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A fun, clever send-off to one of the greatest animated series of all time
NonSequiturL14 February 2009
And here we are, folks. We've reached the final installment of the four direct-to-DVD Futurama films. It's been fun, but sadly, all good things must come to an end.

While "Into the Wild Green Yonder" isn't the strongest of the four films, it certainly offers up laughs and plenty of the clever, over the top sci-fi concepts that the series is famous for. Unfortunately, for every joke that hits the nail on the head, another joke comes across as contrived, or simply falls a little flat. Not to despair though, as the jokes that work, work really, really well.

The animation is, as always, top notch. The characters we all know and love are once again brought to life by the wonderful cast, and we get a couple of bonus cameos here thanks to Penn Jillette, Snoop Dogg, and Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane.

As with the other 3 DVD Futurama movies, the story is a tad messy, jumping from plot thread to plot thread, with each episode only vaguely maintaining a semblance of continuity until everything is tied up neatly at the end. That said, the overarching story in this outing is actually very clever, and the ending is spectacular and well designed.

The story ties up some loose ends, but also leaves us on an ambiguous note, perhaps hinting at a future series of DVD movies, or a theatrical film, or, hopefully, an entire new season to grace our TV screens. Fingers crossed that we get more Futurama, as this series is no where near reaching its use-by-date.
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good fan service
SnoopyStyle7 December 2015
The Planet Express crew is on Mars where Amy's parents are paving over to build a new bigger casino. Eco-feministas are protesting. Fry is injured and starts hearing other people's thoughts. Leela saves a Martian leech that gets attached to her. Fry meets homeless Hutch who warns him about the Dark Ones. Leo next wants to destroy large parts of the galaxy to build his miniature golf course. Farnsworth is his rubber stamp but the crew finds primordial life on an asteroid. Leela joins the eco-feminists to sabotage the project. Zapp Brannigan is tasked with hunting down the eco-feminists. Fry learns the asteroid is an Encyclopods egg which is storage of endangered species and the mortal enemy of The Dark Ones.

I like some parts but there is too much story. It's a bit too disjointed. It feels like the characters are going every which way. I usually like Futurama more when the crew is together. This is the fourth and last Futurama movie before it got renewed by Comedy Central. Sometimes the movie is shown in four half-hour episodes. The movie is already disjointed and watching the four parts separately doesn't help. I love Futurama and this is solid fan service. It's unlikely to be good for newbies.
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Probably the best of the Futurama movies.
bakkouz13 February 2009
Indeed, Not only is it (In my honest opinion) the best of the Futurama movies, but one of the best animated Movies I've seen these past couple of years.

This one truly has everything a die hard Futurama Fan could ever hope for, everything about it is superb, the jokes (especially the really awesome Bender one-liners we all love), the music, the animation, everything. a true Futurama Classic. And unlike previous Futurama Movies, The plot is pretty ludicrous and fresh, and more importantly, solid. and it keeps you watching and anticipating from start to finish.

This movie really sums up the great elements that made Futurama what it is, and it goes to show that Canceling the TV Series was a big mistake.
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A nod to an imperfect yet dear friend.
visualmagic21 February 2009
I agree the 2nd movie was the best of the 4.

I will always love and hold dear Futurama, certain episodes stand out, the romantic sentimental, never to forget Frys dog, or the holophone episode, or the message Fry wrote in space. The comedic lover never to forget Zoidbergs attempt to win a mate, the Whatif machine, or anything Bender has ever done. Oh, and Zap of course, (moreso than Kif).

The episodes that appeal the least to me are the lengthy plot related Nibbler time twisting episodes, and the other overly story arced episodes that introduce new characters too often, which is the category in which I would place these movies.

I have to say that the Wong family has always been consistently boring material for me, and I know, others too.

I guess 90 minutes has that problem, in that there is a necessity to create a drama rather than a subsection of throwaway laughs and The Simpsons movie suffered from a similar fault. I believe it could have been done though. It's fair to say that South Park pulled it off better than most with their Bigger Longer movie.

It's sad to see the gang go. Regardless of speculation, it will be years, if at all, before they re-emerge, and although these 4 episodes were less than perfect, each and every outing was punctuated with many smirk worthy hits, if not laugh out loud moments, and anything that can keep you smiling and wanting more is worth archiving on the good shelf in my opinion, and I will revisit not only classic episodes but these movies again and again over the years ahead.

The idealist in me looks forward to a day that the writers get off the phone and yell, 'we've been unaxed!', cause although movies are eager berries to pick, they often lack the exhilarating hit, the condensed juice of a good 22 minutes of laughter, packaged in the format we have trained our brains to consume so well.

