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Sex & Nudity

  • Girls have a short conversation about female genitalia.
  • There are some references to sex in a couple of songs such as, Wheels on the Bus, Teachers pet, Show and tell, and Strawberry shortcake.
  • In the song "wheels on the bus" there is a reference to sex saying "she's got her hand down his pants and he's got his hand up her shirt"
  • There is a scene where the three main characters describe the parts of a vagina.
  • There is choreography throughout some songs with girls wearing revealing costumes.
  • A girl makes a remark about her desire to "get nailed in a confined space".
  • During the song "Strawberry shortcake" we can see a topless crybaby. Her nipples are blurred out.
  • Two girls bend over and the wind blows their skirts, allowing us to see their underwear.
  • During the song "Teachers pet", a teacher seems to like a girl by getting close to her and making perverse eye contact with her.
  • We see a stain of menstrual blood on a girls dress after she complains about having cramps.
  • A woman sits on a toilet in a stall but all we see is a shot of her legs with her underwear that is stained with menstrual blood.
  • Contains scenes with girls talking about using toilet paper as a substitute for tampons.
  • Not a suitable film for children under 16 in regards to each category.

Violence & Gore

  • A girl slashes a knife across a guy presumably killing him. All we see is the blood splatter.
  • A girls head is cut open like a can but it is done in a mystical non-violent way. The top of the skull is later opened showing the open skull and bone part.
  • This film is considerably mild regarding violence.
  • A girl cuts open another girls arm open.
  • Two girls swap eyeballs, which may seem creepy to some.


  • K-12 features songs from Melanie Martinez's new album that has explicit lyrics.
  • Use of f*ck a lot and uses of shit
  • Fuck is said in almost every song. Shit, bitch, and ass are also said. Profanity is very prevalent in this film.
  • 64 uses of the F-word (yes, I counted just for the fun of it) and various other curse words (several S, some B, A, Dick, a few uses of damn, and name calling)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are lots of drugs and sinking a teacher is seen using cocaine several times and another teacher almost dies from drinking a blue liquid.
  • Teens are seen smoking cigarettes and passing them around
  • The principle is an alcoholic so he is seen drinking a lot

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The movie can get dark at times and a bit intense as well, but nothing is too extreme a few violent and 'gory' scenes are featured in the film (see violence and gore section) as it can be considered as an eerie musical.

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