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One of the better documentaries I've watched in recent years.
greg-goremykin13 November 2020
My favourite part of this film is that it reserved judgment one way or another about the subject that they were covering so intimately, which must have been quite a tight-rope to walk, but they succeeding in this perfectly.

I don't usually comment on others' reviews, but I have to add that I suspect the vast majority of people giving this a 1/10 (a 1? Those aren't serious votes or Leni Riefenstahl's films would all get 1/10 if the only merit measured is the popularity of the subject matter, come on now) I would bet my left arm never watched this film at all, at most they have read synopses of parts some alt-right website found a hair to split with on Facebook or 8chan or wherever, and are basing their votes purely based on what their particular political cult tells them is bad or good.

So don't heed the low rating this gets on IMDb, this really is an emotionally engaging and insight film no matter whether you are someone who even doesn't believe man-made climate change is real. I watched this with one guy, an Engineer, who thinks climate change is actually due to environmental encroachment. the other one a QAnon-believing III%er, and we talked about the film for a good two hours afterward, which I think is a sign of a successful film in my books.
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Polaricing Persona...
Xstal8 December 2020
It's disturbing that so much vitriol and hate can be targeted at a young woman whose only wish is for the governments of the world to recognise the overwhelming evidence that supports climate change and for them to do something about it before it's too late (assuming it's not too late already). Conversely, it's refreshing and inspiring to know that a young woman has been able to mobilise such a strong and powerful force to fight against the intransigence and/or misinformation pedalled primarily by biased middle aged and older men; although this is primarily a documentary about a person and not a movement. That person is trying to change the world for the better and, with the help, support and vision of the youth of today (and a few others), let's wish her success in her crusade against greed, corruption and ignorance while joining her in the fight for our survival!
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A Great Doc About A Remarkable Person
DavoZed17 October 2020
Ignore all of the reviews here by the flat earth, climate deniers. Imagine being an adult and having nothing better to do than come on a movie site and LIE about a movie you haven't even seen.

The movie follows Greta from her earliest time in front of the Swedish parliament, through all of her events in Europe to her speech at the UN. You are given a front row seat at the events but also a backstage pass, as she travels to the events, works on her speeches and struggles with the burden put on her as a teenager.

And the way I know that the flat earth folks haven't seen the movie ? Greta writes her own speeches with little or no input from anyone. There is NO ONE whispering in her ear or handing her something to read. And when short comments are called for, she delivers them off the cuff, like someone who has done it all her life.

A great doc about a remarkable person. A shame that so much hate is shown to someone who is a true leader in our very screwed up world.

Update - 9 of 24 people who read my review liked it. I am going to suggest that the other 15 haven't even seen the film. They are just here trolling anything Greta.

Sad wastes of skin.
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An Inconvenient Truth
Cineanalyst17 November 2020
For many it was former U.S. Vice President Al Gore's slide-show presentation of a documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth" (2006), Greta Thunberg cites a video she saw at school on polar bears endangered by the loss of sea ice from climate change, and for others it's been Thunberg's activism spotlighted in social media and for still others it very well could be "I Am Greta" that awakens them to the perils of global warming. Motion pictures are powerful that way. Such reflexive musings occasionally made by Thunberg--she also compares her travels and rise to fame to as if she were living in a movie-- aside, I didn't have high expectations for this documentary, as I'm not usually very interested in such cinematic lectures or celebrity profiles. That "I Am Greta" hasn't received stellar reviews, albeit more positive than not, from the sort of entertainment critics that tend to be predisposed to such material wasn't heartening, either. But, I like the observational approach of the camera here mixed with Thunberg's narration, and director Nathan Grossman got quite the scoop capturing the teenager's initially-solo school strike outside the Swedish parliament and building it up into a saga of the schoolgirl crisscrossing Europe, meeting world leaders and inspiring other children around the world, before ending with a climactic sea voyage across the Atlantic to admonish more politicians to their faces at the United Nations in New York.

Thunberg says her activism isn't about her but rather about the issue of anthropogenic climate change, but Grossman is right to keep the focus on the star here, and she's adroit at exploiting--her, not her parents or whomever else, as is made clear in the documentary--her position as a Swedish child, including one with Asperger's, to do what no adult could really get away with--making being curt and passionate in her lecturing come across as inspirational and appealing to the paternal instincts of the supposed adults in the room. I mean, besides the ones who are despots or childish nincompoops, or both--your Bolsonaros, Putins, Trumps and Piers Morgans of the world. It's impressive how she's built a following and movement and has leveraged it to put pressure on leaders and figures who care about governing--the likes of Macron, Merkel, the Pope, even former governator Arnold Schwarzenegger. One of the common laments of "I Am Greta" seems to be that it won't convert anyone from the other side. Yet, in an age when science is denied for political reasons and others are demonized even when they're a teenager, that was never really a possibility. Thunberg has the right idea focusing on her peers who haven't yet grown into a feedback loop of confirmation bias, conspiracy theories and misinformation. The science here is established, so her role is to push her movement to galvanize the adults capable of accepting responsibility and scoff at the rest of them.

