Mumbai Calling Poster

(2007– )

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Season 1

8 Nov. 2008
Kenny Gupta has been sent out from London to manage a call center, Technobable, in Mumbai. Since arriving in India, Kenny has been depressed. He's been absent from his job most of the time and he's having trouble getting over a woman he had to leave back in London. Meanwhile at Technobable, among the daily confusion and the lack of supervision, Dev Rajah, Kenny's assistant, gets a call from the head office saying that Terry Johnston has arrived in Mumbai to do "an on site assessment". In a panic, Dev tells an office boy to pick up Terry Johnston from the airport and ...
15 Nov. 2008
Home Comforts
Kenny Gupta is late for work and the streets are blocked with crowds arriving for a religious festival. His cab driver, Sunil, finds a way through by driving like a maniac. Today is the day that Kenny is launching a new service for drivers in the UK. It's goes well, then not so well, and then it's a disaster. Meanwhile, Terri has nowhere to live. So out of an act of Indian hospitality, Dev offers her accommodation at his house. Terri tells Dev's family that she is his boss and this causes Dev to be ridiculed at home. By the end of the night, Terri finds herself ...
22 Nov. 2008
Good Sellers
Terri is concerned that the operators at the center do not speak with clear English accents. She tells Kenny they need coaching. Whilst Kenny is slipping off into Bollywood fantasy, Terri sets about hiring Benedict Harlow, an English actor, who embarks on a radical training program. Meanwhile, Dev is caught out by a local gangster, Don Kohli, who is demanding protection money from Teknobable. Considered a total failure, the training scheme has been abandoned and the actor has been fired. Kenny and Terri are now involved and are threatened by the gangster as well. The ...
29 Nov. 2008
Boy to Man
Terri realizes that the operators are lacking in confidence, that they are too submissive with the callers. She sets out to give the operators a crash course in self-confidence. Amar, Dev's assistant, is seriously distracted. Dev quickly finds out that it is because his parents are forcing him into an arranged marriage. At the "Assertiveness Workshop", Amar is chosen as the subject. Terri succeeds in giving him a "corporate bitch slapping". He runs off a broken man. Terri, Kenny, and Dev follow Amar to the train station where they each make their case for and against ...
9 Dec. 2008
Dating Season
Dev accepts a speaking engagement on behalf of Kenny Gupta. Kenny is initially reticent to give the speech at the "The Indo British Trade Association Dinner Dance (and Raffle)", but Dev convinces him; "You can impress them with your pointless stories." Kenny now relishes the prospect. He wants to invite Terri, but Dev talks him out of it. As the date approaches Kenny gets more nervous. Dev gives him an inspirational speech - interrupted by his mobile phone, which will not switch off. Kenny arrives at the venue and realizes that he has forgotten his speech, which he ...

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