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Do we really need a prequel?
isaacochoterena15 August 2022
The answer is no, it wasn't totally necessary, although the movie fill some plot holes from the past movies.

The story is very predictable and unoriginal, it's linear and this is appreciated, but it didn't seem as interesting to me as the first movies. The development of the antagonists is null and of the other characters is insufficient, the development of the story is very simple. The animation of the landscapes is very simple and not very surprising, but the essence of the entire saga is present in this film. It bored me at moments but some others were funny, I guess it's not as bad as I expected to be but it's still not memorable.

It can be entertaining for children, but in general it is far from being a memorable and interesting film, within the saga it is not the worst but the effort to create an interesting and fun story is not very noticeable either.
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