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Sex & Nudity

  • Talk of "asexual reproduction" in one episode in a scientific context.
  • An episode in season two has a scene where one of the boys is seen showering while wearing his underwear.
  • People seen in swimwear in one episode. Nothing bad.

Violence & Gore

  • Three counselors are devoured by the Indominous Rex
  • In the first episode a video game character is ripped apart by raptors offscreen
  • When people are eaten, graphic crunching is sometimes heard.
  • in the seventh episode of the fourth season, there is a fight between a T-Rex and a Kentrosaurus, a very violent fight by the way, where you can see blood flowing from Kentrosaurus' body and blood flowing from the mouth of the T-Rex.


  • One use of "it bites." The season 3 finale contains one use of the word "sucked."
  • Some mild insults.
  • In season four, teens begin to develop a certain romance, but nothing so obscene.
  • Character says "bloody robot"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • People are seen eaten by a dinosaur
  • One character hurts her leg badly. No blood-it's an injury with her ankle-but it makes for some scary moments as she has to rely on others for help when danger arises. Her leg remains injured for many episodes.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • There are a few scenes of adult characters being killed and eaten by dinosaurs, albeit just off-screen.
  • Ben gets snatched out of the monorail and falls. He does survive but is presumed dead for a few episodes.
  • A severed Sinoceratops head is covered though the gore is covered by a tarp. It can be very frightening as the reveal comes out of nowhere.
  • Sammy is stabbed by the venomous quills of a dinosaur and almost dies. You see the quills sticking out of her shirt as well as them being removed. No blood is shown but it may affect the squeamish.
  • One character spends most of season four with bloody bandages wrapped around their waist and arm.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One of the campers finds a pack of beer and shares it with the others. Season 4, episode 3.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Several adults are killed and eaten. No gore is shown but it's very much implied and can be frightening for younger kids.
  • The series is a kid show but can get pretty intense at moments
  • The campers are held against their will by villains at two separate points during the series.
  • Sammy is almost killed after being stabbed by the venomous quills of a dinosaur. She appears quite pale and sickly during the scene and it may be disturbing.
  • One of the kids falls off a monorail train and is presumed dead by the other kids for a while until he is found later in the series. That whole scene itself is scary and emotional, but even more so when he falls of the train and is presumed to have died. One of the characters has some flashbacks to the incident later on and nightmares about his friend. The actual incident is in one of the late episodes of season 1.
  • Season three can be very terrifying at times with the addition of the scorpius rex, the new hybrid dinosaur.
  • At Kenji's father's house, there's a jump scare. (season 3)
  • In a early season 1 episode, dariuses dad dies on the screen in a hospital bed. This could be emotional and confronting to people who have lost their father.

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