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The year that turned the tide..
MartinHafer24 May 2012
For years, some of the best documentaries you can find have been made for Public Broadcasting here in the States. Shows like "The American Experience" and the documentaries of Ken Burns are just some of these great shows that not only educate but entertain. "The War That Made America" is every bit as good!It's expertly crafted--a quality production throughout. And, surprisingly, it was made with a very significant budget for PBS--$14,000,000. It shows, as the acting, narration and re-creations are great.

Parts one and two of this series were very one-sided. The French and their Indian allies kept winning battle after battle against the British and allied forces. It looked terrible and quite embarrassing for the Brits. However, as the war progressed, eventually the tide changed. The French realized they could ill afford continued warfare--especially since the war had spread to other continents. And, while the British started sending more troops to the American Colonies, the French troops in America were on their own. Add to that improved generalship, and episode three is filled with victory after victory for not only the British but for Colonial armies. Clearly, the writing was on the wall and unless something dramatic occurred, the French would lose.

Once again, this is an exceptional episode that summed up the war quite well as offered interesting analyses of the events and peoples. All in all, I have nothing negative to add--something rare for me, a retired history teacher who often spots problems and inconsistencies in historical films. Well worth seeing.
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