some of the jokes fell flat. In this film, they're even worse. Wheelie humping Megan Fox's leg was out of place and flat out unfunny. Oh yeah, the twins. They were out of place and the filmmakers obviously made them out to be "hip" or whatever. I bet it's even worse if you're a big Transformers fan. Most of the jokes are now dated, all 2009 jokes. On the positive side, the action sequences were great. Every one of them. The final battle was dragged out, but still exciting. It was actually a movie where I was waiting for the ending.

Great special effects don't always make a great movie, and "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" proves it. Sure it outdid the first movie, but that shows that the filmmakers only care about the money instead of making a great movie. "Transformers" is great material for a big budget blockbuster, but instead, the movie gets screwed up and its made to cater to the masses instead of being faithful to its source material while being audience-friendly.

The movie was basically action scene after action scene with weak and rather boring dialogue-driven scenes in-between. There's no real character development and the story is a giant mess. I went in expecting the filmmakers to deliver a sequel that made improvements to the flaws present in the original "Transformers". Instead, they delivered a giant, profitable mess. It's a shame, because the action sequences were the high points.

A 6.1 out of 10.
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Great action and visual effects - everything else is dribble
provenelk20 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This film is arguably the most highly anticipated release of the summer, and you can see the pressure must have got to Michael Bay with the amount of crap he put into this movie to lengthen it.

Firstly, i will say the action scenes and visual effects are great, and the addition of new "hip" auto-bots is good for young viewers (not anyone else though), but unfortunately you only really see any action until the last half, and then its still separated by unnecessary and tiresome romantic scenes, and even then, the action scenes become tiresome with large amounts of 300 style slow-mo and an obvious intention of Michael Bay to show everyone how great his visual effects are, as well as Megan Fox's boobs for the 14 year olds in the audience. Great Mr.Bay, we can see that, just give us a good film.

The first half is largely made of useless footage of Sam at college and annoyingly frequent comedy scenes with his mum. The whole "college" section could have been compressed to about 20 to 25 minutes rather than an hour long.

The plot is very good, and the stuff about the fallen is pretty gnarly. Its just a shame you don't find out about it till about the last third of the film, and there are a lot of plot holes - like why the hell didn't Sam give the splinter to Optimus Prime instead of his lame girlfriend?! But i think if they had started with the plot earlier and cut a lot of the "inbetween" they could have made the film a lot more fun.

Overall, it is fun, but the faults become tiresome and therefore make the film tiresome, especially with its long length (2 and a half hours i believe). Worth Seeing yes, but definitely not the blockbuster monstrosity we were all looking forward to.


