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The last 30 minutes undo the previous 70 minutes worth of good will.
turkishjade23 January 2010
I wanted to like this film, the only problem is it has very large shoes to fill. The two films that come to mind, obviously, are "Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight" with Billy Zane (rated a 6.6/10 here) which tackled the whole "end of the world/standoff in diner/lone hero fighting alongside the little guys against a legion of bad guys" thing 10 times better and "The Prophecy" with Christopher Walken (also rated a 6.6/10 here) which tackled the whole "good angel versus bad angel/showdown on earth" thing 10 times better. Both came out in 1995 and while they didn't have the special effects that this one had, they had a cohesive story, GREAT acting and believable characters.

The internet is going to crucify this film, so I'm just going to break it down simply: The first hour or so is pretty good, and if it had stopped at the 70 minute mark, it could come close to the 6.x rating it's getting now. The last 30 minutes is a rushed, hatchet job that will make you regret seeing this film.

Also, SHAME on the editors of the film trailer for spoiling the two best scenes of the film (the old lady "reveal" and the ice cream man "reveal".) I hate when you do this. You stole all of the impact those scenes had and lowered my rating by a point.

Don't pay to see this film, rent "The Prophecy" and "Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight" instead.
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A huge disappointment.
juiceman1071223 January 2010
The overall premise of the film is a little silly yes, but it's incredibly original and it had so much potential.

The film suffers from a handful of serious flaws that ruin just about everything good that the film has going for it. The pacing is horrendous. The action scenes are few, far between and horribly rushed and the down time in between them slows to a crawl. This time is used for each of the uninteresting, two-dimensional characters to melodramatically shed out stories of their troubled pasts. We just don't care about ANY of them due to minuscule character development and a horrible script.

The whole film is terribly written with some questionable scenes that seemed to have been written only for the convenience of the characters. The plot is pretty simple but mostly unexplained and full of holes. SO much is left in the dark and the main point of the film isn't even explained so it's hard to care at all during the supposed dramatic moments.

Too much talking and not enough action for it to be a wicked B-movie and the overabundance of melodrama and terrible writing keep it from being a serious, dramatic epic.

There are slivers of a good film and some great ideas that occasionally appear and the few, brief action scenes are fairly entertaining, but everything else is so terribly executed that it isn't worth any kind of recommendation.
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Just plain bad
torndownunit26 January 2010
This movie just fails on every level.

I have seen some reviews/posts that claim people are 'missing the point' and that this is supposed to be a "B" movie in the vein of Evil Dead. Well, I love those type of movies and Legion does not compare to them, or appear that it attempted to be part of that genre in any way.

From an action movie standpoint, it basically lacks action. It has a few scenes I would categorize as 'decent'. The previews completely mislead viewers in this regard.

From a drama standpoint, the script is absolutely horrible. Even with good actors reading it, some of the dramatic parts drag on unbelievably. And there are just way too many of these parts for such a horrible script.

The plot and characters are underdeveloped, the acting is horrible, and the movie just drags on and on. I am hard pressed to find anything good to say about it other than that there are a few decent action scenes.

I know it's not the most 'wordy' review but it's really tough to say much else about this movie. It was the first time I have actually been angry at spending money in a theatre. I have never wrote a review on here, but the reviews for this movie are so completely misleading it motivated me to.
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whats so bad about it?
kal van exitus28 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not sure what most of these people writing bad reviews wanted out of this film......

were they expecting some religious aspect of the whole "apocalypse" genre or something?

anyway, Legion is a movie you either love or hate, no doubt about it, but it sure as Heaven (cough) doesn't deserve the bad reviews.

1. the gfx weren't bad, or too much, they were there to show what they had to and thats it.

2. this movie isn't JUST action and blood and guts, it had a story and i liked the writers idea to pause the fighting after the first wave of the possessed to dwell a little more into the emotions of the characters

3. bad acting? not really, while Micheal might have had better lines he still accomplished his role.

4. some parts were funny like "they aren't our regular customers", why you ask? well the look on his face was "i cant believe I'm saying this", which any NORMAL person would think at such a sentence.

