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Almost mediocre
wiseguyro8 April 2010
Andy Tennant's movies have been hit and miss. He directed Anna and the King and Hitch, but also Fool's Gold and this. He should have a better hand at choosing his scripts by now cause this one is a mess.

It's a hybrid of romantic comedy and action movie. It fails in both categories. The characters are one dimensional and under developed. If it weren't for Butler's natural charm I would've ended up hating his character, a drunken gambler who got thrown out of the police force. The action is cliché for the small amount of time it graces us with its presence, and most of the humor falls flat, maybe because you've already seen/heard the jokes before, from other, better movies.

For all their likability, both Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston seem to be on auto pilot. Gerard is his own charming persona and Aniston is, well, Rachel from Friends, though they exhibit some chemistry. Neither will benefit from starring in this movie. Side note: Christine Baranski is wasted in a role far beneath her talent.

That's not to say this is a bad movie. It has some fun moments, though familiar, and it will not seem a total waste of time. On the other hand it isn't a particularly good movie and you will forget about it as soon as it is over.
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A shabby patchwork quilt of other movies' ideas
StarDragyn19 March 2010
Just got back from the theater--walked in the door and turned on the computer--and am in agony! I was really excited about this movie and looking forward to seeing it ever since the previews came out. But, boy!, was I disappointed. All of the cute stuff (and pretty much the only cute stuff) was contained in those previews.

There is nothing original, and nothing funny enough or well-acted enough to make its unoriginality interesting. Jennifer Aniston did a decent job, given what she had to work with (though she does act like she does in most of her other movies). But the writing wasn't good, and the plot was weak and all over the place. Most everything you see, you've seen before--just done better somewhere else--and all of it combined into something very hodgepodge. It's like the storywriters just took a "pinch of this" and a "dash of that" from various comedies, romances, and action adventures, and tried to make a soup out of them.

The music was so bad I'm even giving it its own paragraph. I had no idea the music would make such a difference, normally I don't notice it's even there. Not so on this one! It was often agonizingly out of place, where you had to wonder what the score writers were thinking, or why they picked the song they did.

I left twice for the concession stand, and didn't even care to ask what had happened while I was gone. There were times I found that I was even having to remind myself to pay attention to the dialogue. As I don't go to the theater often, it's usually a treat to me, and most of the time I enjoy whatever I'm watching simply because it's relaxing and a chance to be out. But for once I was actually bored. It was about the quality of a TV show, but unfortunately lasted the length of a full movie.

The romantic/action with husband and wife fighting-yet-finding-they-might-still-love-each-other plot has been done before much better. "Mr and Mrs Smith" was GOOD. "Fool's Gold" was decent. "Bounty Hunter" was just downright poor. So disappointing!
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The Aniston & Butler Show
Max_cinefilo8916 July 2010
It is a well known fact that American comedies generally suffer from lackluster scripts, usually employed as vehicles for rising or established stars. The Bounty Hunter is no exception, as its charm lies solely in the joint presence of Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, rather than in the fact that Andy Tennant (Hitch) is directing. Of course, even two fine actors such as those in this film are no good if the material is beneath their talent.

The story goes like this: Butler is an ex-cop who currently works as a bounty hunter. One day, he is given the opportunity to bring in his ex-wife (Aniston), who is wanted by the police after jumping bail. As he tracks her down and embarks on a hellish journey to take her back home, the two find themselves in the middle of a murky murder case, not to mention a series of situations that put their hatred for each other to the test.

On paper, there's plenty of potential for a moderately entertaining action comedy: think Midnight Run with a rom-com twist. Unfortunately, the film is an uneven mess, jumping from cringe-worthy "romantic" moments to OTT action scenes, complete with clichéd hotel room/strip club bits that have been out of fashion for quite some time. The tonal inconsistencies are reflected in the acting, as well: supporting performances range from passably straight (Jeff Garlin) to borderline ridiculous (Christine Baranski), whereas the leading duo does generally fine when they're together, less so separately, with Aniston being clearly more at ease with the less physically demanding stuff, while the opposite is true for Butler.

