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Horror Channel Frightfest Interview: Mathieu Turi talks ‘Hostile’

Ahead of the UK premiere of his debut feature Hostile at the Horror Channel Frightfest Halloween event, director Mathieu Turi shares his admiration for Tarantino, describes the challenges of filming in three continents and reveals his ‘magic hour’.

You were born in Cannes so you grew up with film all around? When did you know for sure you wanted to direct?

I think it’s always been there. As a child, I used to steal my dad’s VHS camera to make mini-movies. They were basically all about my Jurassic Park toys eating my dog or invading the garden. Later, I did more elaborate short films with friends, instead of studying. Then, I remember watching Braveheart and the making of the movie. For the first time, I knew that directing was something I wanted to do for a living.

You have been second unit director and assistant director on numerous
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Morbido, Mexico’s Top Genre Festival, Turns 10

With Roger Corman, the trailblazing “Pope of Pop Cinema” no less, as its guest of honor, the Morbido Film Fest marks its 10th anniversary with great panache.

From Oct. 26 to Nov. 5, Latin America’s premier genre film fest aims to lure the best and boldest of the genre universe. Past guests of honor have included John Landis whose direction of Michael Jackson’s iconic music video “Thriller” was feted at last year’s opening ceremony, where dancers re-enacted Jackson and his dance troupe’s much-lauded moves. The festival’s extravagant opening ceremony sets the tone for the rest of the festival, says Morbido Group CEO-founder Pablo Guisa Koestinger, who as master of ceremonies and host, goes through a variety of costume changes himself throughout the fest.

In the past nine editions, guests of honor from 29 countries included such luminaries as Joe Dante, Hideo Nakata, Elijah Wood, Richard Elfman, Takashi Murakami, Michael Nyman and Jaume Balaguero.
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61st BFI London Film Festival Review – Veronica (2017)

Veronica, 2017.

Directed by Paco Plaza.

Starring Sandra Escacena, Bruna Gonzalez, and Claudia Pacer.


Madrid, 1991. A teen girl finds herself besieged by an evil supernatural force after she played Ouija with two classmates.

In 2007 Spanish director Paco Plaza obliterated audiences’ nerves with found-footage zombie horror Rec. Co-directed by Jaume Balaguero the movie tore through an increasingly ailing genre with a firm dose of rigorous suspense and explosively gory nastiness as a camera crew accompanying a Madrid firefighting team discover something horrifying lurking in a Madrid apartment block.

Fittingly enough for a country so consumed and burdened by the ghosts of its recent past, Spain has taken the charge in the last decade’s surge of ghostly horror, from The Orphanage to the underrated Julia’s Eyes and beyond. And more than a decade after his breakout hit Plaza himself has gone it alone with Veronica, which purports to take as
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Sitges 2017 Review: Muse, a Mildly Entertaining Thriller

Jaume Balagueró is without a doubt one of Sitges' classic directors. Every new project of his is welcomed with a special interest by the festival's audiences, which probably still remember with excitement the screenings of the first chapter of his Rec. saga. And now, three years after bringing the zombie saga to a closure with REC4, Balagueró returns to Sitges once again to present Muse. The film is based on the novel The lady number thirteen, written by José Carlos Somoza and adapted for the screen by Fernando Navarro and Jaume Balagueró himself. Meet Samuel Solomon (played by Elliot Cowan), a literature professor from Dublin who has a secret love affair with one of his students. But one day the tragedy comes crashing down on...

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Trailer for Post-Apocalyptic Creature Feature Hostile!

Bloody Disgusting have premiered the first trailer for Mathieu Turi's hotly anticipated post-apocalyptic thriller, Hostile!

The movie, produced by famed French extremist Xavier Gens (The Divide, Frontier(s)) stars Brittany Ashworth (The Crucifixion), Gregory Fitoussi (World War Z, GI:joe) and Javier Botet (Rec, Crimson Peak).