Edit: On reading other peoples comments, i want to say to any self respecting film lover, ignore the 1 or 2 star comments, but equally ignore the 9 and 10 star comment. Especially the 9 and 10s which go on about the special effects, i think they need to learn having good special effects doesn't give you a good movie. They'd get along with George Lucas pretty well though...
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It's our fault, really...
aecioborba-211 July 2009
In Psychology, we would take this movie as a perfect example of what we call "reinforcement". If people like it, make more of it. If no one said anything about it, no need to make it again. So, what did everyone (myself included) talked in the first film? Those fights were great. Loved the robots, I wanted more of them. Oh, Megan is hot. Let's get more of her too (if by "more of her" you hear "less of her clothes", even better). Oh, Megatron was great, sorry he had a short time in the screen. And do on. No one talked about the story of the movie, or how the characters were different from each other. Of course no one paid any attention to the dialogues. No one said how great was the continuity of the movie. No one cared who the characters were. Thus... why bother with any of this? There was a long time I did not see a movie so bad as this one. I am still in shock, after 4 days. Director, writer, editor... no one had any idea of what do to with any of those characters or how to get from a scene to the other. No one cared for the story, why people should be in one place or other. The plots are so scattered no one bothered to think why a character would do something. So, if you like the characters created in the first movie; if you like stories; if you would like at least that you ears and/or you intelligence don't be hurt by the most stupid lines ever told by a human (or robot) in a movie, be careful with this movie. But, if you want to see a lot of spare parts fighting each other, would like to see great battles, don't care for story, dialogues or continuity, you'll sure like this one, because it has great battle scenes, bigger and faster than the first one. Then, maybe you'll give and 8 instead of a 2 to Revenge of the Fallen. Myself, i like that action scenes be part of the movie, not the movie itself. So, be careful with the movie. Don't get any higher expectations except some time to eat popcorn.
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Seriously...what happened?
Lucian29 June 2009
i loved the first transformers, the acting/humour was superb and the action was AMAZING. I was super anxious for transformers 2 and after about an hr I was anxious to leave. I couldn't take it anymore, everything was stepped up to a bad degree. Too loud, too much action, too much horrendous jokes and way too many robots! Half the time i was trying to figure out whos who and there were so many plot holes that bugged me, this all being in the first hr alone. There were three characters that I truly DETESTED, the twin robots and that greasy haired buffoon of roommate, it doesn't get any more annoying than those three. GAHHH and when all three of them were in the same scene I wanted to kill myself.
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What I expected
lukalele29 September 2009
I'm amazed at some of the reviews on here. Seriously, what did people expect outta this film? Shakespeare? The English Patient? You go to see this for the ridiculous action, awesome special effects and just to have a good time, which is what I had. Yeah, it did seem to overindulge slightly and was slow in parts. Yeah, the humour's cheesy, sometimes painfully so. No surprise there though, let's remember we're watching a film based on kids' toys, not a Bronte novel. It ain't perfect, but if you expected it to be, I'm glad you're feeling let down. For me, it didn't try to be anything it shouldn't have and what it needed to do right, it did.

Mindless, thoroughly enjoyable fun, just like the first one.
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Could have been better, but could have been much worse!
hugh_booth1 July 2009
For the most part, this film is the decent thrill ride that the movie going audience is looking for. As an action moving, it has scenes to astound and thrill any avid fan. As a science fiction movie it stands reasonably well. It doesn't over-explain things and doesn't throw in concepts as central plot points that are blatantly impossible (super novas that threaten entire galaxies, I'm talking about you Star Trek). The movie also does relatively well on a comedic note, and from a standpoint of general plot. Though others have complained about the central importance of Sam's role being unlikely and a retread of the first film, it follows through logically from where the first film left off.

Though the film is a lot of fun, it does have its flaws. Unfortunately the humor descends to the low brow a little too often. Also the Autobot twins that Michael Bay apparently loved so much were frightfully annoying. They did also lean towards offensive cultural stereotypes a little heavily. It is unfortunate because a couple of their funnier lines could have been delivered just as well by completely different characters. In fact they might have been funnier coming from a more straight laced Autobot. The use of the twins in pure Jar Jar Binks fashion (though not quite as irritating) was unfortunate given how many underused robots there were. The comment about Sam's roommate's bravery could have been unexpectedly hilarious coming out of Arcee.

Most of the other glitches in the film were relatively minor and not worth mentioning, though the writers could use a geography lesson. If you enjoy action films and don't need a deeper artistic message, Revenge of the Fallen is well worth the watch.
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An Action-Packed Thrill Ride Warning: Spoilers
We all have a feeling of dread when we heard of a sequel going into production when referring to a movie that we enjoyed. Especially if that movie is based on something left over from our childhood. While the first Transformer movie was enjoyable, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen exceeded all of the expectations I could have possibly had while all the while blowing the first movie out of the water.