What say Fox, these guys deserve a call for their efforts. Agreed?
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The worst of the movies, but I still enjoyed it.
kirk-24612 September 2009
'Into The Wild Green Yonder' is the 4th movie in the very popular Futurama movie series.Just like the television show and the first 3 movies, 'Into the Wild Green Yonder' is filled with lots of crude and suggestive humor.Most of it is funny, as you'd expect.The movie is also surprisingly sexist.The main targets in the movie are woman.Not just woman, but feminists.If you were a feminist trying to struggle for the right to vote, then you will be shocked and appalled by this movie.Just try not to overreact and form a feminist group in order to cancel the TV show and find every copy of this movie and burn them.As entertaining this movie may be, it does lack the certain spark the first 3 movies had.My favorite movie in the series is 'Bender's Game', and this film isn't near to being as good.Still, I found 'Into the 'Wild Green Yonder' to be a funny and entertaining movie that fans of the show and movies will enjoy.If you don't like the show, then you can bite my shiny metal ass.
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A single episode worth of jokes stretched into a feature length episode
jeu1987 March 2009
To call this a "movie" is a misnomer. Its nothing more than an episode of Futurama stretched to what feels like hours. Don't get me wrong there were some funny bits, but the gags came to thin and slow to keep my attention. Marginally better than "The Beast With a Billion Backs" this, for a big Futurama fan, was a big let down.

Though Bender's big score was a watchable piece the latest two movies were a bore. If they plan on making another Futurama movie they need a big re-think. The Southpark movie proved that converting Prime time "Adult" cartoon comedy shows in to full blown comedy movies can be done. The Simpsons movie and the last two Futurama movies proves how difficult this is.
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Futurama Into the Wild Green Yonder: *Shrugs*
Platypuschow18 December 2018
Futurama really is such a "Meh" show and their attempt at revitalizing it with wall to wall feature movies really did it no favors in my eyes.

In a generic plot featuring all your usual favorites this essentially feature length episode alike the others has it's moments and there are laughs to be had but considerably too few. The plot is instantly forgettable and reminds me again why I never really gave the television show the time of day.

It's not that it's bad, it's just distinctly mediocre. It's like The Simpsons, but without the overwhelming charm and fantastic characters.

If you like Futurama you'll likely enjoy this, otherwise hop skip and jump over it.

The Good:

There are a few laughs to be had

The Bad:

Not as funny as it should be

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Tin foil hats are a growth industry

Kansas is unfamiliar with evolution

You can't sue the military

Feminism angle wasn't satire, it really does seem to have gone that way
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It's brainless fun but it took some thinking to make it.
eqwodaman1 March 2009
Ya ever notice how most people who take the effort to log are the ones who want to criticize or even hate on something?

People who laughed wildly and were genuinely happy with the product seem much less likely to worry about it afterwards.

For the record, my family and I have every Futurama episode and movie on DVD. We like them a lot. We've been looking forward to this movie a long time and in general weren't disappointed (it wasn't the best of the movies but that's just IMHO). These shows have NEVER been about internal consistency, btw.

Bring back the freaking series. If I was Bill Gates I'd just write a check to bring it (and Firefly too, what the hey?) back in a heartbeat. Creating a pleasurable experience for people should count as a humanitarian act.

If you want to hate on something, go watch The English Patient. Your reviews might help spare some innocent people in the future from being subjected to three hours of terminal boredom and depression.
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A great movie and a great finale for a much-loved series. Do not miss it!
liquidcelluloid-110 May 2009
Direct-to-DVD movie; Genre: Sci-Fi, Animated Comedy; Content Rating: Unrated (contains adult content & animated violence); Available: DVD and Blu-Ray; Perspective: Contemporary (star range: 1 – 4);

After 4 hugely rewarding seasons on the Fox Network (not that they knew it) and 3 DVD movies, Matt Groening and David X Cohen's cancelled, cult sci-fi saga "Futurama" comes to a rollicking close with "Into the Wild Green Yonder". The movies were a reward for those who got slapped in the face by Fox's abrupt cancellation and were underwhelmed by the run's finale, "The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings" in which the show micro-focused its entire story down to a love story between future fish-out-of-water Phillip J. Fry (Billy West) and one-eyed mutant space pilot Leela (Katy Segel). "Yonder" is the epic finale we've been waiting for and I'm thrilled to report it delivers.

As always, "Futurama's" focus is still its unique cast of characters and their conflicting motives, but "Yonder" is a bigger, funnier, more epic ending, worthy of the vast, detailed universe this series created. As a movie, it's the best of the 4 DVDs which says a lot given how highly I still regard "The Beast With A Billion Backs". Where "Beast" was an ambitious and sharp story it still felt disjointed and episodic, where "Yonder" is the first film to feel like a real theatrical release movie from start to finish. It's smoother, with a more complex story, than "The Simpsons Movie".