5. GOD was portrayed as a human, with a heart and a mind that contradict each other, also he was depressed, people might say this was a bad decision but i think it is correct, since humans are the image of god (according to believers he made us like him)

6. YOU SAW WHAT YOU WERE EXPECTED TO SEE, there are no plot holes!! because the director wanted you to see just this, and nothing more, if other people could understand this they might also understand the whole plot.

7. here is a hypothesis so you understand the baby's role. the baby was the second coming, and since god was angry at humans he didn't want to give them a second chance to survive, now since Jesus became god it would mean the baby becomes god in the end (of his life), thus bringing with him his happiness and love for humans... so humanity survives....

i could go on, but it'll take all night so in short:

Legion is a movie that you have to see without expecting it to be the movie of the year, and over analyze every damn second of it. go watch it ONLY for entertainment and to kill an hour or so I'm not a fan of any of the actors or the director but i watched this movie with a free mind and i enjoyed it
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Awful, just plain awful
monstar9223 January 2010
Judging from the trailer this movie was supposed to be a whole lot of action while the talking takes a backseat, unfortunately the 30 second trailer contained all the action you are going to see over 100 minutes of the full movie.

The acting was entirely melodramatic while the script was TV level. Nothing was believable, far too often you found yourself watching these characters talk to each other, explaining their own background while you sit there realizing that you don't care at all. The character development was done so obviously that it made everything feel cheap.

Avoid this movie at all cost's, you'll have more fun reading a Bible than you would watching Legion.
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Pure entertainment and nothing more...no religion, no message, no intellectual properties
Robert W.6 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This is going to be a tough review to write. The reason I say that is because Legion for all intents and purposes is not a good film. Its ridiculous, preposterous, with plot holes the size of cannon balls. You could pick this film apart until there was nothing left of it but angel wings and dirt. So here is the thing. Legion was incredibly entertaining! The action was wicked and intense, the characters were fun and intriguing, it was gory and action packed so despite everything else I had fun. You basically have to let go of everything to go into this film. And some people can do that because a movie is not always art, or full of message and morality, a film can also just be absolutely nothing but entertain and for me Legion did exactly that. Upon retrospect of the film you'll start to realize the startling amount of errors and plot holes but I think a movie should be reviewed mostly on its first impression like when you're sitting in the theater. The unfortunate side to the film is that it misses the incredible potential of this epic good vs evil battle by making the story rather convoluted and underusing the characters of Michael and Gabriel.

Paul Bettany is a great actor and very versatile. I think the film makers of Legion were lucky to have him. He is brooding, and strong and commanding as the rogue angel Michael. Even being a leading character they underuse him and we really don't get to see enough of his action. Lucas Black is naive and simple Jeep Hanson. In a normal film he would likely become the hero but when you've got an Angel to contend with you take a backseat and unfortunately that is where his performance is pushed to. He does well but is overshadowed in a big from the other actors in the film. That includes Dennis Quaid as Black's father. I love Quaid and this is no exception. Its a small role but he takes it and makes it his own and really commands the screen. Adrianne Palicki is the lead female who is basically the cause of this angelic war. Palicki is very underused because I think she could have given a really strong performance if she had been given the chance but like Black she takes a back seat. The cast is also boosted by some amazing supporting performances by Charles S. Dutton and Kevin Durand who should have also been used more. Also worth mentioning is solid supporting roles from Kate Walsh, Jon Tenney, and Willa Holland.

Some might also go into this movie figuring it to be an epic battle between good and evil, Angels and Demons, further proved by the name of film, Legion being a horde of demons that possess someone in the bible. Instead this is about a battle from Heaven between Angels not even fallen Angels. The special effects are solid and even breath taking at times. The film also reeks of being Stephen King-esquire which in my opinion is one of the highest compliments. King could have put this together much much better but it has the twisted religious overtones, the isolation of a desert gas bar, and even the vivid characters. So for all of you that love to be simply entertained and want a thriller, action, even part horror film then absolutely treat yourself to Legion and avoid trying to pick it apart. It's a solid action trick. 7.5/10
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A Late-January Misfire... What A Surprise...
tj1924 January 2010
Legion (2010) Directed by: Scott Stewart Starring: Paul Bettany, Lucas Black, Adrianne Palicki, Charles S. Dutton, Tyrese Gibson, Kevin Durand, and Dennis Quaid

