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  • Fenton uses one of Gyro's half-baked inventions, a levitating bubblegum, to make a fortune, but the success doesn't last.


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  • Fenton Crackshell intends to convince Scrooge that he can find other ways to make money and generate ideas for McDuck Industries. Recruiting his girlfriend Gandra Dee, Fenton stages a series of commercials touting an unseen product simply known as 'Pep.'

    However, the commercials only intended for Scrooge's eyes end up being broadcast on TV, with the country soon eager to know just what 'Pep' is. Even Scrooge wants to know, but when Fenton claims that the product doesn't exist, Scrooge recruits Gyro Gearloose to come up with an invention that can fill the demand for 'Pep.'

    Of the ideas he submits, the only one that Gyro shows that is marketable is Bubblegum-like substance called 'Flubble.' When blown large enough, it can lift people off the ground. Scrooge puts it on the market (without testing it), and the public eagerly buys up the Flubblegum under the guise of 'Pep.'

    Fenton soon becomes rich from the item, and he and his Mother move into a larger trailerhome. However, side-effects surface when it is revealed that those who chewed Flubble soon find themselves floating in the air themselves.

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