The best exchange in the whole movie, though, is the first one. An old woman approaches Thunberg to reprimand her for not being in school, to which Thunberg retorts that there's no need for an education without a future. Two years later, at 17, she's already been more altruistic and influential in her career as a climate-change activist than whomever that old woman was or most of us ever will be. Even those who don't understand the greenhouse effect or comprehend the dangers of humanity's destruction of nature even while a resulting pandemic rages should be able to see the irony there.
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Climate change must be taken seriously.
noahgibbobaker16 October 2020
Last night it was so refreshing to be back at the cinema for the first time in a few months. It was a good cinema experience as well, only a few people went to the movie and none of them thought it was a good idea to text or be annoying in general, I have one complaint though, I hate leather seats so after about an hour my bum was really sweaty and uncomfortable no matter what position I was sitting in. Besides that I don't have any major issues with I am Greta.

Greta Thunberg is a really interesting person I wanted to learn more about before going into this documentary. By the end I got everything I wanted out of a documentary like this one and more. I knew she had Aspergers but I didn't know about her struggles with anxiety, depression or selective mutism, I can only applaud her for doing so much public speaking and pushing past all of these things knowing that nobody else is going to stand up for what is right. If you think these "disabilities" mean that Greta should not be taken seriously then you are an idiot. Often times people with aspergers have very high intelligence, great verbal skills, ability to absorb and retain large amount of information, ability to think in visual images, be very self motivated, ability to think outside the box and generate novel solutions to problems (like climate change) and might show a strong aptitude for a particular topic. The list goes on.

The presentation was a bit bland and some of the shot composition made it tough to know what was happening in only a couple of scenes. But I understand that when filming a documentary often you can't get the ideal shots and have to work with what you have. I also thought that the one soundtrack song was really out of place and was very unnecessary, the score was fairly generic but it was effective. I would have liked to see more of her internal struggle before attending the protests and I would have liked to see more of how it was to travel on a boat for 15 straight days as well.

My favourite part of the entire experience was exposing many world leaders for being phony and not listening to what Greta and the thousands of protestors from around the world are saying. A lot of the current world leaders simply refuse climate change calling it a hoax and saying that the science is faked, or they just aren't acknowledging that it is a crisis. This is so ridiculously arrogant or just stupid, either way do we want anyone like that in charge of our country?

Climate is a colossal issue that absolutely has to be acted on soon or there will be no future. If you refuse climate change or think that because Greta has asperger syndrome, OCD and selective mutism she is uninformed and lying about this issue you don't deserve to be in the position you are in right now, all you are doing is destroying our planet without thinking of anyone but yourself, you are arrogant, uneducated, and selfish.
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Inspiring on every level. Wake the hell up!
PaxtonMalloy18 October 2020
This documentary shows you the inside of a person that is so deeply concerned with the world and what will happen with it that she basically abandons here childhood for that.

When you see here crying on a boat in the middle of the atlantic, waves crushing against it just because it is against here principle to fly and you hear her crying, saying that this all to much for her you will know how committed she is and that she is real.

She repeats that this is not her job but since grown ups fail to it she feels she has to. And all those small-minded people who will criticize her for how she looks or that she has asperger syndrom or that she does that for fame only proof that Greta is right that they have learned nothing yet. There are people actually sending death threats to that child! Climate change was real even before Greta was born and our children will pay for our recklessness if we don't do something. Wake the hell up!
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williamguilfoyle5 September 2020
Saw this at Venice film festival. Was absolutely blown away. Wonderfully created, and Greta is the biggest inspiration we've seen on planet earth in such a young and spritely body.

The children will save this world
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Amazing movie, people who hate it do not understand it at all
jesse_geelen28 October 2020
People who say it was a poor movie are the problem in this world. Amazing movie, the way she discribes the world of rich and powerful people as a weird moviescene. Puppets playing a weird theater. Amazing to see the people wanting a selfie but not understanding what she really is there to speak about. crazy world we live in, hopefully some people will realize things have to change before it is too late
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Cringe when you watch the Macron small talk
kevin c28 October 2020
Post-Covid cinema return with Gertie.

Slickly assembled, politely intrusive and sometimes affecting; I Am Greta fleshes out the eco-warrior and her supportive family. Greta herself quips "a very surreal movie because the plot would be so unlikely."

Scenes between Greta and her omnipresent father are the most touching, particularly instances when he pleads her to make time in her gruelling schedule to eat (a banana). And of particular interest was Greta's uncomfortableness with the prospect of heightened media interest.

