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MPAA Rated R for pervasive language and some sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • Backside male nudity, several scenes involving partial and completely visible breasts, Many scenes involving sexual content, including those mentioned above, and some strong innuendo (mistaken reference to blowjobs).

Violence & Gore

  • Bloody faces caused by car accidents, violent police officers, gambling, and general beat-ups. Several scenes involving bloody shooting scenes of random people, and peope out of anger. Many of these scenes result in slow disturbing, bloody deaths, with several characters left helpless. It should also be noted some of these violent actions are done out of racial aggression (mainly white vs. black), including a very bloody (and disturbing) lynching scene.


  • Alot of very strong language, including several dozen f-words (some used sexually), a couple dozen sh-ts, very many uses of various religious terms (God, Jesus, Hell) mixed with curse words. A few mild terms, bitch (and SOB), damn, whore, etc. Several ethnic slurs towards African-Americans.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Many characters smoke, drink, get drunk, and act violent, perform stupid actions, and at least one characters uses heroin (another mentions using it) Some of the scenes of alcohol consumption are mixed with sexual scenes, while some are mixed with somewhat violent scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Many of the bloody shootings and beatings, and the lynching scene will be extremely frightening for young children. Several characters die slowly on-screen (with at least one being a significant character), which is a very disturbing scene. There's an on-screen (sudden) heart attack. Men act violent/sexual while drunk, and the lack of self-control may be disturbing to some. There's many many scenes involving racial hate, including violence, verbal (and mental) abuse, and death.

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