In short, The Bounty Hunter is an inconsistent picture that doesn't have enough laughs for a comedy, nor the appropriate direction for an action flick. The best option would be to ignore it altogether.
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I waited weeks for this?
kowgirl_tina-120 March 2010
I was excited when I first saw the previews of this movie. I am a HUGE Gerard Butler fan and I don't believe he's ever done a movie with Ms Anniston. The concept was fair enough...a romantic comedy with a little suspense thrown in. I left the theater feeling..."that's it?" Sure there were a couple cute things here and there, maybe a little suspense, but definitely not enough to carry a movie! The pace was much too slow for me, although I'm sure the actors did what they could with the script they were given. I loved seeing Gerard in Law Abiding Citizen, but this was truly disappointing! I am a big movie fan, but I wouldn't recommend seeing this to any of my friends :(
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Has some merit
Neil Welch17 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a romantic comedy - this is very clear from the poster and trailer - and a thriller. Except it's not very funny, not that romantic, and not very thrilling.

For all that, there's something likable about it, and that's probably Jennifer Aniston, even if she's delivering the same thing she's delivered in every other film she's ever been in. Gerard Butler's character is crass, has been thrown off the police force, has a severe gambling problem, is a smug git, and a bit of a bully. It's no surprise why the marriage between these two broke down, and it's a real surprise why she would ever consider getting back together with him.

There's a bit of excitement here and there, and the occasional sense of jeopardy. A reasonable quantity of story runs through it, but it isn't very believable.

On consideration, I'm surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did.
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A Misfire
Apox6617 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Comedies are one of the luckiest genres in cinema. They can be wacky, ridiculous, absurd and totally unbelievable, and it won't matter as long as they make you laugh. Because of this loophole, comedies get away with almost anything as long as they keep the audience stocked up with belly laughs.

'The Bounty Hunter' commits the cardinal sin of comedies - it's completely ridiculous, at the same time as just not being funny. It's certainly ambitious; it weaves the story of Aniston & Butler together with a murder conspiracy, and a pretty big gambling debt collection. But ultimately I felt that it was trying desperately to keep you distracted from the fact that you're not laughing.

So, this comedy doesn't find the fabled comedy loophole - it's too absurd to take seriously, and not funny enough to get a free ride.
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How NOT to Make a Film
mysteryfan0419 December 2010
Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are talented, likable comedians, but you can't really see them 'click' together on screen. The Bounty Hunter does nothing but emphasize that fact. It is an action comedy of sorts, involving two exes, drug dealing, a suicide-turned-murder, and other things. Does it sound interesting or clichéd? The answer turns out to be more of the latter than the former. Aniston and Butler are forced to work with a script that features blaring plot holes, unbelievably stupid characters, and an extremely contrived storyline. Predictability reigns supreme here due to the endless "romantic" scenes (notice the quotation marks) and bland dialogue. The fact that the two leads' chemistry is nonexistent doesn't help matters much either. Talented supporting actors are wasted on and with numerous unimaginative sight gags, a mismatched romantic pairing, and over-the-top characters. The result? One of the worst romantic comedies in years.
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jdesando22 March 2010
If there's a bounty hunter to haul in "criminal" comedies, then The Bounty Hunter" should receive capital punishment for murdering the romantic comedy genre. So far this year When in Rome looks even better now by contrast, and, well, She's Out of My League looks even cute.

But this one is a killer. Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) is the titular cop who tries to take his ex-wife Nicole Hurley (Jenifer Aniston) to jail because she's jumped bail. Everyone associated with this film except the talented Christine Baranski as Nicole's cabaret-singing, swinging mother should be locked up. I laughed not even once given that the film is paint by numbers plot about exes who still love each other and fight almost to the end to disprove that situation.

Aniston's only observable talent here is to display a well-tended body in tight short skirt (even though she plays a reporter, most of whom could not go the News Awards looking half as good), and Butler shows he still has his 300 abs, muscular arms, and seductive lisp. After those attributes, the stars are on their own with lines to blush over and set ups trite as could ever be conjured.

