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Dire warning. Literally dire. Warning
reece_is31 May 2011
I cannot work out if this film is that bad deliberately or worse that they didn't realise. The acting was beyond cheese, even rank stifling cheese. Not one member of the cast stood out as anything other than awful, wooden, reluctant and hardly present.

Maybe I'm being harsh, perhaps they did everything they could with a script that I'm pretty sure was written by a couple of 12 year old kids blitzed out in a comic book euphoric haze.

The score was bland and occasionally misplaced enough break what little concentration it took to focus on the film. If there was any directing I must have missed it, perhaps it took place after the credits. Special effects were special only in the way they managed to get some out of about a dollar ninety five and I'm sorry to say they didn't even get value for money.

I've tried and tried, for about 15 seconds, to think of any redeeming feature or angle to this film. I failed. Kind of suits the film really.....
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Painful to Watch
gavin69428 June 2011
Given incredible power by an ancient Celtic cross, Callan (Brian Austin Green) continues to fight evil... Now, joined by a team of weapons experts, Callan battles an unstoppable empire in Los Angeles.

I want to find the words to describe this film without being disrespectful, but it is just not a good movie. I see the potential, and some moments are better than others, but the film wavers between humor and seriousness with a cacophony of sound and juxtaposition of images that hurts the mind. Some films, notably "The Spirit", have balanced this well. This film has not. Would it make more sense if I had read the comic? Probably. But as a comic fan, I never heard of this one, so I think it is safe to say few people will know what is going on any more than I did. I learned a new word, though: Anzshlastic. Does it mean anything? Probably not.

Seemingly, the movie was made to coincide with the Green Lantern movie. Not that there is any connection, but someone here has a glowing green cross that gives him super powers. Sounds like another hero's ring. Beyond that, no connection, and the plot is a big mess. There is the concept of finding the bloodlines of the Greek gods. For some reason, only one person has the bloodline when you would think all their distant cousins would, too. And there are multiple villains, with little background offered about them.

The dialogue is written for a ten-year old. Sometimes we get decent one-liners (most of which come from Backfire, Jake Busey's character) and there was a good Gary Busey "Point Break" joke. But often we have everything dumbed down. Gunnar (Vinnie Jones) says over and over again that he is immortal and will be the last to die. Yeah, I got it. Did he have to repeat it? No. All this does is take a great actor like Jones and make him look like a fool.

The press release is far from accurate, too. It says "beautiful, young women start disappearing". Young, maybe. Beautiful? Hardly. And what is this about Gunnar being an immortal Viking? That never plays into the plot at all, and he clearly has an English rather than Norse accent. The only thing really going for this film is the cast. Besides those mentioned, we also have Brian Austin Green, Tom Sizemore, Michael Clarke Duncan, Danny Trejo, Lew Temple and C. Thomas Howell. How such a great ensemble ended up in this stinker is beyond me.

Nowhere in the press release or on the DVD cover is there a single quote from a review. Also, it arrived for me to review a week after it was released. This leads me to one conclusion: the people behind this film know it is not good and want to avoid more bad coverage (though, to do that, they should never have sent it at all). Possibly redeeming it is a director's commentary (I have not listened). There are deleted scenes, but those amount to single sentences trimmed from various spots. Why they were cut at all is beyond me. In short, avoid this film like the plague. Besides Jake Busey, it is a failure (and that is a sad thing when Busey is the best part of your film)
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About on par with C-Grade made for TV shows
damian50003 August 2011
I felt a lot of heart went into making this movie, but it just doesn't make the grade.

Cheesy one liners, though delivered well and fit the spirit of the movie well, still end up being cheesy one-liners.

Special effects were worse than what you would see in an episode of a Sci-Fi Channel original or TV episode like Stargate.

The only thing that got this movie beyond TV was the mid level, mostly washed up actors, who have been popular in the past, or were in good movies at one point in their careers.

Regarding Danny Trejo at the top of the Bill, he shows up for literally less than 20 seconds, and wasn't even part of the movie from what I could tell.

Names like Shark,Ranger,War,Riot,and Backfire make me think they did everything they could do put the movie at C or worse. It's like they didn't even make a pretension of trying to be better than that. Almost like they all got together and said "let's make a really good D-movie, and let's work really hard to make it that way!"