~Possible Spoilers~ Shia LaBeouf turns in a finely tuned performance that exemplifies his growth from child star to emerging actor. Josh Duhamel returns as Lennox as a side character with his own plot that quickly steals the scene. Megan Fox was the only low spot in the cast, highlighted mostly in action scene involving little dialogue and a lot of bounce. The special effects were amazing and the exotic locales were excellent as the journey takes the viewer on a whirlwind tour of both the world and human history. Michael Bay pulled no punches in the witty banter involving the giant robots and their human counterparts. The plot though stretched at times was credible in the overall action of the story. Clearly audiences know better than to go to a Michael Bay film if they want an Academy Award winning performance.

All in all, this movie was not to be missed. It will be one of the hardest movies to beat this summer in the action department as young adults and adults alike will enjoy the action, drama, romance and scenery.
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Much more than meets the eye
bigzach200829 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
My opinion, this movie is one the best cinematic events of 2009. The special effects were definitely the driving force that made this movie so successful at the box office. Now for those of you who had problems with the story, just take some time while watching this movie and put more focus into it. Then you will see that there is much more than meets the eye.

For instance, in the beginning when Optimus Prime reveals that the transformers race arrived on Earth many years ago, this opens the doorway into the unknown origins of the transformers. When Starscream says "the boy will not escape us, we have him in our sights." He is talking about the the Decepticon spy who is watching Sam Witwicky disguised as a college student named Alice. The scene where Jetfire speaks about the Fallen and the seven primes shows us that the Fallen is the original deception and that the transformers were once ruled by seven great leaders. This take us deeper into the ancient origins and enter through the gateways into the massive transformers universe. Upon revealing these elements from the storyline, it is clear that there is a great amount of depth and substance in this movie, you just have to look for it.

I will admit that the storyline isn't as solid as it could have been. The characters should have been developed with much more love and care and the humor was foolish and unnecessary at some points. But overall, this was a very entertaining blockbuster and a decent sequel.
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An alright summer film...a few spoilers!
luvferrets0330 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I thought the sequel was almost as good as the original film. It is a Michael Bay film. There are lots of action sequences and explosions, mixed in with humorous and witty dialog. I thought some parts of the film seemed to repeat the first (the desert fighting scenes looked like the exact same sets). But I also thought that Michael did a good job of adding onto the characters. For example, I did not know that the Decepticons could take a human form. And there are some plot points I would like to change or have worked out better, but I can live with it the way it is. It is definitely a "Transformers" film by Michael Bay. He does not try to be something he is not, and that is why I adore him as a director.

Go see this film if you enjoyed the first one, or if you like Michael Bay's other work. Leave the high expectations at home.
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Pure Action
danishcuti25 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Lets just start with the critics. I have a lot of respect for critics and their opinions but lets face it Transformers 1 and 2 are not made for critics. They REALLY didn't like the sequel and I in all honesty see why. But, and it's a big but, I am the kind of person who enjoys a good Oscar movie and a good sob in a sad movie, but i am still a HUGE fan of action movies.

For me personally an action movie is crude language, many explosions, a hero of some sorts, and a decent soundtrack and for me Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen does indeed deliver on that point. The movie is visually fascinating and "explosive", and I knew what to expect so I was therefore not disappointed.

After giving myself time to consider the movie more clearly, yes, there are points I could have been without or enjoyed more of. Megan Fox's and Shia LaBeouf's lovey dovey stuff could have been left out for all I care. The sense of humor does indeed border on the idiocy lvl but todays generation might not be as clever as others. I would have loved to see Devastator more than others, but drives me to the same conclusion as Spider-Man 3 where I would have loved to see Venom a lot more than I did. The action scenes (and there are a lot of them) are a bit crowded and you do have to be in a certain state of mind to be able to focus well.

But all in all the movie is visually dynamic and has the most outstanding special effects since the last Transformers. It was genuinely entertaining. As for stars i give the explosions 2 stars, the SFX 3 stars, Shia LaBeouf 1 star, Josh Duhamel 1 star and the robots 2 stars leaving the total at 9/10.