It all concludes with the epic, horrendous sailing to New York. "I don't want to have to do all this," she tearfully confides as waves crash against the hull. "It's too much for me." Greta is visible in her truest and most relatable form: a frightened young girl at the mercy of a natural world she hopes to protect, who simply wants to be at home with her dogs.
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Powerful, passionate, personal documentary
pssmidi17 October 2020
Ok, Greta is unique. There has never been anyone like her. This film follows her and her father on their journey to wake the leaders of the world from the climate coma. Extremely well photographed. Funny, personal, impressive, a bit sad and very touching. This documentary will probably be the most important of our time. A million thanks to director/cinematographer Nathan Grossman for making this film document.
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Climate Change Is Man Made And Real
horizon200817 November 2020
As much as it may seem like Greta Thunberg could be a puppet that's been planted to further a cause, that couldn't be further from the truth. Greta started her climate protest completely alone, sitting outside the Swedish parliament with her little placard, just over 2yrs ago, and in many ways, she's still alone. All of the media frenzy and being put on a pedestal were never something that she wanted, but her drive has remained the same right from day one.

The film begins with her sitting on a small sailing boat careering across the width of the Atlantic Ocean in treacherous seas to avoid the need for flying. Even at 16, she is prepared to do what she has to, to avoid the venom of her detractors, and there have been many detractors, up to and including several known Presidents.

Whats really cringeworthy in the film is how so many politicians want to take a selfie with her, clearly to make it look like they're doing something proactive, but Gretas (quite obvious) refusal to smile in these self centred attempts at righteousness makes the photos speak for themselves.

Its a bizarre world where grown men and women will attack a child, even including making fun of her Aspergers, when they feel the silver lined status quo they have been enjoying might be getting threatened. But Greta has never said anything that isn't based on science, but then most people don't read science, they read football scores, watch celebrities on TV, and snack on their McDonald's. How dare a little girl suggest that all is not well on Planet Earth? I mean that's just not right, is it? But hey the Pope says he's behind her, and the "entire Catholic world" too, so maybe those death threats she gets arent too much to worry about. Not yet anyway.

This is not a particularly happy film, the scenes later on in the movie where she's on that small yacht (crossing the Atlantic) crying and wondering what's she's doing, is magnified by the ghostly wail of the wind in the rigging and no land in sight. But here we are, looking at a child bringing more attention to the climate cause than any adult probably ever has. It's enough to make most of us feel inadequate.

The conclusion shows what happened in September 2019, just one year after Gretas one girl protest in Sweden, where over 7million people across the world marched to make their voices heard about the lack of action on climate issues. And this will undoubtedly go on, despite the (diminishing number of) detractors that are out there. I guess you just can't ignore what's happening any longer.

An interest documentary if you want a little insight into how things started.
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Great movie
ksteinbichler18 September 2020
One of the most inspiring people in our time - watch it!
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Phenomenal Year in the Life of Greta! Purity of Heart In Action.
djdavig27 October 2020
I knew the bad reviews were all fake, ignore them. Do they think we are stupid? This was a great documentary filmed over a year from the early days of her school strike outside the Swedish Parliament to her harrowing two week journey across the Atlantic Ocean to attend a UN Climate Conference in New York City! It was very inspirational especially for children and young adults. See it on the big screen for the full effect!
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rdvemkuq18 September 2020
The world needs more strong people who believe in change and in a better future. This film is for all those who do not want to close their eyes.
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Great Doco
lablover-1903913 October 2020
Climate Change is so important to us all. Great to be informed and inspired by this remarkable human.
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A wonderful docu about a wonderful child.
pazu79 December 2020
When I queued this film on Nt**x's I saw their best guess for me was 3 out of 5 stars. Which just goes to show you what crap their algorithms really are. Granted I would have given this film 5 stars just for the subject, because so I admire her for what she's done; the movement she started.. But it was also a very well done film. A short look behind the curtain of public persona. No doubt the fright-wing trolls and MAGAtards will flood the IMDB with bad ratings while never even seeing the film, but it's a wonderful docu abut a wonderful child. And precocious as she can be, Greta is very much a child. She has a few short tantrum moments during the film that prove it But that is not a disparagement of her. It's an indictment to the rest of us; the 'supposed adults' who just want to carry on the compulsive shopping spree while the world burns and drowns, like anti-mask 'Karens' demanding their delusional constitutional rights to poison the rest of us with their disease and stupidity. Support this film. Support climate legislation and regulation of carbon gasses. And support Greta. Because she was right when she said she shouldn't have been the one confronting climate change at the U.N. It should have been one of the adults. But it seems she was the only grown-up in the room.
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Conflict behind a tailored story
Nifune7 May 2022
This excellent film reveals Greta's lesser-known personality as a pure teenager everywhere. A little bit different characteristic is an Aspergian, who can't get along with others. She had no friends in her school and it's no fun, so she became a lone wolf activist.

