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  • Miley wishes she was Hannah all the time.



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  • In this episode, Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) is fed up with the challenges of balancing school and being a pop star. While Miley and Lily were working on their science project, a shooting star appears. Miley wishes there were no secret, that there was only Hannah Montana. When she wakes up the next morning, she realizes that she has, indeed, become Hannah Montana. An angel appears in the form of Hannah's bodyguard, Roxy (Frances Callier). The angel then shows Hannah what has become of her family's, friend's, and her own life. Hannah has become boyfriend/girlfriend with Jesse McCartney, and has an extravagent home. However, she is shown that her brother, Jackson (Jason Earles), has become a hobbit after being mobbed by Hannah's fans earlier in his life. Her friend, Lily (Emily Osment), has become one of the popular girls, and Oliver (Mitchel Musso), has become a money-loving friend of Rico (Moises Arias). Her father has remarried to a woman who's only interest is in Hannah Montana's fame, and the two are always gone on extravagent vacations without Hannah. Seeing that her life is terrible, she asks the angel if she can go back to her own life. Unfortunetly, the angel says that there is no way to get another wish. Unhappy, Hannah puts on a wig and tries to make Hannah an alter ego as her old self, Miley Stewart. Unfortunetly, this goes amiss after confronting her old friend Lily. Lily recognizes Hannah, and a mob of fans go after her. After she eavesdropped on her stepmother's conversation on the phone, Hannah had revealed that she had married her father just for the wealth. After having the father-daughter tradition of Loco Hot Cocoa (Hot Chocolate) being interrupted by her stepmother, which disappointed her, she goes outside to the porch, where her brother, Jackson, has plugged a TV outside the house to view. Looking to the sky, she sees another shooting star, and finds a loophole made by Jackson (who then became the angel) that wishes she were Miley again. In a flash, she goes back to the original situation with Lily where Lily, once again, saying "Look! A shooting star! What do you wish for?". Miley wishes that her life would stay the same, because it's already perfect.

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