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The Seven Deadly Sins On Screen

A new video looks beyond Fincher at the Evil Men Do

Sin, as defined by most major religions and moral institutions, is as old as man. It is inherent to our nature, because ultimately sin is self-serving, and at the end of the day we are all self-serving creatures. Wrath, pride, sloth, lust, envy, gluttony, greed — as opposed to the Ten Commandments of Christianity which include distinct acts like adultery and murder, the seven deadly sins are things of which most all of us are guilty of multiple times over. We’ve all committed them, even on a minor scale. Ever think someone has a nicer car than you? Envy. Ever gotten a touch of road rage? Wrath. Ever hit the snooze button more than once? Sloth.

These are petty examples to be sure, but they illustrate how commonplace the seven deadly sins are in our daily lives, and thus they prove why the seven deadly sins
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Pedro Almodóvar Reveals the Spanish Films That Inspire Him Most

Pedro Almodóvar Reveals the Spanish Films That Inspire Him Most
Pedro Almodóvar is arguably the most influential Spanish filmmaker working today, but no auteur is an island. The Academy Award winner (Best Original Screenplay for “Talk to Her,” who also won Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival for “All About My Mother,” has compiled a list of Spanish movies that inspire him for the British Film Institute, with choices ranging from “The Executioner” to “Poachers.” Check out the full list below.

Read More: Watch: First Trailer For Pedro Almodovar’s ‘Julieta,’ Premiering In Competition At Cannes

Main Street (“Calle Mayor,” 1956)

“‘Calle Mayor’ is a major work that has not only stood the test of time but has consolidated its reputation.”

It Happened in Broad Daylight” (“El cebo,” 1958)

“‘El cebo’ is one of the few examples of a film in which a diverse mix of nationalities and talents crystallises into something beautiful and personal.”

“The Executioner” (“El verdugo,” 1963)

“‘The Executioner
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The 10 Most Awkward Oscar Moments Ever

  • Hitfix
The 10 Most Awkward Oscar Moments Ever
While the Oscars are primarily about great movies and contemporary glamor, they're also a tremendous source of awkwardness. The mortifying moments of the Academy Awards are just as memorable as the "Titanic"-size triumphs, and today we're remembering the ten times we clutched our throats hardest in Oscar-induced agony. 1. Melissa Leo swears, rambles, and forces Kirk Douglas to do prop comedy. Melissa Leo's infamous "Consider" campaign, in which the respected "Homicide: Life on the Street" actress vied for an Oscar with a bizarrely egomaniacal poster promo, sullied the excitement around her great performance in "The Fighter." But somehow she made things worse by winning the Oscar, throwing down a senseless, weird speech (complete with an f-bomb), and enacting a hokey cane dance with presenter Kirk Douglas. Easily the most cringe-inducing dais moment of the past decade.  2. David Niven notices a nudist's shortcomings. He didn't lose his cool, but three-time
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Elderly action heroes and Hollywood age issues

The arrival of The Expendables 3 leads James to the conclusion that, when it comes to being an action hero, age is just a number...

"All I have produced before the age of 70 is not worth taking into account. At 73 I have learned a little... a little about the real structure of nature, of animals, plants, trees, birds, fishes and insects. In consequence when I am 80, I shall have made still more progress. At 90 I shall penetrate the mystery of things; at 100 I shall certainly have reached a marvellous stage; and when I am 110, everything I do, be it a dot or a line, will be alive." - Hokusai, the Japanese artist who painted the famous 'Great Wave off Kanagawa' and kept on creating astounding art until his death at the age of 88.

"I'm too old for this shit." - Roger Murtaugh, the Lapd homicide detective played by Danny Glover
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Fantasia Film Fest announces full line-up

Following previous announcements of their film lineup, the Fantasia International Film Festival has released their full lineup of movies to be shown at the 18th Annual festival, starting July 17.

New additions to the lineup include 2014 Cannes Selection When Animals Dream, directed by Jonas Alexander Amby and the return of Fantasia’s showcase of animated films, Axis.

Tickets for the festival go on sale starting July 16, and the festival runs through August 5.

View the whole press release of additional announcements below:

Fantasia Celebrates Its 18th Birthday

With Over 160 Feature Films Montreal, Thursday July 10, 2014 – 2014 is the year that Fantasia turns 18. We can’t believe it either. Fantasia’s 18th birthday means over 160 features and something in the neighborhood of 300 shorts, many being shown for the first time on this continent, a good number screening here for the first time anywhere in the world.In addition to being stacked with a multitude of breathtaking debut filmmaker discoveries,
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Terracotta festival unveils line-up

  • ScreenDaily
London-based Asian film festival to open with the UK premiere of Erik Matti’s On the Job and features a focus on the Philippines.