Anyways, to sum it up...The heart and hard work was there, and the acting mostly decent, but I feel with the cast and the story line it could of been better...Maybe even end up something of a cult flick, but it doesn't quite get there.
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Huge disappointment
ansarm2 June 2011
I give it one star because of the huge disappointment it is. Nice cast, OK story. The direction and editing is just awful. Add to it the really primitive special effects. I had a feeling I was watching a 1990's SciFi channel production. To top it wall C Thomas Howell the king of rip-off B movies has a bit role. And it has big name bad guys and the younger Busey in it. It must have had some financing, they just blew it or were forced to work on a shoe-string budget. Lesson learnt, once again, don't see a movie for the cast. And it has some good reviews here. Who wrote them? It is mind boggling how someone can like it. On the contrary it is unintentionally funny at quite a few points. Unless u have time to kill, spare yourself the aggravation of watching this.
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Poorly Made Film That I Nevertheless Respect
amnesiac1200118 February 2012
This film is a textbook case of "biting off more than you can chew." Which sucks because with a couple million bucks, it could've been something impressive.

The premise is actually promising: mythological-powered heroes sharing the spotlight with action heroes in a comic book universe as they save the world from supernatural threats. There are actually some clever and well-written lines and zingers in the script, and these are the lines usually best delivered. It also manages to not take itself too seriously, which makes it easier to digest. I'd argue that it's a direct descendant of "Adventure of Buckaroo Banzai" which makes it's failure all the more painful.

Unfortunately, the movie tries to do too much with too little. While half the cast is composed of well-known and very talented actors, the other half is composed of stunt men and friends of the director's, and it shows. The budget is woefully small for subject matter of this magnitude, and while there's some spirited camera-work and clever production schemes to compensate, it doesn't quite pull off.

The biggest problem is that the director didn't have what he needed to light it properly. Considering that the budget was likely under $800,000 it could have been anything: not enough lights, not enough money to get additional shooting days, or not enough money to keep the talent on longer than needed, etc. but the limits of the budget really show. The setups are nowhere near as dynamic as they need to be, the lighting is stark and practical, and the set design virtually nonexistent. The setups reminded me of a lot of mid-budget HD porn movies where they shoot the action head-on and in two shots to keep the borders of the set (and the warehouse beyond) out of frame.

The cast is staggeringly impressive; there's some real talent here, and Sizemore, Busey and Jones tend to have the best delivery of some truly underwhelming lines, but even their contributions can't distract from the fact that the film was so rushed that they didn't have time to learn their lines as well as they should. In the commentary, the director admits that Sizemore often had to learn his lines minutes before they shot a scene, so this probably happened more often than not. More than anything, it looks like Hollywood actors doing a favor for a film student and his buddies.

Visually, it looks like a cross between "Repo: The Genetic Opera," "The Batman XXX" parody, and the "Angel of Death" web series with Zoe Bell.

Still, the fact that the director managed to get the film made with the cast he did for the money he had and in LOS ANGELES (at God knows WHAT rates) is nevertheless impressive, and I have to respect him for that. Because the budget was so low, it's hard to tell how much of the film's failure is due to ineptitude or finance, so I'm not going to write off the filmmakers just yet. With more money and a larger crew, he might actually have done this (or the sequel) right.