A bounty hunter is not a real cop, and The Bounty Hunter is not a real comedy. Both want to be much more than they are but will never be. "Book 'em, Danno!"
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better than the reviews say
gottaste18 April 2010
I really don't understand the harsh reviews here. Many are just not credible when they're overstating their dislike of the movie. What did they want? nudity, swearing, bathroom jokes? Jeez, not enough of that in Hollywood! This movie was exactly what I was expecting, so I liked it. This is not a Jim Carey movie so don't expect a silly, slapstick film. The script here is better than many movies I've seen lately that did better at the box office, so the only thing I can assume is that people went in with an expectation of a different type of film. If you don't go in with expectations of big laughs, but rather a nice movie about an ex in trouble and her slightly vindictive ex-husband taking pleasure in hauling her back for cash, you'll like this movie. That is, unless your more into just thinking what critics tell you to think. I'd like to see Butler do more of these movies.
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Gerard Butler should have arrested this movie!
MovieProductions24 July 2010
*1/2 out of (****)

"The Bounty Hunter" looked like a decent film with a surprisingly fresh concept and spiced in with some fun performances. Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler looked like they would make a good duo and this movie looked promising in the fun factor. Unfortunately, "The bounty hunter" is energy drained, shallow, and the word "style" is put over "substance". The most disappointing drawback is that this film actually started out pretty decent and unique, but once the film took the paint-by-the-numbers route, that's when the film took a downward spiral. Before seeing these movies, I don't expect "The Godfather" of the genre, but I do expect a pretty decent film. Alas, I didn't get that. Well, I guess it could have been a lot worse. But if you have a film with a fresh concept, two major stars, and a pretty lengthy running time, just enough for slick action and chemistry, how could you mess it up?

The Bounty Hunter revolves around Milo, who's a bounty hunter, that is taking his ex-wife to jail. Milo is pretty ecstatic as he gets to take the woman he loathed to prison and he gets five thousand dollars for it. Although, Milo has some more problems up his sleeve and apparently his ex-wife has caused some of them.

First of all, this movie has an uneven pace. The first half of this film moves pretty swiftly and while it's not terribly interesting, it has it at least decent. Then the second half of the movie starts to move slower, loses steam, and eventually becomes a chore to sit through. Furthermore, the plot has so many inconsistencies, that it's nearly improbable to focus on the film. I know that films do have their mistakes and we should just accept them and go along with the ride, but when the ride isn't even half-fun, what else is there to focus on? Moreover, this movie ran too long. Had twenty minutes been excluded, this might have been passable. Unfortunately, we have to sit through a dull subplot that is just heavily redundant. Also, this movie really doesn't go anywhere. With a running time of an hour and fifty minutes, there is no excuse why this movie lacked chemistry and the big explosions. It is advertised as an action comedy.

While the negatives outweigh the positives, there are still some redemptions. First of all, the cinematography is pretty nifty. Moreover, this film did start off pretty enjoyable. Furthermore, the concept is pretty unique for once. Additionally, the performances aren't abysmal. While nothing plausible, they aren't bad.

Overall, "The bounty hunter" is a disposable action comedy that lacks momentum, the requirements of a good movie, and a good script. It is just forgettable and even in the moment, it isn't anything special. If there's nothing else available at Redbox at this moment, but this film, then yeah, I'd say it's worth. But chances are, if there's a film not marked "A Michael Bay film" or an "Uwe Boll film", that you have slight interest in, it may be safe to say that film is better than this one. Gerard Butler arrests people that don't show up to court? He should have arrested this movie because it didn't show up in the editing room, since this movie runs a mere one hour and fifty minutes and gets as uninteresting as the word uninteresting gets.
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The trailer is the best part of this film.....pass
IheartCali588222 July 2010
Normally I enjoy Aniston in romantic comedies, but this is highly disappointing. The dialogue and the storyline read like something from a children's cartoon. It's far too elementary and simple-minded to be taken seriously, even on an un-serious comedy level.