The sixth Terracotta Far East Film Festival (Tfeff), one of the UK’s biggest showcases for contemporary Asian cinema, is to open with the UK premiere of Erik Matti’s On the Job, which debuted at Directors Fortnight during the Cannes Film Festival 2013.

The festival, which will be held in two central London venues from May 23 to June 1, will comprise 24 films. It will close with the international premiere of Judge!, attended by director Akira Nagai.

Tfeff’s Spotlight On section will focus on the Philippines and director Matti will attend the opening ceremony of the strand with his film, On the Job.

The spotlight strand will be hosted by the Institute of Contemporary Arts (Ica) from May 23-27, which will also feature a double bill dedicated to award-winning Filipino actor Felix Roco. He will
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'The Lone Ranger' joins list of movies nominated for both Razzies and Oscars

'The Lone Ranger' joins list of movies nominated for both Razzies and Oscars
On Wednesday, The Lone Ranger received multiple Razzie nominations, including the notorious Worst Picture nod. The next day, The Lone Ranger was nominated for an Oscar, for best makeup.

This isn’t the first movie to get nods from both ends of the spectrum. Since the Razzies first began back in 1981, 47 movies have been nominated for both “awards”– some even for the same exact person or song. Here’s a look at the club The Lone Ranger just joined:

The Competition

Oscar nods: Film editing, music (original song) for “People Alone” with music by Lalo Schifrin and lyrics by Wilbur
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Dread Central's Best and Worst of 2013

Another year has come to an end, which means it's time for the Dread Central staff to weigh in with their picks of the best and worst of 2013's horror offerings. We're giving you a full dozen lists this time, and per usual they come in a variety of formats, each reflecting the unique styles of our writers.

We've also compiled them to come up with the year's overall winners and losers. We averaged out the top and bottom five vote getters on everyone's lists, and here are the results:

Best: Maniac

Runners-up: The Conjuring, Evil Dead

Worst: Texas Chainsaw 3D

Runners-up: The Purge, The Last Exorcism Part II

Check out the Dread Central staff's Best of and Worst of lists for 2013 by following the links below!

[Andrew Kasch]

[Anthony Arrigo]

[Brad McHargue]

[Buz "Danger" Wallick]

[Debi "The Woman in Black" Moore]

[The Foywonder]

[Gareth "Pestilence" Jones]



[Scott "Doctor Gash" Hallam]

[Staci Layne Wilson]

[Uncle Creepy]

Andrew Kasch's Picks

Stoker: Chan-wook Park delivered some next-level filmmaking and his best film since Oldboy with his U.
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Catherine Zeta-Jones Donning Wedding Ring after Reconciliation Rumors

After Michael Douglas revealed their reconciliation, Catherine Zeta-Jones stepped out donning her wedding ring on Monday (November 4).

The 44-year-old actress kept to herself as she shopped in Greenwich, Connecticut with her diamond sparkler sitting pretty on her left hand.

According to reports, Douglas told reporters that he is back with Catherine and the pair is “doing great.”

In addition, Michael talked about the couple’s Halloween plans on “Live with Kelly and Michael” and said, “My son Dylan was a Hobbit, my daughter Carys was a kind of flapper, and Catherine was Snow White.”

Both stars are now wearing their wedding rings and are working hard to keep their marriage alive.
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Michael Douglas Talks Reuniting With Catherine Zeta-Jones for Halloween

Michael Douglas Talks Reuniting With Catherine Zeta-Jones for Halloween
Michael Douglas opened up about reuniting with Catherine Zeta-Jones for Halloween on Friday's Live With Kelly and Michael. The Hollywood star revealed that the two went trick-or-treating in upstate New York for the holiday with their kids, Dylan and Carys. The Last Vegas actor also shared that Catherine joined in on the costume fun and dressed up as Snow White. But this doesn't mark the first time that he's addressed the state of his marriage. In fact, just last week the 69-year-old stopped by the Tonight Show With Jay Leno and spoke of his 12-year-union to the Welsh actress. "I've been away for a while, but everything should hopefully be on the up and up," said...
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Michael Douglas' Halloween with Catherine Zeta-Jones: Trick-or-treated with kids

  • Pop2it
In a good sign for their marriage, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones spent their Halloween night together, taking their kids trick-or-treating in Westchester County, New York.

