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Talking Exodus And Game Of Thrones With Kristofer Hivju

While you may not immediately recognize Kristofer Hivju's name just yet the smart money says you will very, very soon. The Norwegian actor is the latest in the current wave of Nordic talent to make a splash abroad. He first crossed the desk here at Twitch thanks to his role in Patrik Syversen's Manhunt (Rovdyr) but it was a major role in the remake of The Thing that most will recognize him from. And up next? On the big screen he plays opposite Will Smith in M. Night Shyamalan's After Earth. And on the small screen? Oh, just a little show called Game Of Thrones, on which he'll be playing wildling chieftain Tormund Giantsbane.But none of this is why we're actually talking to him.Hivju is...

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A Man. A Horse. A Promo For Hellfjord.

Fantastic Fest got an early treat of upcoming Norwegian cult television series Hellfjord, with the entire series screening at the Texas festival prior to the October 9th debut in Norway. And the response? Oh, yes, it was rather good. Which is to be expected given that the bizarre comedy comes from the creative team behind Dead Snow with the hands on supervision of Rovdyr and You Said What director Patrik Syversen with talents such as the director of Cold Prey, Roar Uthaug, chipping in on an episode to episode basis. The goal was something akin to Twin Peaks meets Hot Fuzz and they very much get there.Hellfjord is the story of the urban police officer Salmander - second generation Pakistani immigrant - who after somewhat...
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First Poster Art For Patrik Syversen And Nini Bull Robsahm's Help! We're In The Film Business!

Ever wondered what would happen if you took the basic premise of Takashi Miike's Audition and re-imagined it as a romantic comedy? Patrik Syversen and Nini Bull Robsahm - the creative team behind Rovdyr / Manhunt - clearly have and the results of their wonderings will arrive on Norwegian movie screens in July.Glenn has been dumped by his girlfriend. He is lonely, and terribly difficult to deal with. He lives in a commune with three other slackers in their late twenties. To cheer him up, his buddies get a brilliant idea. How about organizing a fakte audtion for a non-existing feature film? The role to be advertised will include all the qualities Glenn is looking for in a girl, and maybe he will find...
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Trailer For Patrik Syversen's Exteriors

Norway's Patrik Syversen was one of the early leaders of the current wave of Norwegian genre film, his slasher picture Rovdyr (Manhunt in English) turning heads on the international festival circuit and alerting fans worldwide that something different was going on in Norway. Rovdyr landed Syversen his first English language film - the After Dark Originals entry Prowl - and while living through the dislocation of being a foreigner living in La his third effort, Exteriors, was born.Exteriors is a poetic, relistic, surrealistic and somewhat experimental drama. The film features two girls, Pearl and Skye, both struggling, foreign actresses in La during pilot season. We follow these two, from Norway and UK respectively, on the day of a very important audition. Their stories are...
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Manhunt And Prowl Director Patrik Syversen Shows His Sensitive Side With Exteriors

We've been following Norwegian director Patrik Syversen in these pages for quite some time now. In 2008 Syversen was at the leading edge of the current wave of Scandinavian genre film with his indie slasher Rovdyr - released here as Manhunt - and has since relocated temporarily to the Us to direct the After Dark film Prowl. Well, Syversen was a busy man while on these shores, connecting with fellow expat Marie Kristiansen to shoot something entirely different - the indie drama Exteriors.

Manhunt and Prowl director Patrik Syversen and Artist Marie Kristiansen have directed and produced a new feature in Hollywood.

The two La based directors met through mutual friends in La, and were inspired by the many out of work people with dreams of making it big. Together, they decided to document and dramatize their experiences.


There are a lot of films from Hollywood, but not that many films
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A First Glimpse At Patrik Syversen's Prowl!

Here ends, I suppose, the series of cryptic emails I have exchanged with director Patrik Syversen in which he has spent a bout a year telling me that he's working on something while declining to elaborate further.  Heh.

Syversen should really need no introduction around these parts. As the director of Rovdyr - Manhunt in English speaking markets - Syversen has been at the forefront of the wave of genre film currently emerging from the Nordic countries. And though Rovdyr showed a few growing pains it also clearly showed that Syversen was ready for bigger things, a lesson clearly not lost on the folks behind the After Dark Films, who tapped the director to helm one of their initial slate of original productions.  Here are the details, and check a pair of stills below!

Los Angeles, CA (March 30, 2010) -- After Dark Films CEO Courtney Solomon

announced the first of eight
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Detour Trailer and Official Poster

Norway has brought us some of the best horror films in the last couple of years including Rovdyr, Skjult, Cold Prey I & II, and Dod Sno (Dead Snow), but now there is a new star on the horizon. Detour, from director Severin Eskeland, will shine brightly at the Afm, but now the first trailer and poster are available to be seen. To star Marte Germaine Christensen, Sondre Krogtoft Larsen, and Jens Hultèn Detour will be released in North America once distribution has been found. Check out the first trailer for the film below along with a plot summary.

A synopsis for Detour here:

"Driving back to Norway, Lina and Martin reach a roadblock where a policeman tells them to take a detour deep into the Swedish forest. But soon one creepy incident after another leaves them stranded in the dark woods and everything seems much too bizarre to be accidental…
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Rovdyr (a.k.a. Manhunt): Review

Director: Patrik Syversen. Review Adam Wing. A word of warning for anyone looking to book a last minute holiday this summer, whatever you do, don’t go to Norway. Whether it be sightseeing in Oslo, mountain views in Jotunheimen, or horse back riding and canoeing, forget everything you thought you knew about this tranquil holiday hotspot. It might look pretty in pictures but when you get there you’re likely to be faced by axe wielding serial killers, nazi zombies and starring roles in somebody else’s snuff movie. One things for sure, you wont have time to admire the view when your running, half naked, through the heart of it, blood pouring from your very own holiday souvenirs. Getaway snaps your facebook friends could do without I’m sure. In director Patrik Syversen’s latest dose of Nordic terror, four friends go on a camping break in the woods.
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Free horror screenings throughout Britain

British horror fans can beat the current economic woes with “Credit Crunch Cinema,” a series of absolutely free screenings of new indie horror fare in towns across the UK. The program kicks off today with One-eyed Monster, Adam Fields’ sci-fi/horror/comedy in which Ron Jeremy’s member detaches itself and goes on an alien-inspired rampage (see review here).

The Norwegian 1970s-style slasher Manhunt (a.k.a. Rovdyr, pictured below), directed and co-written by Patrik Syversen, follows on May 22. Then on June 5, Credit Crunch Cinema presents Deadgirl in association with heavy rock magazine Kerrang! Scripted by Trent Haaga, Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel’s movie concerns two teenage misfits who discover a naked, chained, (probably) deceased woman in an abandoned hospital.

The screenings will take place at Vue Cinemas in Cambridge, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol and London’s West End, with more fright flicks to be announced. All Credit Crunch Cinema
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'Rovdyr' Is Now 'Manhunt'

Well, Norwegian horror film "Rovdyr" has a new English title. It's "Manhunt." It's hitting DVD shelves in the UK next month under that name. UK readers can pre-order the title right here. "Wait For the Rain," the song from Wes Craven's "Last House on the Left," features in the trailer for "Rovdyr," Patrik Syversen's survival horror film from Norway. Click here for the film's official site and trailer. Click the images below for much larger views. . . .
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