It falls short of the "Buckaroo Banzai" level it wants to be, but its a digital age cult curio nonetheless. Perhaps not one of the best, but no less worthy of consideration.
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Brian Austin Green's Early Man-opause
skillionaire24 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, all I can say is wow. A decent review on another site lead me to try this movie, and I'd like to find that reviewer and hit him with a bag of telephones. This inept attempt at entertainment couldn't pass for a film school project, much less some serious action/comic book adaption. Brian Austin Green produces and stars in this ridiculously slapdash pile of ego ridden dreck. If I had to guess, Green dictated the storyboarding because the cinematography seems like something a child would do, low angle shots, bad lighting and staging reminiscent of more dramatically acted work, you can really tell he thinks people will adore this for the simple fact women once threw themselves at him. Which brings me to the ego portion of the review. Apparently Green still somehow has to funds to create such a project simply to rent cars for his character to drive and get laid. I mean nothing central to the story involves the decadent treatment of Green's character, you literally don't feel any sense of authenticity or reality throughout the entire movie. This "film" is a disaster. Its badly designed; introducing what must be the entire comic book cast in the first 10 minutes. Thats 20+ people with stupid analogies for names and personality quirks which never come to fruition in the film, many expositional points are blatantly ignored and forgotten. Nothing is developed, the plot, if you want to call it that, is a character driven set of showdowns where you don't know or particularly care who's shooting who. But take note, Green's hair is always in focus. The dialog seemed sarcastic, but as you get 15 mins into this piece, you realize they are trying to be serious; its almost embarrassing. Do not watch this film, it is of far less redeeming value than the worst You-Tube fan fiction or web-made show. At least those low-budget, low- effort projects respect you as a viewer, this "film" does not.
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Bad movie
balhau5 July 2011
The sound is bad. The soundtrack is not pleasant don't fit with the movie. The acting is also awful. The storyline is a bad joke. The action part is very poor and there is no interesting points in the whole movie. In my opinion this is one of the baddest movies ever. Don't loose your time with this piece of trash. You'll wait until the end to say: Well this is it? The single good part in this movie is the end. Even the girls seemed to be taken from a porn movie. No expression no feelings. Nothing. Heaven this is outrageous. I just hope don't get a psychological problem as a bad consequence of this movie from hell.. I hope this director stop using drugs.
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I actually wasted part of my life watching this, but I was bored.
bugsico22 May 2011
Let's face it folks, Vinnie Jones is no actor, although he's being paid quite a lot of money for having no talent in this area. He could be a worthy critic though, as several times in this film he uses a word which could well describe this effort - "Pathetic". That's about it really. There are several attempts at comic book emulation, and a minor love interest, along with a little childish humour. It would be OK for children's' television if it were not for the occasional "F word", but frankly, it's going nowhere, despite the ending which seems to encourage the viewer to expect to suffer a sequel. I really do hope not!
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Destroyed my night
markus_isteri31 October 2011
oh my god, how is it possible to make such an terrible movie. there wasn't a thing in the entire movie that was good, i sat an watch through it all just to see if they had done something right. there are 2 things i especially disliked. 1: the camera work, the way they were filming was annoying and just made it even more clear what a big amateur movie it was. 2: the guy that ran around with the ball, i mean in a movie with terrible actors he out shined them all in being a terrible actor. This movie is honestly the worst movie I seen. i've seen adult movies with better actors! catastrophe, ridiciculous, ombelivlible ,sucks. silly: cross
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A Comic-Inspired Vision
wileysarahb1 June 2011
I saw the movie after having read the previous reviews and clearly, the poor reviews come from the lack of creativity to understand a comic-inspired vision.

Brian Austin Green shines as Callan, the leader of the heavily-armed band of vigilantes who must protect young women who are disappearing from the streets of Los Angeles. Some people can't seem to get over his 90210 days and accept that Brian Austin Green has grown up and moved on and developed into a fantastic actor, who excels in action rolls. His interaction with Jake Busey's goofy but likable "Backfire" were some of my favorite moments. Over-the-top character? Easily, Dr. Zyal played by Robert Carradine. But he did it just right!

Cross features all of the necessities of a superhero-inspired movie. Good versus evil; right versus wrong; personal turmoil. The brilliantly-constructed cast hit all the right notes to build the comic-style story. Just as advertised, as far as I'm concerned. Not a "chick-flick" and you won't see it featured at the Oscars but pretty great for the genre and what it's meant to be.

The only unfortunate part of this movie? That someone with more money than you and me didn't have enough foresight to give these guys a bunch of cash to make it all shiny and perfect. Yes, it's a Budget. But that said, they did a really great job on that Budget.

I'm looking forward to the second installment.
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Could see this catching on..I liked it!!!!
jessicahildreth23228 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I went into this with some fairly low expectations,.and I have to say I was surprised to be completely entertained for the full running time.I saw the cast list and was thinking how did they get this many folks into one indie action flick..They were mostly cameo's but some really cool people spotting was had,..I almost completely missed C Thomas Howell. Anyway you can see a lot of effort to bring a dynamic and a bit on purpose cheesy ,.new take on an original super hero .. it worked.Now don't get me wrong some lame delivery of lines from some of the less known actors are there but for the most part the acting was on point.The flick in no way tries to take itself too serious , remember that when going in,.in fact in the main badguys intro scene you see the bad guys drinking beer and playing attention they are playing freakin goldfish...(what?)..yea its a fun flick better and more fun than most indies I've seen. I can easily see more of these made and I think that would be a good thing!
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Not Your Typical Action Movie
zlebmicron4 August 2011
I'm not a real fan of action adventure movies. However, I'll make an exception for this one. It rather stirred my soul a bit. Especially since it didn't come across as being strictly serious. I found this surprisingly but pleasantly exceptional. It nearly reminded me of one of my favorite all time films. I'm talking of course of, "Escape from LA". Since you're probably wondering why I'm singling out that film, allow me to digress. One: Kurt Russell and Peter Fonda surfing a tsunami. Two: when Kurt Russell was beset in a medical ward by The Surgeon General of Beverly Hills. The anticipation of extracting blood from innocent females in Cross and Robert Carradine's crazy Doctor persona was similar in attitude and presentation.

