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Season 1

11 Oct. 2019
Part One: Submitted for Approval
Tormented by a series of scary nightmares, the new girl in school feels isolated and out of place until a mysterious group invites her to join their ranks. All she has to do is tell a truly terrifying story.
18 Oct. 2019
Part Two: Opening Night
When a friend's disappearance seems to be linked to Rachel's story, the Midnight Society decides to attend the Carnival of Doom. Is it the same carnival from her nightmares? And if so - how could that be possible?
25 Oct. 2019
Part Three: Destroy All Tophats
With her friends' lives at stake, Rachel decides to take charge and end Mr. Tophat's reign of terror. Will this story have a happy ending - or is the Midnight Society doomed?

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