When God loses faith in Mankind, Archangel Michael (Bettany) loses his faith in God. An out- of-the-way diner becomes an unlikely battleground for the survival of humankind as Michael and a group of strangers defend themselves against God's legion of angels. Michael must protect a mother (Palicki) and her baby, for it is the key to ending the Apocalypse. Let me start off by saying that Legion is not a good movie, however, it is not terrible by any means. Unlike recent biblical horrors (The Unborn comes to mind), Legion tries very hard not to follow the lame clichés of recent horrors; I always commend a film for trying to be good. Unfortunately, it takes itself a little to seriously with God's legion of zombies that are supposed to be possessed by angels. The film also was terribly written, ("What's your beef?" "Simmer down!" "Hold on white boy") with weird scenes that needed some serious editing. Besides the bad script and erratic editing, the acting was terrible. The only exceptions were Paul Bettany (who seemed to have flown into the wrong movie) and Lucas Black (Sling Blade, Friday Night Lights). Everyone else was uninspired and made the bad screenplay look much more terrible than it was. The action scenes are where this film soared. The fight between the two Archangels was incredible, and the visual effects were on par. Overall, Legion is a biblical Assault on Precinct 13. It lacks a good script, editing, cinematography, and acting. I commend it for trying to be less like recent horror films that really shouldn't even call themselves 'films". I think deep down, on the cutting room floor, there was something there, but we don't see it. Legion is by no means horrible, but I can't recommend it.

Rating: 5/10
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Either incomplete, or just plain lazy
Lord_of_all_zombies12 February 2010
Sadly, Legion is a movie that one WANTS to enjoy... Unfortunately, there really is just nothing really "good" about this movie. The film doesn't particularly appeal to ANY group of movie-goers. The plot and character development wear very thin, so anyone watching the movie for a good story will be disappointed. Low-attention-spanned action-buffs will find dull, repetitive fights and action sequences. People looking for good, well-portrayed actors will find shoddy performances from almost every player in the movie.

Paul Bettany probably does the only DECENT performance in the film. I say decent, and not good, because that's all it really is. There is a SINGLE DECENT fight scene in the movie. Again, not good, only because of lazy choreography and being too short.

There is a lot of thought put into this film, it's fairly obvious. The problem is a lack of real determination from anyone in front of, or behind the camera. The film is overall, fairly forgettable.
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A Nutshell Review: Legion
DICK STEEL21 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The trailer had me thinking that this would be one heck of a slice and dice fest in the same vein as Feast or even The Mist, with a group of rag tag survivors being huddled together in a diner / supermarket, and the fight for survival against invading monsters of all shapes, sizes and surprises. The latter film also had a bible-thumper, and religion forms the basis of the premise here, when you see how it all becomes a modern day re-imagining of the tale of Mary, Joseph, and the prophetic messiah baby.

That's just my angle at making sense of the flimsy plot which didn't develop properly, despite ample time in the first half that had characters talking, rationalizing and reflecting on just what their predicament is, and how senseless it all seemed, at the expense of action sequences that undeniably got better as the film wore on. Amongst the action offered that I've not seen before involved the angel Gabriel (last done androgynously by Tilda Swinton in Constantine), which brings to mind just how angels would be clad for battle, with armour, close combat weapon with frills, and those metallic wings used both defensively and offensively in quite elegant ways as shield and blade combined in one sweeping motion. Not to forget, flight too.

Unfortunaately there are a number of close references to other films, most notably the Terminator movies and the Matrix combined for certain scenes that looked way too familiar. The beginning already had Terminator like arrival of the angel Michael (Paul Bettany) to our world, earmarked for destruction by God because he was losing faith in the bullshit of mankind. He's not following his book of Revelations though, as he sends his angelic force to earth mimicking how Terminator robots get sent back in time. Or the severe warping of the human face to indicate possession by a higher, in this case, spiritual force.

Basically, the world is God's matrix, and the angels being his agents sent to stop and destroy the birth of the prophetic Neo, who is but an unborn child in Charlie (Adrianne Palicki), an unwed mom who's waitressing at a diner out of nowhere aptly titled Paradise Falls, run by the estranged father and son team of Bob (Dennis Quaid) and Jeep Hanson (Lucas Black from Fast and Furious 3), who get thrown into the thick of the action together with the rest of their diner crew and customers, which can be easily read as fodder for the apocalypse, which came in the form of a spider granny, ice cream man and the likes.