Jennifer Aniston plays an investigative reporter who has skipped her court date one too many times and finally gets a bench warrant under her name for failing to appear before the judge. Conveniently her estranged husband (Gerard Butler), is a bounty hunter who somehow finds out that she's skipped bail so naturally he will be the one to retrieve her. If you think you know where this story is going to go, you're absolutely right. Nothing in the film comes as a surprise. In fact, I kept thinking it couldn't get anymore predictable or cliché'd but it did to no avail.

Did either of these two actually read the script? I'm not exaggerating when I say I could write a better story right this minute with absolutely no cred to my name as a screenwriter. For two such likable actors, this film is hard to swallow. Total lack of creativity, shallow characters, and the unforgivable faux pas of giving a measly reporter a New York apartment that looks like it jumped straight from the pages of Good Housekeeping. No way she could ever afford that on her salary. And this is just one of many, many missteps in this film to make it nearly two-hours of unbelievable, cheesy fluff.

Do yourself a favor and skip it. You can thank me later.
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This 'Bounty Hunter' is a real dog
gregeichelberger19 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Remember when Hollywood couples who were actually together in real life made decent films (i.e. Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, Laurence Olivier and Vivian Leigh, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis - whoops, omit that last one)?

Now we get couples who are together for a few months but manage to get a movie in, most of which last longer than the relationship (i.e. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner, Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, etc., etc., etc.).

And currently, we get Jennifer Aniston with her latest, Gerard Butler ("Phantom of the Opera," "Nim's Island," "300"), in what is basically nothing more than a remake of a bad episode (okay, EVERY episode) of "Dog, The Bounty Hunter" mixed with "Mr. and Mrs. Smith (starring another real-life couple) and "Midnight Run," the classic comedy from 1988 with Charles Grodin and Robert DeNiro.

If this film were a) slightly interesting, b) somewhat novel and/or c) remotely funny, then I might have enjoyed it - a tad. Since it did not fulfill even one of the above specifications, however, I have to trudge into my office and write yet another negative review for a Jennifer Aniston picture - it isn't something I necessarily enjoy, either.

And, if these two are really romantically linked, then judging by their chemistry on screen, I'd get into counseling posthaste.

Here, Aniston plays reporter Nicole Hurley (not for one second did I believe she came anywhere NEAR that profession, by the way), who is working a story about murder, crooked cops and stolen drugs. She fails to appear in court as ordered. She's arrested for assault on a New York City police officer, but skips bail, causing a plot convenience device the size of the planet Pluto to be put into action.

That device is having her down-on-his-luck ex husband (a former cop, now a bounty hunter, hence the title), Milo Boyd (Butler), go after her. He tracks her down and while on his way to deliver her (he's a gambler, so he takes the scenic route back to NYC, through Atlantic City), goons try to kill both of them.

Now on the lam, the couple bickers, fights, argues and comes as close to sexual tension as Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt might have at one time in history.

They escape, but both are marked by various hoods for death. This frightful prospect does not keep the two from engaging in silly sexual high-jinx and stilted wordplay that would embarrass a 14-year-old on his first date. Every situation in this movie has been tried (and usually fallen flat) dozens of times.

I always try to find a few good things to say about any production (only because I know a little bit about the blood, sweat and tears it takes to bring something - ANYTHING - to the screen) and, except for a few minor characters who appear and then quickly exit, there is absolutely nothing noteworthy about "The Bounty Hunter."

I even tried to give some kudos to director Andy Tennant, who was responsible for the quirky "Ever After" and the semi-sweet "Hitch." But, then again, I realized he also directed "Sweet Home Alabama," "Fool's Gold" and now this. I therefore can no longer come up with anything positive to write about Mr. Tennant.

Plus, if 2009 set the lofty standard as the single worst year for comedies in motion picture history, then 2010, already featuring "Our Family Wedding," "Cop Out" and this bowl of slop, may just - as unbelievable as it may seem - lower that bar even further. This wasn't a movie where the trailer exhibited ALL of the good lines, this was a film where the trailer itself exhibited NO good lines.