So after having avoided like the plague any kind of film who's previews include the same... You know: explosions, the tough guy goes after the bad guy, tough guy and nice girl fall in love, more explosions, tough guy kills bad guy, etc…..I can now find a movie like Cross that for the first time in 15 years, I can thoroughly enjoy.
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Popcorn time!
Film_at_2428 July 2011
History, Mythology and old-style comic books! They all meet up in a film that sends you back to the feeling of past of serialized films. It's a story of good and evil with a bit of irreverence (and exploding balls!) that's meant to be fun! If you're looking for gun, explosions and jokes that poke fun at the genre, look no further. Oh... and... Michael Clarke Duncan!!! Who doesn't love Michael Clarke Duncan!!?? Then, add Danny Trejo and let the action begin! If you're expecting a deadly serious film with a lot of social comment, you'll be better off somewhere else. If you're looking for a fun night with popcorn, check out Cross.
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Insant Classic!!
rafaelhecgomez27 July 2011
As an indie filmmaker, I know the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into creating a film. After watching "Cross," I have nothing but utmost respect towards this film!! It is an instant classic because it has all the ingredients that a quality film needs: big weapons, clever witty script, sarcastic humor, large explosions, great locations, gorgeous cars, damsels in distress...I could go on and on for ages!! To know that a fellow indie filmmaker was able to gather up all of those amazing stars...I mean amazing!! We are talking roles from Danny Trejo, C.Thomas Howell, and Billy Zabka. We are talking lead roles from The Michael Clark Duncan and Vinnie Jones. Tons more too!! The fact that these actors signed on to this project in the first place is proof that this film is an inspiration to all of us indie filmmakers out there. I say bravo! A job well done on creating this instant classic!!
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Had potential, lots of it, but they screwed it up...
destroyerwod9 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
First I'm sorry cause this is gonna be a spoiler review, i hate doing spoilers review and usually avoid them, but to make you really understand the problems of this movie i have to.

Brian Austin Green is Callan AKA Cross, because he wear a green glowing cross on his chest that allows him to deflect bullets and force push his adversary...(nop, he does not have a lightsaber tough) The idea is cool, yet you see him do that is maybe 2 scenes before he get his cross stolen for the whole movie, and only take it back at the very end to beat the bad guy...

The rest of his team are a bunch of various weapon experts and in all fairness they could had been interesting, but the problem is the movie waste so much time on useless "build up" scenes where your supposed to fear for the team and all before some gunfights and still fail miserably, or some "character build up" with the love interest but in the end you just don't give a damn. So you end up knowing a bit these guys by there name and all, but there "roles" in the movie are just merely a title and you could easily rename them "henchmen 1, henchmen 2 and so on". They even show a scene where Callan lose the "love of his life" (its really that badly shown) and all you see is her getting hit by a random bullet and this serve NO PURPOSE at all for the whole movie. You get one little argument scene with one of the chick of his team, but thats it, never mentioned again, and yes he still bang another chick after merely pushing her advance for ... 2 secs.

At least they give a little character development to Backfire played by Jake Busey, but he is the only interesting member of the team, all the rest are just there to be there. Shark is supposed to be the hand to hand fighter, yet you see him fight hand to hand really once in his introduction. Ranger is supposed to be the sniper, yet you see him snipe one time only... There is just too much guys for the movie to handle.

Even the villains, they try to portray Michael Clark Duncan's henchmen with a personality but after a few useless scenes where they kill an officer giving them a parking ticket, they become pointless thugs and I'm not even sure if i see them again... can't remember.

There is so much people in this movie for so little action, its crazy. Most of the movie is dialogue and badly written dialogue more or less. The acting is OK, and the cast is surprisingly well known, but the problem is the rest, the general idea of the script was OK, but the screen writing is Awful.

