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MPAA Rated PG for scary and intense creature action and images, and for some rude humor

Sex & Nudity

  • A man says to two cops, "I didn't know being an audiophile was a crime." A female cop says "A WHATophile!?" in shock. Her partner says to her, "whoa whoa whoa, an AUDIOphile" and tells her what one is.
  • A school principal mentions "twerking" during an assembly. Another teacher warns kids that he doesn't want to see any butts touching the walls.
  • A woman says that R.L. Stine looks "sexy, and smells like mints and body odor".

Violence & Gore

  • They slap a women and she bleeds out and her screams are very brief
  • The person fights another person and the person bleeds a little bit.
  • A man runs through a fanged devil-face doorway to a funhouse, where a ventriloquist's dummy taunts him as blood-red liquid fills the funhouse and overwhelms it, trapping the man from the neck-down; the substance changes into The Blob and the man escapes.
  • Monsters swarm a bus, a chemical bomb erupts and throws monsters everywhere.
  • A giant praying mantis wreaks havoc down a street, crushing a car.
  • A giant Venus Flytrap snaps at debris, buildings, and cars; it eats a tall electric tower and through the hallways and lockers of a high school, chasing teens who scream and run.
  • A werewolf breaks through a heavy metal door closed with a crossbar and approaches a man and three teens, scratching sparks on a semi-truck with its claws as it passes the car; a woman crashes her car into the werewolf, which sends it into a wall (it disappears off-screen but appears unharmed in the next scene); this causes the car's airbag to deploy, startling the woman (she is not harmed).
  • Several zombies chase a small group of humans through a cemetery, their skin is grimy and black, their eyes and lips are surrounded by gray splotches and their clothing is torn and dirty.
  • In a high school hallway, a teen boy sees a werewolf and abandons a teen girl, leaving her and running away; when the werewolf corners her, another teen boy jumps on its back and bites it in the neck (no blood is shown), causing the werewolf to drop to all fours, whimper, and run away.
  • A giant praying mantis hits a Ferris Wheel in which three teenagers sit in a seat and the wheel breaks free to roll through the woods and it breaks against a tree (the teens are safe).
  • A ventriloquist's dummy takes over a police station and freezes two officers on duty with a freeze gun; tall aliens wearing dark spacesuits/helmets and obscured faces proceed to freeze the whole town, people, cars, fire trucks and busses.


  • One brief use of "what the hell."
  • "Sexy," "butt," and "shut up," are used.
  • Multiple blasphemies (Oh G*d, Omg)
  • There is one use of "imbecile."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two police officers tell Zach's mom that they feel like they should send him to a good treatment center because he's on drugs, even though Zach is not on drugs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The doll "Slappy" can be frightening
  • Many scenes of monsters which very pretty intense.
  • In one scene, we see an enormous praying mantis trying to eat people in a car. They drive off very quickly and get chased by the insect which is seen destroying houses on the way. The characters nearly get crushed by it many times. This scene is very frightening for a PG film especially for those who are afraid of insects.
  • Many frightening monsters such as evil gnomes, robots, zombies, a clown, an executioner etc. In one scene, we see a very huge amount of monsters grouping together charging at a school full of people. When they show up it gets very intense because there is a huge amount of them and they are frightening. Though most of them are usually only seen in the background, they still look very nightmarish and frightening since some monsters can look very real and disturbing.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Taylor kisses Champ after he saves her from a werewolf.
  • Zach and Hannah kiss twice; once when Hannah is getting sucked into a book and once when she returns.

Violence & Gore

  • RL Stine's Hands Get Crushed by Slappy.
  • Lawn gnomes emerge from a book and take up residence in a home kitchen, clinking against each other, snapping their heads back and forth, and brandishing sharp garden tools; several of them emerge from an oven that is full of flames and the gnomes attack a man and three teens and beat them with their tools (no blood is shown) until the teens fight back with a shovel and a club and many gnomes shatter on the floor with some loud noise. However, the gnomes' bodies come back together and they regenerate.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Hannah's death is VERY upsetting when she gets sucked in. However, she's revived.
  • There is an intense scene where the main characters are noticed by a wear wolf and get chased. This scene is intense and frightening but also a bit comedic. And the end of the scene they get cornered by the wear wolf which is pretty suspenseful but he later gets hit by a car (comedic and non graphic).
  • Zach realizes that Hannah is not a real person, but rather the creation of an author. He knows the only way he can defeat the monsters that inhabit his city will also result in her elimination.

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