The only reason I even saw this turkey was because I HAD to. Those readers who have NO such obligation, please - for the love of all that is holy - avoid this like the plague, or at least like "Love Happens."
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The Bounty Hunter - truly the epitome of an awful movie.
ReneeEve19 March 2010
Let's just say that every once in a while a truly horrible movie comes along to remind us all what good movies are. This is a monumental failure in casting, direction, plot (or lack thereof) and production. A couple - Jennifer-I-can't-act-Aniston and Gerard-stunned-mullet-Butler are separated. She's the one accidentally running from the law, he's meant to catch her. Can anyone say 'predictable' - Pulllleeeeassse. Throw in the bad guy - queue bad guy music - Peter Greene (bad dude stereotype think The Mask) and yawn through the laughingly called 'suspense' scenes.

The only good thing about this music was the soundtrack. Not the background stuff - nothing is more annoying than quirky music for comedic scenes and suspense music for suspense scenes. Why is it that directors/producers have the need to fill in quiet moments with mundane filler? This movie was in short an insult to a viewer's intelligence. What an absolute waste of money. It would have been better to donate money to charity, than to take an absolutely anorexic script off to Columbia to actually be made into a movie. The powers that be must have been on something to think this would ever be a success.
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Isaac Sowden30 August 2010
Well, what can i say. The story line was lame, the acting was a atrocious, it was so immature and a 8 year would even dislike the petty humor. It was an all round shocker. Plain pathetic, not funny and was the worst romance i've seen!

When i saw the trailer i thought hey, maybe this could be alright. But i was obviously way off!

The trailer had more humorous parts than the actual movie. If you like this, well then you obviously have no knowledge of a good comedy. Believe me it isn't worth the sit, or should i say sleep. Save yourself some boredom and don't bother watching this.
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Better Than Average Romantic Comedy
YJC16 March 2010
The Bounty Hunter was better than I expected it to be. It was a chick flick-- but it was cute. It was definitely different and following the men&women chick flick style from The Blind Side. It actually had some action so it was also similar to Mr. and Mrs. Smith in some scenes which was refreshing, but it also had really CHEESY chick flick scenes especially with cheesy chick flick music. However, it's perfect for girls and a very nice film for a Friday night out with the girls or etc. Jennifer Aniston surprisingly was wonderful in my opinion in this film (as much depth as a screenplay allows in this type of film) while Gerard Butler was Gerard Butler. He wasn't as drop dead gorgeous as he was in The Ugly Truth, but good enough with hilarious moments. Definitely a romantic-comedy not to be missed for Jennifer Aniston or Gerard Butler fans. Amazing chemistry between these two.
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Will Have You Cheering for the Bad Guys.
tfrizzell4 August 2010
Typical mess has ex-spouses Gerard Butler (in the titled role) and Jennifer Aniston (an investigative reporter) running from crime syndicates after the latter uncovers the truth about a murder. The usual confusion and silly situations take place which have apparently been found in films of the type since the beginning of the cinema. Role players Christine Barasnki and Jason Sudeikis try to resuscitate the proceedings, but are ultimately unable to. Butler and Aniston make for an intriguing pairing, but their chemistry is nowhere to be found as Butler comes off flat and Aniston as a spoiled high school cheerleader-type. Old hat situations and outcomes make for a predictable and yawn-inducing bore which never comes to life. 2 stars out of 5.
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This is a Bad Movie.
cn179319 July 2010
I'm as likely as the next woman to lust for Gerard Butler on screen--he's usually handsome, intelligent, and charming. However, his character in this movie was none of the above. From disgusting nose-picking to psychological and verbal abuse of his ex-wife, his character exhibited no characteristic likely to make me want to shell out the price of a ticket to his next movie.

Jennifer Anniston is getting too old to succeed on "cute," "spunky," and "vulnerable." She plays all three to the hilt in this film, but maybe she should have read the script all the way through before agreeing to appear.