Douglas mentioned the evening during a casual conversation with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on "Live with Kelly and Michael" on Friday (Nov. 1). When the hosts asked the "Last Vegas" actor about his Halloween, Douglas said that he had taken his two younger kids, Dylan and Carys, trick-or-treating somewhere in Westchester County. Michael Douglas also talked about their costumes and mentioned that Catherine was dressed as Snow White.

Both Douglas and Zeta-Jones have stayed quiet about their reported separation over the past few months. Married in 2000, the Hollywood couple was supposed to be living apart

According to TV3 Expose, there is a chance that Douglas and Zeta-Jones have recently reconciled. Douglas has been spotted wearing his wedding ring, and reports indicate that they are
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Emily S. Whitten’s Interview with Maurice Lamarche

  • Comicmix
In my apparent continuing quest to interview all the great voice actors living today (because they are the most fun, okay?), I now bring you my interview with the talented and Emmy-winning Maurice Lamarche, a.k.a. The Brain, Squit, Kif Kroker, Morbo, Lrrr, several Futurama robots, Dr. Egon Spengler, Dizzy Devil, Yosemite Sam, Mr. Freeze, Victor von Doom, General Var Suthra, Mortimer Mouse, Chief Quimby, and more.

It was a real pleasure to speak with Maurice, who I’ve been listening to in various guises since I was a wee thing (I was a big Inspector Gadget fan as a child; and then with Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, and Futurama being amongst my other favorite shows through the years, I guess I’ve pretty much been listening to Maurice all my life!). It was also great to see him do many of his excellent voices and impressions both during the interview,
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Blancanieves – review

Inevitably called this year's version of Michel Hazanavicius's The Artist, Blancanieves is a black-and-white silent movie set in Spain between 1910 and 1929 that wittily, ingeniously and movingly conflates the Grimm fairytale of Snow White and the story of Carmen.

In this elegant movie a celebrated bullfighter, Antonio Villalta, is paralysed in the ring on the very day his wife dies in childbirth after bearing him a daughter, Carmen. He marries a sadistic beauty who treats Carmen as a slave until she escapes and joins a travelling band of dwarves performing comic turns as matadors. Eventually the skills learned from her father help her become a beautiful star of the plaza de toros, thus inciting the wicked stepmother's lethal fury. A delightful diversion.

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44 Unmissable Sci-Fi & Fantasy Movies Still To Come In 2013

We’re almost half-way through 2013, and though it has been a pretty disappointing year for films thus far, there’s the promise of plenty more – and plenty better – to come in the next 6 months. The sci-fi and fantasy genres in particular are offering up some tantalising prospects, ranging from big-budget blockbusters to low-budget indies. Here are 44 sci-fi and fantasy movies still to be released this year, what our impressions are, and what we’ve heard about them to date…

44. World War Z (June 21)

The hugely anticipated adaptation of Max Brooks’ acclaimed zombie novel was beset by considerable production issues leading up to its release, though reviews on the whole have thus far been broadly positive for the Brad Pitt-starring actioner.

I’ve seen it, and on the other hand wasn’t taken with it at all – you can read my review here – deeming it likely the most boring zombie

Our Favorite Female Villains in Horror

  • FEARnet
Our Favorite Female Villains in Horror
Regardless of the abundance of male directors in horror, this genre pretty much belongs to the fairer sex. Think about it – how many time have we watched a film where the majority of men are drooling, sex obsessed morons who spend the best part of the story inebriated or getting violently disposed of by a maniac who often bears the Y chromosome? Whoever said women in horror were just limited to suffering and killing the big bad beastie at the end of yet another formulaic teenie kill flick, are clearly not looking hard enough but that said, the best of the female villains often miss out of the kudos they rightly deserve. This is our brief run-down of just a small gathering some of the greats . (Warning: Spoilers!)

Margaret White (Piper Laurie)

Film: Carrie

“They're all gonna laugh at you!”

Poor Carrie White never stood a chance. Knocking door to
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Spain's Surprising Oscar Entry

Spain's Surprising Oscar Entry
Madrid -- Spain has selected the silent, black-and-white movie "Blancanieves" (Snow White) by director Pablo Berger as its entry for Best Foreign Language Film at next year's Oscars.

Based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, it tells the story of a young woman who suffers a tormented childhood at the hands of her stepmother and flees her past by joining up with a traveling band of bullfighting dwarves.