For the film to work, you have to buy into its reasoning that God has decided to end the world through an unfair battle using his angels against humans, and the absence of the Devil whom a friend thought would actually either rejoice, or would have gathered new followers with the exodus of human souls now being abandoned by the holy one. If you don't subscribe to this premise, then everything will not hold water, and it'll become just another mindless action flick that flits from one sequence to another.

And let me know if you don't agree that the baby is the messiah (if I wanted to go one step further it could even be the second coming), since every angel bowed their heads in reverence, and stopped dead in their tracks. It wasn't explained why the baby held the key to the salvation of mankind, so that's my speculation. After all, Michael the angel did find it worthwhile to switch sides in order to find some glimmer of hope amongst mankind to change his master's mind.

Legion had an interesting potential but ultimately got let down by its half-baked plot development and references so close you'd think it was The Matrix or The Terminator. It got played out too seriously for its good, though with room given for a sequel if one ever gets made given the way it ended (really like The Terminator again), and this time maybe with room to deal with the demons now that angels are likely out of the way.
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All Heaven Breaks Loose!
LawrenceOfAlabama24 January 2010
I saw the film last night. It started out like a typical "Survival Horror" film. A group of different people. A mysterious stranger rolls into town. All Hell (excuse me...HEAVEN) breaks loose. Then just as soon as the film got going, someone stabbed a pitchfork in it and turned it over. It totally changed gears.

Once the film first set-piece ended it turned into a slower version of Night of the Living Dead. This is largely due to a plot point that set this rule into action: God put a restraining order on all ZombAngels. They were not allowed to get too close to the main protagonist. So without giving anything away; you can now imagine the pacing of the film up to the climax. Slow and uneventful.

The acting was a caliber above most Horror films. Quaid, Black, and Bettany were all fine. However none were memorable. Even the two main Godsends, Gabriel and Michael, managed to have conflict that was forgotten seconds after the next scene started.

So I would say it's a "Catch on Cable" viewing. Unless you're a huge Bettany fan. Then I would say avoid this like the plague.
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Neat concept not very well done
Quebec_Dragon5 February 2010
Legion is about the apocalypse and one fallen angel who tries to save the last hope for humanity. With such a high concept, it's weird how it's actually taking place in a rather constrained space : a truck diner lost in an American desert. My first impression was that the special effects looked cheap (witness the first human transformation and the way "it" talks while barely moving its mouth). It's an impression that stayed with me throughout until perhaps the final antagonist. My second impression was that the acting wasn't that bad. I didn't recognize the actor playing the main angel character (Paul Bettany) until the day after while reading the credits. He's not one we usually see as an action hero in this kind of flick but he gave a decent performance as the strong stoic type. I also remembered Lucas Black (playing Jeep : what a lousy character's name) from the time he was a talented child actor. He still is. We also have the ever reliable Dennis Quaid in a supernatural thriller yet again.

My third impression was that the little old lady (seen in previews) reminded me of the crazy old gypsy woman from "Drag me to Hell". It's no wonder she's shown in previews, it's one of the best moments. However it spoils the surprise. My fourth impression was that following the granny, the "possessed" people were rather slow, stupid and not particularly menacing, very much like zombies even though they were not. My fifth impression was that at least the filmmakers were trying to achieve character moments instead of tiring us out with incessant action. My sixth impression ,after the film, was that considering the origin of the possessed humans and the objective desired, it was really ridiculous and unbelievable to proceed that way especially considering the supposedly superior intelligence at work. My last impression is that although it's certainly watchable as a distraction, it's not really effective or a particularly good film in the genre despite the "angels", seldom seen in features these days. Don't watch "Legion" expecting a big-budget epic fantasy, it's more like an intimate, closed space, last stand b-movie thriller without that many thrills.