As with any "Futurama" story, it would be almost criminal to describe the plot: both because it is so delightfully convoluted in its accurate and liberal basis in science fact and sci-fi convention and I do not wish to spoil the numerous wonderful twists and turns herein. However, in the first few minutes events transpire that set our heroes on a collision course toward series end and saving the galaxy: Al Gore-style! Amy Wong's (Lauren Tom) dad is building a new casino on Mars, but his plans to put in a massive mini-golf park threaten the endangered species of the entire galaxy which raises the ire of eco-femenistas (led by radio genius Phil Hendrie in duel role as a female member of the show's Waterfall hippie family and her brother) as well as a secret society Fry gets involved with when an accident leaves him with the ability to read minds. Oh yeah, and Bender has an affair with the Don-Bot's wife.

Almost none of the action in "Yonder" takes place on Earth or at Planet Express. With Leela joining the femenists, Fry in a double-cross to save the universe and Bender dodging the mob and joining up with Zapp Brannigan (again West), the characters spend the movie away from or at odds with each other. Cohen and co-writer Ken Keeler have scripted a clever chess game where each story and each motive weaves together beautifully, all building to a finale that finds that perfect balance between being a thrilling sci-fi adventure and a satisfying character conflict for our 3 unlikely heroes.

"Yonder" is also the funniest movie of the 4 and at times more laugh-out-loud than the series. When Fry (now reading minds) and Bender (with the DonBot's lucky Robot's Foot - his own) go head to head in a high-stakes poker tournament the scene is one of the funniest and most cleverly constructed the show has ever done. "Yonder" has a lot of fun with Bender in this movie. Bender is the kind of anti-hero character that usually has his own story as it is hard to write him into helping the gang save the world in the primary story without cheating his character's nature. "Yonder" finds a perfect place for him. The movie also has a load of fun with the eco-femenists. Few shows make fun of women the way "Futurama" has the balls too with Cohen and Keeler's unique vision of male/female clichés turning "Yonder's" conflicts into a damn-near battle of the sexes. It's refreshing. The movie gets less riotous as the 3rd act comes and the stakes of the story are raised, but that's the case with any action/comedy.

This is a fun one, people. "Into the Wild Green Yonder" fires on all cylinders, deliver the kind of originality and imagination that only "Futurama" can. As funny and poignant as any episode of the series. Both a great movie and a great finale for this much loved series. Don't miss it.

* * * * / 4
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They must have saved the worst Futurama film for last
sjensen-410 March 2009
As the summary says: They must have saved the worst Futurama film for last. I finally got the DVD yesterday and man i was disappointed. The story of this particular futurama movie was more simple than the other futurama movies - but boring as hell.

All the other Futurama movies had very complex stories with weird things going on all the time - and they were all entertaining and funny. This latest and fourth movie is just about weird things.

The script is better structured than the previous movies. There are fewer plot-holes, BUT!!! it is a very boring story compared to all of the rest of the movies. The part about Leela joining the space-hippie-feminists were not funny. Nor were the tin foil hat stuff with Fry.

Throughout the movie i just looked at the timer and said to my self: isn't this movie over yet! But it wasn't. It just did go on and on.

Im sure that most Futurama-people at this point in Futuramas history had gone on to more interesting projects. Because the spirit of Futurama was gone in this last movie.

All Futurama fans should of course watch it, but prepare to be disappointed.
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Solid enough for fans but back to the problems of the first two films
bob the moo26 March 2009
The fourth (and, at time of writing, final) Futurama movie is the one that cements the standard for the collection of DVD's by making a majority of the four. Having enjoyed Bender's Game more than the other two films, I was hoping that the third film had been a turn away from the lesser first two. Instead though Wild Green Yonder is more like the first two films in that it is not funny enough to last 90 minutes and suffers from a total overdose of plot.

Now I'm not suggesting that the third film was brilliant, but just that it seemed to keep all the characters in the same plot thread and also helped itself immensely by being consistently funny so I was likely to be thinking about the problems it had (and it did). Wild Green Yonder does not do this. First and foremost is the problem that, while it has good laughs, there is not enough funny material to spread across 90 minutes. With Futurama the plots have always been a bit secondary and the episodes worked off quick-fire comedy and asides. 90 minutes means you have to have a plot and cannot easily rely on quick-fire comedy as easily unless you really get it right (a reason why I worry about the Arrested Development movie). This film doesn't have enough comedy in it to keep the viewer laughing to the point where it is the film's "all".

The writers have tried to do the plot in such a way to create lots of smaller situations though, seemingly in order to allow for lots of gags and jokes. The problem is that, without the laughter to cover this, it leaves the plot fragmented and really messy. As with the other films, the characters are split up across several different threads that kind-of all move in the same direction to the same place but just makes the film feel like a mess with no flow or motion. It is fun to see as many of the characters as we do but by ramming them all into the film it partially causes this – in my opinion Bender's Game is the only one that makes this business work simply because it kept the characters more or less together in the various sections of the film. Here they are fragmented and it doesn't work as well.