I saw plenty of B movies showing a team of mercenaries or whatever fighting the forces of evil and all, and they even had worst special effects and yet i still got interest because of character development. But like i said, outside Callan which is OK i guest in the role of the hero, all the rest are just useless team members, and in all fairness i could almost not see any difference between the 2 blonde chicks of his team past there introduction. The only noticeable difference i saw was that one was slightly a little more important because she is on the cover and talk a bit to the hero.

You wanna see a team well played, look at the expendables. I know, i know, big budget, but I'm not talking about the budget of the movies, but about how they introduce and make the characters interesting.

Cross is something that could had been pretty good for B fans, but end up as a huge disappointment, especially considering the cast and all, i will say for once I'm in agreement with IMDb's rating for this one, even tough i give it 5, i am a VERY easy to please cinema addict usually, so i can understand the general public give it a 3.
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Worth Watching
joemvedder8 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
For an independent film like Cross to have sparked the interest of all those stars involved and Sony Pictures, it deserves a round of applause. This action flick is not like the big budget films out now, but carries its own unique, good-wins-over-evil story. I liked it from the first comic book opening not even knowing what to expect.

It takes us back to the time of superhero films when I was growing up in the late 70s and early 80s with the stylistic cinematography fusing together some of the best elements the big guys like Superman and The Dark Knight utilized in their films. Such as the hero, Callan, played by Brian Austin Green. Green does an excellent job as the mild mannered, serious yet powerful and lethal new super hero. Green proved that you don't need a flashy costume and expensive special effects to show his super powers.

The story clearly told us what the film was about and ended with both a conclusion to part 1 and an opening to the possibility of a sequel. Will there be one? I don't know. But with the roles those reputable actors signed on for, I knew from the very beginning that I was in for an enjoyable film. The serious moments Cross would have were quickly replaced by a sitcom timed shot of someone's clever banter or another character doing some other quirk. I found it rather amusing and enjoyable throughout the entire film. Thumbs up!
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Sony, you picked a winner!
I just have to come in here and say to all you haters on this film: What is your problem?? Don't hate on the heart put forth into this film if you don't even have a heart to say something decent about it. To even begin to compare it to the big budget action movies is unfair. How would X-Men or Green Lantern or Green Hornet or Batman look on an indie budget?? I believe that this amazing film will become an instant classic because it achieved everything a superhero film contains with an extra dose of 'heart and soul.' It just may be a bit too smart to those who are hating on this project. So it leads me to believe that those reviews were written by pubescent, rebellious middle schoolers. Listen, I enjoy a good story, a good book, or a good film. As I watched this film, I noticed that it went deep into Egyptian history with elements of Celtic mythology thrown in there as well while maintaining a fun action film. It's nice to know that Sony distributes an exciting action, star studded, and intelligent story such as this one that make me want the sequel right now. I very much look forward to it!
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See "CROSS"!!!
beauty_21-64-23503526 May 2011
I really liked this film! The comedy is on point and the action is intense! The type of film you want to see where you lose yourself completely and are submerged in the story...and you have fun. Well written, nothing better than great wordplay that goes back and forth followed by great comedic physical behavior. The Director (Patrick Durham) did a great job of capturing the dynamic of the relationships amongst the "characters". And my favorite scene was the "Poker scene" and when you watch'll know why. Also, terrific gun play....which is a MUST and it was a lot of fun to watch. Recommended to anyone with a sense of humor and a love for an action-packed plot!!
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Great Action Great Cast!!
bdchic86626 May 2011
Loved this film. Action packed, star studded, entertaining and fast paced. It also doesn't take itself too seriously. The movie takes you on a fast paced ride and the actors all seem to be having a blast playing their roles. It's impressive too what the director was able to accomplish on a low budget. Great special effects, great action sequences, and an impressive amount of complicated shots and locations. Not to mention the star studded cast ( including Vinnie Jones, Brian Austin Green and Michael Clark Duncan). The movie is colorized to evoke a comic book feel, and it is very effective. Totally recommend kicking back with some popcorn and watching this film - especially if you have teenage boys, or are one yourself! It's a lot of fun. I think this film is destined to be a cult classic.
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This deserves a miss.
gkey6322 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
For employing some great names in Vinnie Jones and Ving Rhames, you have to wonder if they are embarrassed for the final product that comes out in this altogether bad, as in poorly constructed, film. It is like the actors were thrown together with a partial script and told to ad-lib their scenes. There was no flow, it was extremely boring and the dialogue was terrible. They forgot to edit this movie to try and make something interesting. I really tried to find something positive in this film but couldn't. It is just plain bad and for those actors that should be embarrassed, move on.... bad direction, bad script and bad editing meant this was doomed from the beginning. Awful.
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Thank you Cross! Amazing!
janeanderhamon26 July 2011
After a long, hard stressful day at work, I came across this movie at redbox knowing nothing about it. With all these superhero movies being released this summer, I couldn't believe that another one was being created when I saw it on redbox. But as I read the synopsis, I figured, what the hell? It's only a dollar. Gosh, I would have spent 13 dollars on this film to see it in the theaters! The concept-brilliant. The movie-amazing. The production value-fantastic. The smiles that came from my body-priceless. Total fun action flick!!! I just love it when I have a nice surprise. Super fun! Love the action! Love the humor! By the time the movie was finished, I had forgotten I had such a stressful day. Thank you Cross!!!!
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briangreenluverever26 July 2011
I have always been a huge fan of Brian. He has always been my favorite actor...well, since ever! I've loved him since his days on 90210 and Desperate Housewives. Now, to see that handsome man wielding awesome powers with a really awesome Cross with powers beyond human ability, that was so cool! So hot! Not to mention, Green did it alongside a team of weapons experts…those weapons experts were the perfect charming accessory to the dark brooding handsome personality of Brian Austin Green. I guess you can say...My goodness, I cannot wait for the sequel to this movie! This movie keeps you pleasantly surprised everywhere!! Yeah, amazing! It really is an overall fun fun fun movie! Must see!
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tight ass movie
crankdathustler26 July 2011
Wait wait wait. Machete HIMSELF was in this movie and y'all are giving it s*** reviews? Did y'all even watch the movie??? Y'all obviously thought it was going be all serious. It was such a fun movie that my stomach feels like it went through one of those P90X workouts, I enjoyed this movie so much. Yo. y'all obviously didn't hear Jake Busey talk about "EXPLODING BALLS"! And see Vinnie Jones be a Viking who can't die?!?! Wow. The certainly knows how to put nice cars with chicks together like a perfect sandwich. Don't even get me started about Green's Team!! And the man himself...Brian Austin Green! Dude...a green glow coming from a Cross!! Makes me wonder what powers the others Cross's will have…sequel please!!!!! Ayo. Listen up. M-C-Duncan is one tight ass gangster in this tight ass gangster movie. Def one of the best I've rented from my 7-11 red-box. I might just not return it, it's so good
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Worst movie i've ever seen !! I'm putting it in my IMDb bottom 100 or better yet bottom 10
dripple3223 May 2011
This is without a doubt the worst movie i've ever seen. I've seen some bad movies and some good bad movies this is just bad bad bad.

