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The VIDEO GAME is visually incredible, just like the movie
brownish3329 January 2010
the previous poster seemed to have gotten the game reviews confused with the actual film reviews, so i just thought i would be the first to write a correct review of the GAME.

OK, so i got this game a few years ago for the xbox 360 and honestly, this was the game that made me want a xbox 360 in the first place. the game visually, is stunning. i mean, i personally think its one of the most visually amazing games I've ever seen. thats what made me want the 360. however, the game play is pretty weak, and its sad that there really aren't any good combinations or combos you can do. its very simple and straight forward, and the game is pretty easy to beat. but don't let stop you from trying this out. its great fun if your a big pirates fan like me. i loved the 2 sequels despite popular opinion, and i thought they were fun, so naturally the game for me was a must to play. the environments and levels are amazing, you battle on each ship from the films, from a kraken-infested black pearl to amazingly realistic Caribbean islands to the creepy flying Dutchman, it looks incredible and plays pretty well. the actor likenesses are spot on and voice acting done very well. i actually thought they got the actors from the films, but they hadn't, but it really sounded like them! great graphics, fun dialog, and an enjoyable easy game for any real Pirates of the Caribbean fan!
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Brilliant Movie
ladymidath6 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Having seen the first two PotC films, I was really looking forward to the third installment...and I was not disappointed. This film had everything, a rollicking great story, humour, action, drama, romance, *the pirate wedding scene was terrific* and battles galore. The fact that it took 33 minutes for Jack Sparrow to make his appearance did not bother me as Barbossa was at his best. Geoffrey Rush was absolutely at his best here. If Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow, then Geoffrey Rush is Hector Barbossa and I can't imagine these roles being played by anyone else. The humour was as usual, spot on. Orlando Bloom was great as Will Turner and Keira Knightly turned in a top performance as Elizabeth Swann. All the favourite characters were there, James Norrington, Davy Jones, Ragetti and Pintel, etc. I thought the ending although sad was very good. Thank goodness that Disney didn't do their usual cop out happy endings. This sequel was completely satisfying and I would recommend it highly indeed. You will not be disappointed.
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