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Season 3

21 Mar. 2009
Three's a Crowd
Bulkhead must face off against the Constructicons and their new leader, Dirt Boss, when they decide to hold the city's oil supply hostage. Meanwhile, the other Autobots manage to capture Lugnut, but find hauling him away a more difficult task.
28 Mar. 2009
Where Is Thy Sting?
Unaware that he is being followed by the Elite Guard, Wasp heads to Earth to take his revenge on Bumblebee.
4 Apr. 2009
Five Servos of Doom
Prowl discovers Sentinel Prime is using his old rival, the Decepticon hunter Lockdown, to capture Decepticon fugitives.
11 Apr. 2009
Predacons Rising
The Autobots and the Elite Guard pursue Wasp for their own agenda. However, Blackarachnia has Swoop capture Wasp in her latest attempt to rid herself of her organic half. This experiment goes awry and turns Wasp into Waspinator.
2 May 2009
Decepticon Air
In an effort to speed up their return to Cybertron, Sentinel Prime has Jazz pilot the Elite Guard ship through a space storm. The storm's energies reactivate Swindle, who frees his fellow Decepticon prisoners. Sentinel Prime sends a distress call to Optimus Prime, who uses the newly completed Space Bridge to TransWarp to the ship, where he helps fight back against the Decepticons.
9 May 2009
This Is Why I Hate Machines
A TransWarp accident with the Space Bridge sends Ratchet and Captain Fanzone to Cybertron, where Sentinel Prime has the planet on high alert. They soon end up stumbling upon a plot by Shockwave to steal Omega Supreme's Access Codes from Arcee.
23 May 2009
Endgame: Part II
In Part One, Megatron used Starscream's cloning technology together with Omega Supreme's activation code which Shockwave retrieved from Arcee to create clones of Omega Supreme which he could control through Lugnut. In Part Two, the Autobots must determine a way to defeat the powerful clones, and hopefully recover Arcee from capture at the same time.

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