Hostile has been raking in the accolades at festivals recently, winning a bunch of awards in [Continued ...]
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[Tiff Review] ‘Veronica’ is a Stylish, Albeit Familiar, Possession Film

[Tiff Review] ‘Veronica’ is a Stylish, Albeit Familiar, Possession Film
As a subgenre, it’s hard to find a possession/exorcism film that stands out. Veronica, by famed Spanish director Paco Plaza (one-half of the original Rec team), doesn’t earn its stripes as a dramatic reinvention of familiar genre tropes, but the film is a solid effort with some pretty effective chills. Like so many horror films, […]
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It to Open Germany's Fantasy Filmfest

Andrés Muschietti's hotly anticipated adaptation of Stephen King's It will open the Fantasy Filmfest in Munich, Germany. The festival runs September 6 - 16. The festival's 2017 lineup already includes a number of eagerly awaited titles, including Paco Plaza's (Rec) Veronica, Cannes premiers such as The Villainess and Sicilian Ghost Story, as well as the Japanese box office hit Memoirs of a Murder. Other genre titles include Joe Lynch's Mayhem, Danish vigilante thriller Darkland, shark attack flick 47 Meters Down and many more. Get thee to Germany!...

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Anyone for a killer antique camera? New trailer for Polaroid arrives

Author: Zehra Phelan

If the new trailer for upcoming horror, Polaroid is anything to go by we think we’ll be sticking digital cameras for the foreseeable… Prepare to feel that antique chill run down your spine.

Based on a short by Lars Klevberg, the horror delves into a new type of haunting with an evil entity taking residence inside an antique Polaroid camera, an entity that preys and devours all those that innocently dare to pose for a picture picking off high school teens like it’s dining out on a pack of Haribo.

The cast includes Mitch Pileggi as the adult “voice of reason,” who seemingly exists just to tell the kids “No, that antique polaroid camera is not causing all of your suspicious deaths” – to be subsequently proved wrong in front of his very eyes. It features Javier Botet, the Spanish actor who has made a career
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‘Summer Camp’ DVD Review

Stars: Diego Boneta, Alex Gonzalez, Jocelin Donahue, Maiara Walsh, Andres Velencoso | Written by Alberto Marini, Danielle Schleif | Directed by Alberto Marini

With a title like Summer Camp you’d be forgiven for thinking that this film would be yet another stalk and slash fear flick. It isn’t. Helmed by longtime Filmax producer Alberto Marini, in his directorial debut, the film follows similar story beats to some of his most well-known films including the [Rec] franchise and The Last Days.

Looking for fun times as counselors at a European summer camp for children, four Americans never suspect their first experience abroad might be their last. For the rapid-fire spread of an extreme rage-inducing infection plunges the group into a dark vortex of horror and madness catapulting them into a race against time – and each other – to find the source of the mystery contagion and make it out alive.

Yet another Spanish movie
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Poster for Mathieu Turi's Apocalyptic Creature Feature Hostile

[Trailer added] Mathieu Turi's post-apocalyptic thriller, Hostile, is making the rounds at the Cannes Film Festival and the first official poster for the film has dropped.

The movie is produced by Xavier Gens (The Divide, Frontier(s)) stars Brittany Ashworth (The Crucifixion), Gregory Fitoussi (World War Z, GI:joe) and Javier Botet (Rec, Crimson Peak).

Synopsis :

After a worldwide epidemic, most of the planet's population is killed. Only a few thousand have survived and are struggling to find food and shelter. But they're no [Continued ...]
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The 20 Best Horror Films Of The 21st Century, From ’28 Days Later’ to ‘Get Out’

  • Indiewire
The 20 Best Horror Films Of The 21st Century, From ’28 Days Later’ to ‘Get Out’
We live in scary times that can often feel like lot more unsettling than any fictional horror movie, but some of the best horror movies tap into real world terrors — and that’s especially true of the highlights from the last two decades of the genre, one of the most varied in its history. From graphic depictions of gory showdowns to subtler looks at psychological dread, the best horror movies of the 21st century typically focused on a handful of people struggling to survive a dark force beyond their comprehension. Who can’t relate to that? Here are 20 of the most potent examples, ranked from top to bottom.

20. “The Descent” (2005)

Neil Marshall’s economical monster movie takes place almost exclusively within the confines of a shadowy cave and the terrible, terrible things lurking within it. After a gradual beginning in which coworkers and friends venture into a cave during their
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Berlinale: Film Factory Sells to Arp Selection All French Rights to Paco Plaza’s Horror Movie ‘Veronica’

Berlinale: Film Factory Sells to Arp Selection All French Rights to Paco Plaza’s Horror Movie ‘Veronica’
Arp Selection, one of France’s premier arthouse distributors, has acquired all French rights to “Veronica,” a real case-based horror movie by “Rec” co-director Paco Plaza.

