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High School Musical was just an average episode of "Miss Guided"
tavm12 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Student Lauren (Gina DeVivo) tells Becky she's tired of "one-line" parts which reminds Becky of her high school days when she only played maids in musicals even when they didn't call for one like in "Jesus Chirst Superstar". With the regular drama teacher out, Becky gets Principal Huffy to hire her to direct "Miss Saigon". Meanwhile, Bruce fires his ad staff for not getting enough space in the papers for the play and gets Lisa to do the job. His ulterior motive, however, is to try to get as close as possible to her. Becky's first task on the play is to pick Lauren for the lead even though she can't sing and there's someone better. Obviously, Becky's trying to compensate for her days of being cast in demeaning parts. Furthermore, the budget goes over because of her perfectionist skill demands on sets which Tim is in charge of. This eventually puts a kibosh on a potential dinner date for them. Also, Lauren gets so insecure before showtime she quits meaning Becky now takes the lead even though the leading character is 19 years old! This almost crosses legal territory when the teen playing the soldier tries to kiss Becky! During the performance, Lisa, having come from a bad dinner date with her about-to-be-ex-husband, arrives drunk which Bruce tries to take advantage of. While they kiss in his office, Lisa then falls asleep so Bruce leaves her there. She wakes the next morning with Bruce wanting to talk about it but she tells him flat out they'll never be together. That doesn't faze Bruce. Principal Huffy gets a verbal agreement from Becky to not direct another play and, after Lauren apologizes to her for what she did, Becky, reading the bad review from the paper tells her that they both accomplished their dreams and found out they're not worth pursuing! While there were some funny scenes like Becky's performance in "Miss Saigon" and Bruce's asides on his intentions of Lisa, there weren't enough to really make me really laugh out loud and I felt bad for the good singer (who was also Asian) who didn't get the lead and wished that Lauren had tried to go on during opening night. I also hope this is the last time Bruce tries to seduce Lisa since it wasn't that funny. So this was just an average episode of "Miss Guided".
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