It lists a cast that made me think this might be entertaining, but its far from it. From the first 2 minutes this movie had me shaking my head in disbelief at how bad it was. It had all the acting skills and dialog of a very bad porn movie. I don't want to seem to harsh but i've seen better acting at a children's 1st grade play and thats the truth! This movie shouldn't even rate a 1 but thats as low as I can mark it.

This is a straight to DVD release if I was you, flip the DVD over and watch snow on the TV its more enjoyable than this rubbish.
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Great Date Night Flick
amt11119 August 2011
Friday nights we always check out a movie. My boyfriend brought home the movie "Cross." Apparently it starred some of his favorite actors like Jake Busey and Michael Clark Duncan…. Of course my boyfriend didn't mention to me that Brian Austin Green was the leading man because he knows I used to have a hugeee crush on him back in his 90210 days.

In all honesty, this film was pretty cool! I really liked it!! And yes, Brian A Green did such an amazing job playing Callan. It was super fun to be reunited with my high school crush playing a rebel superhero of sorts. Plus Vinnie Jones! I remember watching him in "She's The Man" and "EuroTrip" and loving him then! Seeing him as this immortal with a lust for blood in "Cross", that was really really cool and unexpected!! My boyfriend really knows a good movie when he see's one. His dad is a film maker after all. I was told that the best part of Cross was the story and I agree! It's absolutely true! I loved being introduced to Callan's world and watch his fearless, yet rather realistic, battles against the bad guys through a more light-hearted approach to this genre. Apparently there are 3 other Cross's as well and this was just the beginning of a Cross saga? At least, that's what I got from the cool comic book-ish opening sequence! I certainly hope so! My boyfriend and I will be first in line to watch it!!! I love this film and everyone I know will love it too!!
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