Go watch it if not for the massive explosions or just because you want to see the sequel see for the impressive ability Michael Bay has to bring the wildest toys to life yet again.
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Fun silly film.
sandipbharj18 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Adapting Transformers into live-action movies is always going to be a bit of a nasty challenge to get right, but I enjoyed most of this action-packed extravaganza. It doesn't have that same magic of seeing Transformers battle for the first time and it seeming like a spectacle, but it makes up for it by having more action and more explosions.

So a quick few words on what I thought of the first movie.

Transformers 1 HATED: - Megan Fox's 'acting'. It's absolutely all form and no charisma; - most of the Transformers talking; - the scene where the Transformers are hiding in the backyard of Sam's house while he searched for the spectacles in his room (just seemed to take all the seriousness away from the Transformers and portray them as silly).

Transformers 1 LOVED: - watching the Transformers battle each other; - Shia Labeouf doing his great mix of nutty comedy/nervous acting.

Transformers 2 - HATED: - Film tends to sag in the middle when the action slows down to progress some of the silly plot. Transformers is not a film about plot, it's about the action - just keep it coming and don't try to make a story from it because it's RIDICULOUS; - Megan Fox still looks amazingly hot but cannot act to save her life. You may as well just put a cardboard cut-out of her next to Shia Labeouf and it'll do the same job for a fraction of the cost; - A scene towards the end of the movie where there is a small "dream sequence" of sorts, and the word "destiny" is mentioned. I almost vomited. The word 'ridiculous' doesn't quite do it justice; - The girl that Sam meets at college and who she is. I am simply AMAZED that they actually let that whole thing get put into the movie - it just doesn't fit into the Transformers world and leaves stupendous plot holes and questions; - There isn't enough slow-motion in the action sequences for you to take it all in - Transformers trying to be "funny" - yuck.

Transformers 2 - LOVED: -The action is mind-blowing. This is what you go to see the film for, and apart from the slow-mo flaw, it's pretty breathtaking and surprisingly violent too; - Sam and his parents are genuinely hilarious.

And that's it.

I went to see Robots doing battle, and for 90% of the movie that's what I got. This isn't a film for those looking for a smart plot or realistic story lines and physical motion - this is something to visually gawk at, and sonically admire. This is special effects without having to think about it. There are plenty of other films that showcase superb character development and plot, but this isn't it and nor does it try to be.

This is a live-action movie that you could easily imagine being a cartoon. If that's what you want to see I think you'll enjoy this as pure entertainment. If you didn't like the first movie I can't see how you would like this one, but for those who liked watching metal smash into other metal, you'll be buzzing from this flick.
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Good but not completely satisfactory
mikosito12 July 2009
After coming out of the cinema I usually review a movie. What feeling do I have. With this one it was difficult. I mean the special effects were good especially when you see it in Imax. It was certainly entertaining, there were a lot of jokes. But well somehow it also felt hollow. It is much better than the last Terminator. But for instance Star Strek was much better than this one (and I am not a Star Trek fan). I guess it was too long too much action. I liked the first Transformers more even if this one was obviously even more advanced in special effects.

I give it a 7 out of 10 for the amazing special effects and the gorgeous Megan Fox.
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I'll take you All on!
click_199321 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I was not sure about transformers 2. I had greatly enjoyed transformers 1. It had been exciting, moving and a good story line with good acting. I was afraid that this film would flop; that one good one was good but the sequel would fail. Having watched the trailer I was feeling even less inclined to see it. Yet all the same I went to see it.

It was just as good if not better.

In no. 2 the characters have more room to grow. In the first one Megan fox's character is interesting, sexy but she does not really come across as that lovable or believable. However in the second she really shines out. Her character is much more really and has a great dimension to it. In the first one Mikaela is too 1-dimentional. In this one the love between her and Sam is very really and much more heart felt. Shia LaBeouf in the first one played the part of the slightly nerdy guy from school excellently. He was fantastic. In the second film he has grown up and is going to college. It is a new start for Sam and a new character. He is much more strong willed and defiant in the second.

