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  • The girl in the penthouse is Tristana Medeiros, who was seen in the newspaper clippings that Angela and Pablo discover while inside.

    The former resident of the penthouse was Father Alberta, an agent of the Vatican who was charged with researching and isolating a suspected virus believed to be the biological cause of what was described as 'demonic possession', which was later confirmed to exist in a young girl (Tristana). Alberta brought the girl to the penthouse to conduct his research and to possibly cure her. Unfortunately, during the work the virus managed to mutate and become contagious. According to the [REC]: Historias Inéditas comic book, Alberta kidnapped some neighboring children and tested the virus' effects on them. After the chained Medeiros creature broke free, a fearful Alberta abandoned his efforts to cure as he failed to engineer a vaccine, sealing himself upon the ceiling, starving to death and leaving the creature and his infected children on the loose inside the room. The boy Pablo finds is one of the infected children. Edit (Coming Soon)


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