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  • Scrooge tries to rescue his money bin from under the sea, but before he can get to it, the bin is taken away by alien robots.


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  • With the money bin sunk in Duckburg Harbor, Scrooge's money is up for grabs. Scrooge, Launchpad and Gizmoduck commandeer a sub and eventually find the bin, but not before an enormous spaceship appears, snatching up the bin and heading back into space.

    Scrooge, Launchpad and Gizmoduck then use a rocket and follow a trail of coins to a distant planet. The three are soon captured and taken to the Master Electronic Leader (or MEL for short). Mel explains that Scrooge's money will be melted down to make more robots. When Mel notes that Gizmoduck looks but doesn't sound like a robot, he removes the suit to reveal Fenton Crackshell! Scrooge quickly loses hope, and all three of the ducks are taken off to be processed into axle grease.

    During the transport, Fenton escapes and challenges Mel to prove which of them is inferior. Fenton then holds a counting contest, and with his amazing calculation skills, ends up beating Mel. Recovering the Gizmoduck suit, Fenton saves Launchpad and Scrooge, and sends them off planet.

    Moments later, the entire planet is rocked by an explosion, and one of the alien's ships captures the Earth rocket. Scrooge and Launchpad are overjoyed when Gizmoduck appears, having recovered the Moneybin.

    As they near Earth, Launchpad accidentally releases the bin, and Scrooge jettisons himself out of the ship, not wanting to lose his fortune again. Eventually, the bin settles right back where it was originally, and the planned freeway is shaken away...to land right on Ma Beagle's house, flattening it.

    Gizmoduck, Launchpad and the nephews meet up with Scrooge, who tells Gizmoduck to report for work tomorrow, and to tell 'his friend Fenton,' he has lots of work too.

    Overjoyed, Fenton heads home, but finds that his Mom is still sitting in front of the TV, showing no concern for his well-being. Fenton then gets tough on his Mom, and orders her to take better care of herself.

    The next day, Fenton finally gets up the nerve to ask Gandra Dee out on a date as well.

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