The transformers themselves was a slight letdown; although there were many new characters the old ones did not get as large or as significant part as before. Iron hide comes up a few times yet Ratchet is not even mentioned. Bumblebee, Sam's guardian, has a less important role. Even Megatron, has a much smaller part. Really the film is about the Prime family and so about Optimus Prime. Prime in the first film was a powerful and good character. Yet he was slightly too opposed to battle and slightly too cheesy. In the second film that is gone. Prime's character is far more decisive and powerful. He has much more screen presence. Prime's main scene is defending Sam from the approaching Decepticons. Optimus gives his life in a hugely emotional and awesome scene. Prime takes on all the Decepticons at once. He is finally killed by Megatron yet the fight is worth the entire film.

I recommend this film to all and those who have had second thoughts about it, SEE IT!!
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Some aspects could have done with much more work, but it is not that bad
TheLittleSongbird10 March 2011
I quite liked the first Transformers and this film. Neither of the Transformers films are masterpieces, but neither are terrible movies either in my opinion. And yes, this is coming from a fan of the 1984 series and 1986 movie. Transformers 2:Revenge of the Fallen is not the best of the year, but it is a long way from the worst either(not like The Ugly Truth or Dragonball Evolution). And is it the worst movie of all time as I have seen in some reviews and various message boards? For me, not even close.

Does this mean it is completely flawless? No. The characters are rather shallow(the twins especially, they are offensive too), the story is formulaic with some of the scenes with the humans on the dull side, the Autobots get nowhere near enough screen-time and some of the script is weak going overboard with some lowbrow and immature humour. In regards to the latter though, it does have a few humorous and exciting parts so it wasn't quite as glaring as the characters and story problems and to be fair to those two problems the original suffered from the same problems exactly.

But when it comes to the visual spectacle and effects, I can't fault this movie at all, the whole film does look amazing and the effects are in my view some of the best of the year. And the action sequences are very thrilling, there isn't too much and it makes up for the not-so-involving exposition with the human characters. The soundtrack is also fantastic, and the sound is very impressive in its authenticity. The acting is an improvement, Shia LaBoeuf is likable enough and while she is far from a great actress Megan Fox has improved as well. John Tuturo and Kevin Dunn are great too, but my favourite characters are Megatron and especially Optimus Prime voiced wonderfully by Hugo Weaving and Peter Cullen. Another improvement is Michael Bay's direction, I can find it murky and unfocused but it was serviceable here.

Overall, an okay movie that gets some not-entirely deserved but understandable flack. 6/10 Bethany Cox
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Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen
dirtydau24 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was sooo much fun. The action, comedy, character, acting and scenery was marvelous. If you go to this movie looking for something real deep, don't go. You go to see this movie for the action, comedy, actors and to just plain forget about life. To me a good movie draws me in and brings me on a trip that I will want to go to again. This is that movie. It has a very good story (those that say there was no story did not pay attention). Some scenes were cut or edited incorrectly but that is just a minor flaw. A lot of the characters that were in the first are here again and they do a great job. Not all movies are for everyone. And movies do not have to have a moral code. Movies are suppose to be fun not for teaching. Teaching should be from school or church. If you want pay $10 for a fun 2 1/2 hours, this is the fun you want to experience.
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Very sad, very bad
lolavideola2 July 2009
Most people before me have said this already. This movie stinks. When I heard that Michael Bay was at the helm of the first Transformers movie, I was very worried but then by some fluke of nature he actually managed to pull off a watchable movie, perhaps because he was kept on a tight leash by the studio.

This debacle of a sequel is another story. Bay must have been given full power over this one due to the success of the first. Big mistake. This guy can’t make a decent, realistic and entertaining movie. He makes action/soft porn trash. A good script, story or dialog are just inconvenient afterthoughts for him and it shows. He probably thinks he can distract the audience away from these gaping holes by adding a lot of nonsensical action and unfunny humour.