Why did we not demand our money back and go to something with more class and wit and plausibility, such as maybe "The Last Airbender?" Christine Baranski. Her performance as Kitty, Jennifer Anniston's character's mother, was impeccable and was the one glittering light in this otherwise dim excuse for a romantic comedy.
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I Expected Much More From This Film
Claudio Carvalho29 July 2010
The gambler and former police officer Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) owes money to dangerous bookmakers and works as bounty hunter. His ex-wife Nicole Hurley (Jennifer Aniston) is a reporter snooping the mysterious death of a man that was reported by the police as suicide. Meanwhile Nicole is accused of running over and assaulting a police officer and is summoned to a hearing in the court. However, she has a lead for her case and she misses the audience with the judge. Milo is assigned to track down and arrest Nicole; in return, he would receive an award of US 5,000.00. While hunting Kate, Milo stays close to his ex-wife and they both revive the good moments they had in their marriage. But Nicole is pursued by the criminal that she is investigating and Milo by the henchmen of the takers and they get into trouble.

I expected much more from "The Bounty Hunter" since I like the sexy Jennifer Aniston and the efficient Gerard Butler. However, the story recalls "Serving Sara" and is entertaining in a few moments but without the charm of the movie of 2002. The tanned Jennifer Aniston shows a magnificent shape in a sexy black dress that highlights her awesome legs. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Caçador de Recompensa" ("Bounty Hunter")
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Jennifer Aniston And Gerard Butler: B-List Actors Who Can't Carry A Movie
sddavis6317 July 2010
There was potential here - somewhere. Admittedly, you have to dig pretty deep to find it, but it was here. The story of a bounty hunter hired to bring his ex-wife to justice after she skips bail while facing a ridiculous charge - something funny could have been done with that. Unfortunately, nothing very funny ended up being done with it. Then that whole story is enmeshed with a "dramatic" element. Nicole (who skipped bail) is a journalist trying to get to the bottom of a story about a suicide she suspects was a murder. Again - potential, but totally wasted. This movie really needed to decide whether it wanted to be a comedy or a suspense thriller, because by trying to do both it succeeded at neither.

Casting was something of a problem here. Hollywood continues to find vehicles - and a lot of them - for both Jennifer Aniston (Nicole) and Gerard Butler (her bounty hunting ex). The problem is that (as far as I'm concerned) they're both B-list actors - and they're B-list actors for a reason. They're not especially convincing. Teamed with someone with screen presence, they can carry the roles they get. Teamed with each other the result was less than impressive. In fact, the funniest scene in the movie probably involved neither of them - it was the scene when the generally irritating (and totally unnecessary) character of Stewart was drugged with the horse tranquilizer. When a minor and unnecessary character has the best scene, you know there's a problem.
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The Vidiot Reviews...
capone66615 July 2010
The Bounty Hunter

If bounty hunters are anything like deer hunters then they must also spend the bulk of their day sitting in a tree, armed with a compound bow, covered in a thick musk of deer urine.

Unfortunately, the hunter in this romantic-action-comedy defies all aforementioned huntsman traits–save for the pungent aroma–and, instead, is tracking skillful prey that will test his mettle as well as his manhood.

When broke bounty hunter Milo (Gerald Butler) gets the opportunity to collect a price on the head of his ex-wife Nicole (Jennifer Aniston), he hopes to stun two birds with one stun gun, i.e. pay off his mounting gambling debts and anger his journalist ex-wife. Unbeknownst to him, however, is the fact that Nicole is actively pursuing leads in a high-profile murder case, which means she must avoid jail–and the bad guys–long enough to file her incriminating article.

A disorientating hodgepodge of action movie machismo and romantic-comedy antagonism, The Bounty Hunter's problematic premise is made even worse by its lead actors, limp script and lack of ingenuity.

As for tracking down ex-wives who fail to appear in court, that's bush league. Try hunting down ex-husbands who fail to pay child support. (Red Light)
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A NyQuil and Lunesta slurry
Simon_Says_Movies13 April 2010
For a movie like The Bounty Hunter, is ineptness is sprung from something other than overt awfulness. Certainly, its flaws can be easily extracted but most pitfalls are suffocated in such a thick smog of banality that is manages to rise to a different platform of un- watchability. At least some of the worst movies of all time are memorable in their own twisted way; this latest 'romantic' 'comedy' is the cinematic equivalent of a NyQuil and Lunesta slurry.