Chosen Thursday by the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, it stars Spanish actresses Maribel Verdu, Angela Molina and Macarena Garcia.

The U.S. film academy will select finalists for the Oscar next January with the awards announced a month later.

The film will also represent Spain in Mexico's Ariel prizes.

Spain has won four Oscars for best foreign language film.

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Complete Lineup of 14th Mumbai Film Festival 2012

14th Mumbai Film Festival (Mff) announced its complete lineup today in a press conference. Mff will be held from October 18th to 25th at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (Ncpa) and Inox, Nariman Point, Liberty Cinemas, Marine Lines as the main festival venues and Cinemax, Andheri and Cinemax Sion as the satellite venues. Click here to watch trailers and highlights from the festival.

Here is the complete list of films to be screened during the festival (October 18-25)

International Competition for the First Feature Films of Directors

1. From Tuesday To Tuesday (De Martes A Martes)

Dir.: Gustavo Fernandez Triviño (Argentina / 2012 / Col. / 111′)

2. The Last Elvis (El Último Elvis)

Dir.: Armando Bo (Argentina / 2012 / Col. / 91′)

3. The Sapphires

Dir.: Wayne Blair (Australia / 2012 / Col. / 103′)

4. The Wall (Die Wand)

Dir.: Julian Pölsler (Austria-Germany / 2012 / Col. / 108′)

5. Teddy Bear (10 timer til Paradis)

Dir.: Mads Matthiesen (Denmark / 2012 / Col. / 93′)

6. Augustine

Dir.: Alice Winccour (France / 2012 / Col.
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14 Mumbai Film Fest announces program highlights

14 Mumbai Film Fest announces program highlights
Amour by Michael Haneke

The Mumbai Film Festival has announced its programming highlights for its 14the edition running from 18th to 25th October, 2012. The highlights include Palme d’Or winner of the year Amour by Michael Haneke, Cosmopolis by David Cronenberg, The Angels’ Share by Ken Loach, Beasts of the Southern Wild by Benh Zeitlin, A Throw of Dice by Franz Osten, The Leopard by Luchino Visconti, Once Upon a Time in America by Sergio Leone, On the Road by Walter Salles, Rust and Bone by Jacques Audiard and Blancanieves (Snow White) by Pablo Berger. The complete lineup will be announced on Monday, 24th September, 2012.

A Reliance Entertainment initiative, the festival is to be held from 18th – 25th October, 2012. India Gold 2012, a new competitive section, has been introduced this year to commemorate the 100 years of Indian cinema. With a total prize Rs 15 lakh plus Golden and Silver Gateway trophies, this
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Tiff Capsule Review: 'Blancanieves'

  • Indiewire
Tiff Capsule Review: 'Blancanieves'
Forget “Mirror, Mirror” and “Snow White and the Huntsman” — this year’s most daringly original adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale is “Blancanieves,” from Spanish director Pablo Berger (the porn comedy “Torremolinos 73”). Shot as a silent film (Weinstein brothers, take note) and set in the 1910s and 1920s in Andalusia, this movie casts the evil stepmother (Maribel Verdu, the hot mamacita from “Y tu mama tambien”) as a plotting nurse who marries the paraplegic father of Snow White (Daniel Gimenez Cachio), a former toreador who was gored in the arena, and throws in seven bull-fighting little people and a serious dose of flamenco-inspired music for good measure. Newcomer Macarena Garcia, with a short black ’do, impresses in the title role. Though perhaps a tad long, this gorgeously shot black-and-white extravaganza has the cojones to think outside the box and comes out on top. Criticwire grade: B+ [Boyd...
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Toronto #3: "Cloud Atlas" and a new silent film

I know I've seen something atonishing, and I know I'm not ready to review it. "Cloud Atlas," by the Wachowski siblings and Tom Tykwer, is a film of limitless imagination, breathtaking visuals and fearless scope. I have no idea what it's about. It interweaves six principal stories spanning centuries--three for sure, maybe four. It uses the same actors in most of those stories. Assigning multiple roles to actors is described as an inspiration by the filmmakers to help us follow threads through the different stories. But the makeup is so painstaking and effective that much of the time we may not realize we're seeing the same actors. Nor did I sense the threads. The actors Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Jim Broadbent, Hugo Weaving, Hugh Grant and Jim Sturgess together portray 14 different characters, and not even sex is a clue because some of their roles cross gender categories. The end credits,
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