Sorry Mr. Bay you can’t fool people all the time and the people who grew up with the transformers are absolutely hating this movie. I heard that you didn’t want to make the first movie because you didn’t even like the transformers but you became very keen for the sequel after the first movie made so much money for you. Here’s a tip: lay off the third and let a real director and a real team make that one for us because you have just totally trampled on the transformers legacy.
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Absolutely awful
sbrobin29 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I wasn't expecting much going into this film. I'm aware of director Michael Bay's history and his habit of making mindless popcorn films with huge explosions, scantily-clad women, and awful cheesy dialogue. However, I thought the first film was okay for what it was, so figured maybe I would like the sequel. I was dead wrong. "Revenge of the Fallen" is the most ridiculous campy, poorly-written and poorly-directed piece of garbage to come out this year. The acting by Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox is average, and the special effects are extremely well done. That's about the only saving grace for this film.

The writing is so unbelievable you almost have to see it to believe it. At one point a character actually utters the line "not on my watch." No one in the history of the military has ever said this outside of a film. Reading over the screenplay, you would think it was some terrible Transformers fan faction written by a tenth grader and posted to the Internet. The dialogue is HORRIBLE. This would be a great movie if it was targeted to 9 year olds, but the overt sexual references and language suggest an older demographic. Maybe it's because Bay is trying to please a wide range of people, and maybe that's why we have jokes made about Transformer Testicles and there's a scene where a transformer (with a Jersey accent much less) tries to hump Megan Fox's leg. What possible reason is this robot trying to hump her leg? Is that the way they procreate? There is ZERO excuse for it other than a cheap laugh. And that's ALL the jokes are, cheap laughs. I honestly would not have been surprised to see a transformer fart in this film, or maybe a scene where a transformer gets high. It wouldn't matter if it made sense because an intoxicated transformer would be HILARIOUS. But don't worry, because there's plenty of scenes of Sam's mother accidentally getting high at college and proceeding to follow the Robin Williams/Jim Carey acting formula of physical humor. Then there are Skids and Mudflap - two Decepticons who can't read, speak in "jive," act like gangster-wannabes, and fight a lot. One of them even has a gold tooth (I am not making that up). I am one of the last people you will meet who cares about things being PC or will ever claim anything is racist unless it is blatant, but this was a BLATANT stereotype. I cannot believe this made it into the movie. I wouldn't call it racist, but if these characters had actually been human, the NAACP would have freaked out.

This movie is also insanely long, at a running time of 2.5 hours. This probably could have been avoided if there wasn't so much slow motion footage of people running. I was miserable after the first 45 minutes. Bay should have cut at a minimum, the last half hour off of the movie. The action scenes, while good, were way too confusing. The robots are so complex you can't tell what is happening since it's so fast and you can't figure out Transformers: "Revenge of the Fallen" is not Armageddon. It is not Bad Boys. It is definitely not the Rock. Say what you will about those films, they at least had somewhat decent plots and required some brain activity. This movie is nothing but pure mindless action, awful jokes, and gratuitous shots of Megan Fox (and only one of those is a good thing).
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beyond more than meets the eye
Optimus132 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This review may contain spoilers.

Every time I see this movie, the fun and good action completely distracts me from the plot, which is probably why I am am saying this is a great movie. If you're not a fan of transformers see it but if not, skip it. If you think hard enough, you might begin to fully understand it. If you're talking plot less, read the novel. But rent it either way. If you like it buy it. But i suggest seeing the first one first. And a reason why it might also not make sense, is because some of the events, like the vision, relate to events in the transformers franchise. So researching a little about transformers might help you understand situations like that.also, people who find skids and mudflap (the jar jar twins) annoying, how is that possible when there are barely any screenshots of them! About the racist part, check this out and it will prove my point:
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Overall, it is a movie that satisfies fan service.
Darkslide9230 June 2009
Before I begin: people, we all know the movie was not so good, but NO movie deserves 1 star as you are doing unless it is an absolute piece of crap like Epic Movie or Love Guru. 1 star ratings are for the lowest of the low and are beyond description of how bad they are. This is not one of them. OBVIOUSLY this movie had more going for it than those pieces of no good crap, seriously people, put more thought into your ratings. This movie was not like Epic movie.