The look of the film is as good as the usual Futurama standard and I enjoyed the different things they did with the titles, credits etc. The voice work is also good and, when anyone in the main cast is given a good line or catchphrase they generally nail it with their delivery. The guest voices are more mixed with most good but some dialling it in. Overall Wild Green Yonder is a solid film that, like the others, will mostly please fans without being good enough to win over casual viewers. It is funny but not enough for the running time and the plot threads are messy, distracting and fragmenting. I still quite enjoyed it but it was only "OK" and not good enough to hide the problems even as I was watching it.
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Nah mate
3HK25 August 2021
Amy did not swing her golf club at her father hard enough (to the point of which he would deserve it), 1/10, would not recommend to anyone. Amy, please learn and remember to swing your golf club as hard as you very possibly can in situations like these!!! Your golf swing shown here was too weak, and it ruined this film!
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They should stick to episodes....
hirohito-216 February 2009
First of all, it's much better than the last one (since i hate all the fantasy crap, not to mention it was badly implemented), but it has issues... The problem is there just isn't enough material here for a full movie. There are a few good laughs, but nothing really worthwhile since everything is too spread out. The whole Leela-Fry love is present again and i really think it's overplayed. In every movie there was some emotional undertones concerning Fry and Leela. That in itself isn't a bad thing, but c'mon, make up your minds already, let them be together or not. The problem is that all these movies are light-years behind the episodes. Maybe it was a blessing that they only made 4 seasons, since almost all the episodes are really good. But now the material is getting old, and drawing it out into hour and a half movies doesn't help... The story is so-so and there are too many characters. It almost feels like they tried to fit everyone in, but most times it has no point. Sure its fun to see the Don-Bot or Lurr, but it has no place in the movie's story line. And the whole Men vs Women theme of the whole movie is funny at first but gets old at the end. Don't even understand what the message is...

It's not bad, but nowhere near great. They should stick to 30 min. long episodes. Those where the ones that made futurama popular.
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Poor, Poor, Lazy, Writing..
stevcoll16 September 2010
I gave this film an even worse rating than "Bender's Game", although they were both absolutely terrible.

I asked myself the question "was that film worth sitting through?" and honestly had to answer "NO" to both "Bender's Game" and "Into The Wild Green Yonder". The ONLY half-decent part of this movie was at the end, by which time it was far too late anyway.

It's clear to me that trying to turn Futurama into four full-length movies was a really stupid idea, and it shows. The writing was entirely over-the-top in the first movie, and by the third and fourth movie I was falling asleep and trying to figure out if I even cared about the various plots.

Futurama the TV series was always "fresh", not just overusing the character stereotypes that developed. However in the films, you get the same drivel thrown at you time after time. In "Bender's Game" all I can even remember was "Mom" slapping her kids the entire movie (yeah that got old pretty quickly). In this one it was a confusing maze of a plot that I just couldn't make myself care about.. This is not the same show I watched so fondly years ago.
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It doesn't suck!
DarthPaul8526 February 2009
Let's remember that, for some reason, the movie futuramas just aren't as good as the show. So keep those expectations realistic.

That said, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the fourth (and last?) movie. The first one is unarguably the best, but this one is a close second in my opinion. I think one thing the movie really has going for it is how much better it is than the last one. My expectations were low...fearful, in fact. Probably two minutes into the movie I knew this one would be different, and it was. It felt more like futurama again.

Of course, this movie has some flaws. Some plots are painfully undeveloped, and there seem to be many glossed over characters and situations. Still, on a joke by joke basis, it works. It still just makes me miss the show, but at least I'll look forward to watching this movie again.
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disdressed1231 December 2009
i found this final Futurama movie to be very well done in all aspects.the story was great.the writing,and the dialogue were first rate.the jokes were funny.there's just enough action.there was also a lot of suspense and the movie really hummed along at a great pace.when it ended,i was disappointed.i wanted it too keep going.and even if you're not familiar with all the characters,you should be able to follow the story fairly easily.on top of everything else,there's also a good message that's not pounded home with a sledge hammer.anyway,when you add it all up,it's a really enjoyable experience.for me,Futurama:Into The Wild Green Yonder is a 10/10
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If you like Futurama, you must have this DVD!
crn500811 March 2009
An excellent reason why I watch Futurama, this movie won't disappoint fans of the show. Its funny and suspenseful, and has quite a few surprises. It also has a great ending in my opinion, although I wont give any specific details away for those who have yet to see it. The DVD doesn't have as much bonus material as the previous one, but it is still quite good. Although it could be the final Futurama ever, this movie is an excellent example of why the show should never have been canceled, and why they should bring it back.

Bottom line - if you like Futurama, and don't have this DVD yet, then you should go and buy it now.
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