The deal was negotiated by Michele Halberstadt and Laurent Petin at Arp with Film Factory Ent.’s Vicente Canales, who handles movie’s international rights.

Enrique López Lavigne (“The Impossible,” “A Monster Calls”) produces at Apache Films. Sony Pictures plans a theatrical release in Spain by next fall.

Plaza, one of Spain’s biggest genre film talents, directs in “Veronica” a largely female cast, including Ana Torrent (“The Other Boleyn Girl”), Leticia Dolera (“The Bride”), Consuelo Trujillo (“The Bride”) and debutant Sandra Escarcena.

Formerly known as “The File,” film is inspired by the only case in history that the Spanish police classified as supernatural, remaining unsolved to this day.

During a total eclipse of the sun, Veronica and two friends decide to make a
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'[Rec]' director Paco Plaza’s 'Veronica' gets France deal

  • ScreenDaily
Exclusive: Upcoming horror follows a woman who attempts to bring back her dead father through a Ouija ritual.

Film Factory has licensed French rights to [Rec] director Paco Plaza’s upcoming horror film Veronica.

Arp Selection will distribute the story which producer Apache Films claims to be based on the only unexplained supernatural case in the annals of the Spanish police.

Sony has earmarked an autumn release in Spain on Veronica, about a young woman who must protect her younger brother and sister after she attempts to bring back the spirit of their dead father through a Ouija ritual.

Ana Torrent will star with Leticia Dolera, Consuelo Trujillo and newcomer Sandra Escacena in the lead role.

Enrique López-Lavigne from Apache Films serves as producer. Film Factory chief Vicente Canales brokered the deal with Michèle Halberstadt and Laurent Petin for Arp Selection.

“We’re glad to have closed this deal with such a good company as Arp Selection and to
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First Official Image from Post-Apocalyptic Hostile

Mathieu Turi's post-apocalyptic thriller, Hostile, is currently in production with shooting in New York, Paris and Ouarzazate where the shoot will end on the 7th of October. The first official image has arrived from the hotly anticipated film.

The movie is produced by Xavier Gens (The Divide, Frontier(s)) stars Brittany Ashworth (The Crucifixion), Grégory Fitoussi (World War Z, GI:joe) and Javier Botet (Rec, Crimson Peak).

Synopsis :

After a worldwide epidemic, most of the planet’s population is killed. Only a few t [Continued ...]
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Film Factory Takes Four-Pic Apache Slate (Exclusive)

Film Factory Takes Four-Pic Apache Slate (Exclusive)
Vicente CanalesFilm Factory Entertainment has sealed a four-movie output deal with Enrique Lopez Lavigne’s Apache Films.

Presented to buyers by Canales at Cannes, the quartet is led by “The File,” a real case-based horror movie from “(Rec)” co-director Paco Plaza, and “The Singer,” a dark women’s drama from Carlos Vermut.

Also on the slate: “Maus,” a fantasy horror first feature from short film director Yayo Herrero (“Picnic,” “Safari”), and “The Call,” an offbeat musical comedy, the debut of actors Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi.

Vermut’s third feature, “The Singer,” is a tale of a world-famous singer, Lila, who loses her memory in an accident. Her number one fan, Eva, helps her to remember who she was.

Presented via a teaser at Cannes, “Maus” centers on a couple, Alec and Sasa, who are vacationing in Bosnia-Herzegovina when Sasa, a Muslim survivor of the Balkan Wars, senses a mysterious force pursuing them.
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Pandemic Review

I hate making claims like the one you’re about to read, but here goes nothing: Pandemic is the Alien Outpost of 2016 – assuredly my most inconsequential critical comparison. “Alien Outpost” will mean nothing to the hordes who never discovered its existence, and I’m confident that many of you might never have heard of a little first-person thriller called Pandemic until now. But that’s why I’m here! It’s my job to constantly chug away at a never-ending pile of horror’s lesser publicized efforts while insomnia sets in and the voices keep me company.