Overall, I enjoyed the film, but I also know it was not a very good film. Here is why...Michael Bay. Bay, as we all know, is still a child at heart...a VERY little child. Which means he finds things like sex jokes, explosions, and fooling around hilarious. We were unfortunate enough to have him put on the transformers series, honestly anyone else would have made them better. He took his inner child and spilled it all over this movie. Between robot humping, explosion after explosion, farting jokes, and overdone closeups of Megan Fox we can see the Michael Bay traits in this film. All this added together ruined a lot for me. At times it was almost hard to watch, especially when Sam's mom gets high which was not necessary, yet Bay finds it amusing. You all get the idea, Michael Bay is the reason this film had all it's negatives.

Here is why I enjoyed the film. Simply because I love action. This movie delivered all of what I wanted to see in the first Transformers when it came to action. In the first one, we say very little fighting especially with Optimus. A lot of people saw the first wanting to see Optimus woop Decepticon butt, however he ended up getting HIS ass wooped. With Revenge of the Fallen, we get an all new badass Optimus Prime whose voice sounds like god, "I'll take you all on!". When I was in the theater watching Optimus during the Forest fight, the audience was rooting out loud for Optimus. The last time I saw that happen was during the 2005 King Kong T Rex fight.

Overall, this movie delivers on action but fails on story which is what everyone else has been saying, but don't give it 1 star for that! 1st one had better story but not as much action, this one went vis versa. Big lack of character development in this one, way too many autobots, but it did not ruin the movie for me. What ruined a lot of it was Bay's inner child.

My thought? I think Michael Bay should be pulled off the project and they should put J.J. Abrams on the project. See what he did with Star Trek? Imagine what he could do with Transformers. Let us all pray that Michael Bay does not do this again, or the 3rd movie will full out suck. Pray with me people.
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Transformers: Revenge of the fallen....
justinc9524 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I went to a midnight screening of this movie last night with a bunch of my friends and my girlfriend. Let me start off by saying, by far the best movie blockbuster of 2009.It has the best action sequences i have ever seen in a movie and for all you men out has megan fox and more and more of megan fox. The movie begins with Sam going off to college but still wanting to stay with his girlfriend who will be staying in town. His parents are sad but proud that he is going as well. Once there sam begins to have mental breakdowns and begins seeing these symbols. The next 2 hours consist of robot fights with the army and your two heroes all the way leading up to the final battle that will honestly blow your mind. Transformers: Revnge of the Fallen is an action movie for our timeand nothing more. If your looking for a drama or a good story this isn't it. It is for all of you inner transformer fans that use to watch the cartoon every morning and now as your older it has been brought to life. Way better than the first one. (Oh and sit through all of the credits, it'll be worth it). That is my review of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Go see it and tell me what you think.
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SundropandSkittles16 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Even though Shia Labeouf himself said he hated it, it was quite a great movie. The graphics, explosions, battles, were all fantastic. Though there were some paths that were hard to follow. I can't tell you how amazing the graphics were. I really don't see how anybody could hate this movie. As you can tell it was nominated for an Oscar and another 15 nomination and 5 wins. The robots were great, very well done. The actors were very good at looking were the robots would be. I also loved the part where Sam became unconscious(?) and visited the robots in Heaven(?) and he himself was now able to resurrect Prime. The resurrection of Prime was amazing. When I saw this movie in the theater, everyone in the crowd was cheering for Prime. Overall it was an amazing movie.
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one of the worst
jozerd27 June 2009
No more Michael Bay, no more Shia Labeouef, maybe no more Megan Fox. When you attach your name to a project like this, hopefully fans will not give future projects done by these people record breaking box office feats. I'm embarrassed that I supported the cause.

