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Sex & Nudity

  • An episode has a sex scene and an 'almost' rape scene. There's a suggested sex scene during two other episodes. A lot of innuendo and sexually suggestive comments throughout.
  • There are homosexual references between two women who are both revealed to be lesbians and are seen falling in love and kissing each other and one woman at one point asks the other, "Will you become my queen?"
  • Partial nudity is shown throughout the season.
  • A woman wears a very form-fitting dress, with a very low back that stops just above her waist.
  • A young man is sitting in a bath while a teen girl sits on the edge of the tub. A kiss is teased throughout.
  • A man wakes up wearing nothing but a loin cloth.
  • A demon appears as a naked woman. We see her bare back and legs; buttocks can be partially seen through fog. Her hair almost covers her nipples. (All other parts of the breast are visible).
  • A woman bathes in a lake, her bare butt is seen briefly at a distance.
  • A naked woman (shown from the neck up only) holds a knife to young man's throat. She tells him, "Eyes up here."

Violence & Gore

  • There's blood and violence throughout the TV show, in one battle scene one of the soldiers fingers gets cut off. Also there are decapitated heads that get cut off in the show.
  • Aggressive Violence, Very bloody. (This show is very violent in nature, and based on the books, it will only get more violent)
  • During a race, blindfolded elves run into trees and you see bloody faces. Some contestants kick each other down.
  • A character touches a tree and her palm is covered in blood.]
  • A character has several visions that depict violent deaths. You see corpses in pools of blood and hear characters off in the distance screaming as creatures literally rip into them.
  • A troll is killed and a character lifts the helmet to show a young man. You see a half of a bloody face.
  • A character is shown bleeding profusely from his abdomen. Another character holds a bloody knife.
  • A room full of fresh corpses are shown skewered through chairs or with chests ripped open. Blood is everywhere. A full conversation takes place in this room and the camera goes back to these corpses frequently.
  • Knives are routinely held to people's throats for long periods of time.
  • A group of people are attacked by a flying demon. From a distance the demon rips the woman's body.
  • A man cuts off a demon's arm and head. Blood splatters. The head is completely severed on screen and rolls leaving trail of blood. Another demon flies up to it and sniffs it.
  • The druid is shown with major cuts along his abdomen. Two others patch him up and one character comments that he "Can't stop the bleeding."
  • A man is beaten up and a choking rope held around his neck. You see his bleeding face several times, blood dripping from his nose and mouth.
  • You see a character with very red marks around her neck after someone tried to choke her. She rubs these as if they bother her.
  • Sheep and cattle are shown with their heads ripped off and their middles ripped open. Flies are heard and seen buzzing around the corpses.
  • A minor character has a sword shoved through his head, from the bottom of his chin, up through the crown of his skull. You hear him choking and gasping until the sword is pulled out and he falls to the floor.


  • A few mild expletives are used (e.g. hell, damn, ass, crap, piss, bastard, bitch). This is very few and far between.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters are drugged through Wine and a Sedative.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Suggested TV rating: (Deleted; you are welcome to submit personal opinions about what the rating should have been, should be, or why it is what it is to the Reviews section.)
  • The demons shown can be very frightening with jump scares.. Some are shown with piercings around their eyes and down their nose.
  • A character has a vision of a recent massacre of a group of elves. The images are fleeting, but blood is evident.
  • "Jump Fright" scenes are commonly used with demonic creatures wearing gas masks.
  • On screen deaths are usually slow and with the characters in graphic kinds of pain, complete with gasping, gurgling noises, screams, etc.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A druid is shown with a burnt hand. He uses magic and says, "Using magic has a cost". He then has an encounter with a demon whouses magic to flex the druid's hand and he screams in pain. You see his hand getting more and more burnt.

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