Growing into two of the biggest rom-com stars, Gerard Butler's and Jennifer Aniston's latest joins the likes of films like Night at the Museum 2 and Land of the Lost that are just grinding torturous slogs; seemingly never-ending and without merit. I sought out this film for Gerard Butler who I find can be equally badass and hilarious. He is neither here (although he does get the films few scattered chuckles) and more than eclipses Aniston who too can be quite endearing, but merely serves as eye candy, parading around in her tight black dress.

Discussing the plot of a movie like this is like studying the recipe for Twinkies; not only does nobody care but you could already have surmised it is stuffed full of a whole lot of crap. That brings me to the script which is the weakest of the weak in The Bounty Hunter. Director Andy Tenant has made some competent movies like Hitch and Ever After so to have also helmed clunkers like Fools Gold and this we must turn to the screenwriters. Laughs and originality are left to putrefy and the plot is so wincingly predictable you could likely guess the entire story arc from the title alone.

Surrounding Butler and Aniston are supporting characters that range from forgettable to utterly obnoxious and are as perfunctory as the events through which the players are moved. We are also subjected to scattered action sequences which do little other than extend the already overlong running length. Almost nothing works in this movie and had the leads been of a lower calibre this could have most certainly have descended into disaster territory.

This review will remain short as I have no desire to reminisce and thankfully much of this perfunctory genre exercise has already exited by bowels. This genre has had its name dragged through the mud more than enough this past decade and if the pedigree of date night movies remains consistent with this, perhaps some day viewers will finally stand up and demand better.

Read all my reviews at
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mamayr23 April 2011
Before I've watch this movie. I've been watched the trailer and I felt like this is could be hilarious movie! (I saw the scene Milo took Nicole to the back of the car.)

But in the middle of this movie, after I watched it I felt nothing. No laughs, no jokes, no love scenes or reconcile speakings. It always has reiterate, say ironically, say sarcastically and ramble. I hate the way Jennifer and Gerard talked together, just in these character. When two of them starred in another movie but in the good plot it makes me feel better than in this movie. Like 'The Ugly Truth' or 'P.S. I love you' I love the way Gerard starred in Mike. He's totally hot in that character. But in this movie, he's totally a jerk.

So disappointed and waste time. I give 4/10
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Predictable and strained
phd_travel20 July 2010
This is a weak and strained comedy with very unconvincing leads. Don't waste your time. Even if you are a fan of either star.

Gerard Butler was not suited to the role. His chuckles seem forced and unnatural. His accent is a little distracting too. Aniston had a dead expression on her face like she would rather be elsewhere and this was just a boring routine job for her. She needs to choose her roles more carefully.

The story is not only predictable it's also mildly annoying. The outcome is so clear from the start and there are no surprises along the way. Why do they make such dated and low mentality movies nowadays?

A waste of talent.
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Excellent entertainment
ray11529 March 2010
The movie is surprisingly funny, all the people next to us were laughing many times. Also there is good action going all the time, nothing boring. The best of it was chemistry between Jennifer and Gerard.

Some jokes were maybe a bit true cruel but this doesn't bother too much. I liked this movie more than Mr. & Mrs. Smith which contained pointless shooting and so on.

Go to see this movie if You want to have good heart-warming feeling all day long and for entire week. Just turn off Your brain and enjoy pure sweet entertainment in romantic sauce.
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There's real chemistry between Aniston and Butler
garthlotel28 February 2018
There are a lot of flaws in this movie - making light of domestic violence is a glaring one - but the genuine chemistry between the two leads kept me interested and caring about their outcome. Both Butler and Aniston have great screen presence and they make the most of their characters (a situation where both characters would not be likeable if these two actors hadn't played them, basically). But if you like these two, you will probably be able to enjoy the film.
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