One of the poorest acting, directional, and written efforts I have seen in a long time in modern cinema.

The scoop: This movie is good for a couple of scenes where the audience might be like 'cool!' due to CGI effects. There is a couple of cheap laughs from some other scenes. If that entertains you, great, there are lots of action movies out there for you. However, if you're reading a review on IMDb, you've likely separated well done movies from poorly done movies, and at least seen a couple in the top 250. To the reader, don't see this.

I left the movies mad. I wonder what other directors think when they see a screening of this film. The story is near non-existent, there are so many plot holes, or unexplained courses of action this movie takes... it really is unbelievable that the script was given an okay by any film studio.

Here's the thing : the target audience is obviously young kids or early teens. I think back to when I was 11 or 12 and I saw Men in Black in the theatres. I was entertained then, it's at least plausible that 12 year olds could be somewhat entertained by this now. However, I am still entertained by 'younger'generation stuff like spongebob, south park, and even beast wars. This didn't do it for me at all.

Similarly to how family guy uses the strategy 'hey people love our interchangeable jokes in early episodes, let's overload our new episodes with the same jokes'.... Michael Bay employs 'hey people love the cgi and megan fox in the first one... let's overload the film with sex overtones, explosions, and fight scenes'... and then at the last minute tried to fit a story around it.

This is the kind of film that makes a person angry that they aren't in Hollywood directing films, because most could do better than this.
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Not the cookie cutter sequel, which is good.
bnbrossman26 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This is not a total spoiler, but I do divulge some stuff. I started reading all the reviews on here and I became convinced after seeing the movie that most of these people watched a bootleg of it from the premier on their laptop. I went to the local IMAX to see it. I was quite pleased.

Since Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, it seems the standard 'first' sequel has become nothing more than an excuse to make a third movie. Back to the Future, The Matrix, Pirates of the Carabian, and even the real Star Trek movies all did this same thing. With the exception of The Matrix they were all great movies. The good guys are left in a precarious situation AND/OR one of them dies (or is missing or captured) and is brought back in the third film.

I'm sorry to tell you that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen does not do this. Rather than make it's plot stretch for two movies instead of one, they in fact just made it all one movie. They also had a choice to make, will we have these movies start taking themselves too seriously, or make it fun? Thankfully the answer was make them fun, which made them more realistic IMO. They kept making jokes and much of it was fresh humor, not the typical same jokes different movie humor. They are starting a few running gags, which is a good thing, we need those.

By NOT having the movie be a super serious plot about two factions of angry robots killing each other and destroying our planet in the process, they opened the door to give the robots personalities. Apparently some folks think this was a bad thing. The writers have been making it perfectly clear the robots in their movies are not assembly line made robots who are discovering their individuality. They are a DNA based biological technology, so like humans, some are smart, some are dumb, some are naughty, and some are nice.

Some have become crazy and senile. My favorite new character from the new movie was this ancient deceptacon turned auto-bot, I don't remember his name, though. I guess he technically died from old age while pretending to be a blackbird jet and has ended up at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum where Sam brings him back to life with a shard from the cube. He's walking around using his gun as a walker-cane rambling about old war stories and talking about the 'good old days'.

The ending was doing well until it got a bit corny and kiddish at one part. This seems to be a common problem with Hollywood movies these days, and maybe it always was. Did this stupid bit ruin the whole movie? Naw, but it could have gotten 9 stars or even 10 stars from me had they avoided bringing in a 'Super Optimus Prime' to beat the bad guys. Thankfully he returns to normal Optimus Prime at the end of the battle so it's not a permanent screw up. The rest of the ending was good though, so don't fret. I'll probably go and see it in the theater again, like I did the first one.
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