Her action hit the big time. People all over the world welcome and actively support her. Why? Protesting against climate change is always 'justice'. Many people in every country against disparity wanted to unite, but they had no Jeanne d'Arc. So adults decided to cleverly utilize her, a smart little girl who can effectively draw eyes.

I admit the importance of climate issues, but the real problem of Greta's is how they address them. She gradually became aware that her approach is something strange. Her monologue on the yacht in the Atlantic ocean to New York is the most impressive scene of this film. Through an actual severe experience, she finally realizes that convenience is not so evil, which distracts even fear of death.

After landing, she gave the famous "how dare you!" speech. I thought that this message was clearly toward capitalism, but also seems to point some foxy activists. I wonder she wanted to say "return my youth, both!", making her face frown. Even if her challenge ultimately succeeds, she and her companies would never satisfy, 'cause they have different fundamental problems to solve.
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A story about how people should do but we don't.
omdawe15 November 2020
It's all about profits and short thinking, except for this girl that wants to stand up for what is right is right.

Maybe not a good movie but cheeple, WAKE UP! Is my mike on or not?
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Must watch
arleneramboo24 September 2020
She continues to inspire! A must see, especially if you believe the world needs to change.
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What an outstanding document
studioginger11 December 2020
I have to admit that I heard a lot about Greta, but after this documentary I finally understand the importance of her actions and what really matters. She is a beacon of true purpose through every single person on this planet, with a very simple request... Please listen to me!!!! And she is right!!!
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You be the judge.
michael-theunissen21 November 2020
Forget the naysayers and the trolls, make up your own mind, and watch. A well balanced documentary giving an insight into the intensity, and laser focus with which somebody with Aspergers lives. As a father and grandfather, I am saddened by the world leaders lack of empathy to Gretha, and even more saddened by their lack of action. But you be the judge.
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A sincere production in a post truth world
tanyameschko11 November 2020
Greta is authentic and this film is a tonic in a shallow consumerist world. The comments on the low scores are often frivolous. It is sad that people are so threatened by the truth, although of course it is an uncomfortable truth, that they attack Greta, very cowardly. It is great to see behind the scenes as the news was hitting about various moments. Very highly recommended
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Controversial as expected
roeromhongarije26 October 2020
In this world where everybody lives in their own bubble, it was to be expected that this documentary would create either haters or lovers and not much in between. I love to see both sides of the arguments around the Climate crisis, and I came to the conclusion that humans are changing this planet beyond sustainability levels. You do not have to be a scientist to understand that a growing human population is creating an increasing impact on the Natural world. Pollution, too much deforestation (see satellite images), land scraping for cattle, mining and intensive agriculture, etc.. It is all logic, but hardly anybody cares. Hence, a 10 star for Greta to bring her honest and direct message to the world. Sure, Scientists have been doing this for 40+ years but apparently nobody is listening or ignores it. Very brave of this girl to stand up against a majority of egocentric short term thinking humans.
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Greta sees it like it is
brexitstageleft8 January 2021
When i was around 12 years old, i used to think adults were idiots. Then when i grew up, i realised i was right! I'm 47 now but i completely get where she is coming from. This ability to see things so clearly, that most people either just can't see or don't want to see. I'm not on the autistic spectrum, but i am an Asexual man in a misandrist world that frankly makes no sense to me. I firmly believe that when something is stripped away from your mindset, it makes everything else easier to see clearly.

Don't misunderstand me, i am not trying to compare myself to Greta. Greta is a one off, her drive is utterly awe-inspiring to me. She shows up politicians so badly, it's actually hilarious. Her mind is a little simplistic, but that's a compliment. She processes problems so quickly, it reduces the need for complications. I've always had people think i don't understand instructions, because i just say yes. I don't feel the need to give a 2 hour response to show i understand. I get it already!

It's like watching a Chess Grandmaster at work. That's the right move, no discussions, arguments, graphs or diagrams required! Politicians are always "trying" and "considering" and "going to" do things. How about just get things done? Most things are actually incredibly straightforward, if you just open your eyes.

It was a real treat seeing her life, although i really fear for her mental future, the amount of bullying she constantly receives. I found myself crying at times, i just want her to know that there are many people out there who admire her so much. I'm not vegan, i don't do protests, i've never really given the environment much thought. I blindly eat meat and try not to think about where it came from. I have no faith in humanity anymore, i have no energy left to even try. I'm just a broken shell, filling my time up with pointless movies, lego and video games to waste my time until i die. This world has taken my spirit and hope away from me. But what i do know is, if more people were like Greta, then the world would be a much better place. Be more Greta.
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Crucial viewing!
georgidee12 October 2020
Greta is a force to reckon with. Very interesting and inspiring. Loved this!
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