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The List is another pretty good episode of "Miss Guided"
tavm5 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
After counseling a female student who had a botched nose job to wear a hat so she wouldn't get noticed on her face so much, Becky finds out that face was exposed on a blog called "Lindsey Lopez" and that she's # 18 on most doable teachers. (Rival Lisa is # 1 and hey, what's guidance counselor Becky doing there anyway?) To up her ranking, Becky dresses a little more attractively the next day but after looking at herself in Principal Huffy's mirror-like car window, Huffy himself opens the door which hits Becky and gives her a broken neck after she falls. Despite that, she still shows up at the car wash that Tim sponsored for his Spanish class hoping to show up Lisa and her cheerleader students. It's while cleaning the inside of one car that a male student takes her picture. When she looks it up on the Lopez blog, she finds out why she's now # 1: she's shown "commando"! At least some good came from it: the botched nose girl now feels better since Becky didn't let the thing bother her (if only she knew the truth!). Oh, and during most of what I've chronicled, vice principal Terry has been searching for Lindsey Lopez' identity because of a wrestling photo of him and another that ID's him as gay. When he finds out who the person is, he makes him show his CD photos that prove otherwise. When we see them, the opposite seems to be the case...This was a pretty amusing episode that showcased the quirky talents of Judy Greer and Chris Parnell to the fullest. Some might question why they act the way they do here but I say, just watch and enjoy. Though I half wonder why Becky wasn't wise enough to cover her bottom during that particular day...
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