In this who’s who of “where are they now” talents from Hollywood’s yesteryear, director John Suits dives head-first into a zombie plague that’s a little bit 28 Days Later, a tad Battlefield La (in feel), and reminiscent of Rec (not in quality, though). Beginning as any video game would (an introductory tutorial
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Pantelion Banks on Comedies, Horror

Pantelion Banks on Comedies, Horror
Guadalajara — Televisa-Lionsgate joint venture Pantelion is gearing up to release its latest productions this year, starting with Omar Chaparro and Kevin Pollak buddy comedy “Compadres” on April 22 and “No Manches Frida,” the remake of German mega-hit “Fack ju Gohte” from Constantin Films, on Sept. 2 Labor Day.

Pantelion is also eyeing Lemon Films’ upcoming “Km. 32,” the sequel to its hit “Km 31,” for U.S. distribution.

Directed by Spain’s Nacho G. Vellila, “No Manches Frida” is currently in post in Spain and will include the music of Mexican Latin Grammy-winning band Reik and L.A.-based Grammy winners Ozomatli, said Pantelion COO Edward Allen. “Reik, which racks up more than 100 million views on YouTube, is composing an original song for the movie,” said Allen. “No Manches Frida” is a prototype for Pantelion’s new strategy to cast its net wide for international hits with strong remake potential. “This is our baby
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‘Rem,’ ‘Savant,’ ‘Saturn’ To Be Pitched At Beyond The Window

‘Rem,’ ‘Savant,’ ‘Saturn’ To Be Pitched At Beyond The Window
Julian Vazquez’s “Rem,” Javier Araguz’s “Savant” and Eugeni Guillem’s “Children of Saturn” are the three selected projects in a mini Catalan genre pic focus at Beyond the Window, a project pitching forum at Ventana Sur, which will take place on Thursday, Dec. 3. Regional promotion board Catalan Films & TV will make a more general industry presentation of the Catalan presence at large at Ventana Sur at the Puerto Madero Cinemark multiplex on Dec. 1.

Driven by the local film industry – think Filmax and Rodar y Rodar – the Sitges Film Festival and Barcelona’s Escac Film School, Catalan genre production flowered last decade. Juan Antonio Bayona’s “The Orphanage,” Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza’s “Rec” franchise, and Rodrigo Cortes’ “Buried” are just some highlights. All first fiction features, “Rem,” “Savant” and “Saturn” represent a fresh generation of talent.

Produced by Freeminds Arts Entertainment, a young production outfit, English-language “Savant
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Interview: Alberto Marini Talks Summer Camp

David Opie sits down with director Alberto Marini to talk about Summer Camp, a Spanish/American collaboration that follows a group of camp counsellors besieged by a zombie-like virus. The film is currently having a successful run at film festivals worldwide and our four star review is available to read here…

David Opie: Summer Camp is an extremely enjoyable horror movie that breaks away from the traditional conventions of the ‘zombie’ genre, particularly in the way that the infection spreads. Where did the idea for this come from?

Alberto Marini: Co-writer Danielle Schleif and I just merged the mythology of our two favourite fantastic creatures: infected people and werewolves. Despite their appearance, in reality, those creatures are actually quite similar. Both of them deal with controlling our natural instincts.

In both cases, we start with “normal” human beings who lose all inhibitions and unleash their inner animals, whether that
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Biff 2015 Movie Review – Summer Camp (2015)

Summer Camp, 2015.

Directed by Alberto Marini.

Starring Jocelin Donahue, Diego Boneta, Maiara Walsh, Andres Velencoso.


Four young Americans sign up to work as counsellors in a remote Spanish camp, but visions of a fun-filled summer quickly fade when one of them suddenly snaps and attacks the others. Before the group even realise what’s happening, a rage-inducing virus begins to take hold, spreading rapidly among the counsellors who must turn on one another if they have any hope of surviving the night.

The popularity of the undead has spread like a virus in recent years, but with so many zombie movies out there, how do filmmakers keep those rotten corpses fresh for public consumption? For decades, zombie films stuck to the tried and tested formula of George A. Romero’s iconic shambling hordes, but these days, we now have corpses that can run, jump and even swarm over barricades like insects.
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