Rating: 5 out of 10 for mediocre

P.S. Don't watch it expecting a "legion" of "angels" either. You would be disappointed.
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Why all the trashing?
arnoldripkin23 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I thought this was a very interesting plot. Why should a zombie movie require non-stop action? Anticipation of action can be as entertaining or more as endless pow, pow, pow, right in the kisser. Adrianne Palicki was gorgeous in this character, a look she should do more often. I agree that the storyline was a bit far-fetched. but isn't any zombie movie far-fetched? The special effects were great although few, especially the locust cloud and the old lady turning into a monster. The end was somewhat flat but does follow the Chistian theology that Jesus gives us a second chance at redemption. All in all if was entertaining and worth the watch.
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Cheesy dialog during forced character background scenes fill up 3/4ths of the film.
shawn savage22 January 2010
If Feast, and Splinter have shown us anything, is that sometimes the claustrophobic feeling of a close quarters set can almost be an extra character in the film. Legion went for this, but failed. After seeing the trailers, I was hoping Legion would kickstart 2010's horror'ish lineup into full gear. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Legion is the holy roller's rendition of "The Terminator" mixing elements of classics from almost every genre of film. Sometimes, a film can pay homage to cult classics, and give birth to an all new sub-genre. Legion is more like an abortion than a birth.

Cheesy dialog during forced character background scenes fill up 3/4ths of the film. The action scenes are few and far between, and what little we are given, is very anti-climactic. From the trailer, we were all but promised plenty of zombie-like scenes of innocent people being possessed by angelic forces to facilitate the extermination of the human race. If this is what you're expecting.. don't. 90% of the "cool" scenes of possession are shown in the trailer, the rest are pretty much forgettable.

Having not seen "Daybreakers" yet, so far my 2010 has begun with a dud. Legion is insulting to the viewers intelligence. Save the cash, and wait for this turd to show up late night on the syfy channel.
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director read the bible and watched terminator A lot!
spielbergfan00124 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
JESTERS REVIEW: -will contain spoilers- From the start of the film i knew i was in for a ride, whether i enjoyed it was really up to my state of mind at the time... the film opens very much like "the terminator" will the angel Michael feeling a lot like kyle Reese, but it doesn't stop there. Paul Bettany was very enjoyable as the fallen angel who goes against god. For me this was a film with a lot of missed opportunities... the ice cream man who turned into the human spider.. here was a moment that was drawn out and you were expecting a big attack and it ends so abruptly with NOTHING happening. When all the cars start driving towards the diner why they stop and get out is beyond me... why they don't just run all 300 cars into the diner killing everyone is something i wont understand... there is no real explanation for a lot like why Gabriel didn't just show up right away, or why the director cast Lucas black(God truly punished me by showing black try to act). Overall it was a fun movie but flawed. I did enjoy it but felt that i kept asking why is this happening A lot. And as the main characters drive away to end the film we see "our Sarah Connor" (even wearing a bandanna) and she says god is tired of the bulls**t and i have to agree i was tired of asking why and trying to figure out the bulls**t. in the end it needed to be simpler with more action... to much was left to the imagination. have faith... have faith they will corrected the wrongs with the straight to DVD sequel.
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At Least I Liked It!
g-bodyl30 June 2010
Legion is actually a pretty good movie. I had low expectations when I got this film on DVD. The trailers also looked somewhat lame. I only saw this because two of my best friends recommended it to me. Well, I'm glad they did. I actually thought this was going to be a straight up horror movie but it isn't. I'm not a big fan of horror movies. This is more like a action/fantasy movie.

Basically this is another movie about the Apocalypse. God is not happy with the way humans are behaving so he sends an army of angels to wipe out human civilization. But there is one rebellious angel who declares his protection of a mother who is carrying a child who is deemed to be the savior of all mankind.

I am a big fan of Paul Bettany. I have seen almost all his movies and I pretty much liked all of them. My favorite scene from this movie is the grandma scene. I thought that was hilarious.

Overall, this is a great movie. By the way, I'm a religious person and I don't believe this film at all. Some commenters say this is propaganda. This is just a movie that will entertain. I rate this film 9/10.
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Heaven couldn't save this movie.
paintballa923 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
It was awful. It was a complete waste of money. The best part of the whole movie was when Dennis Quaid died. Almost everyone in the theater clapped when he did. The effects were equivalent to Pacman arcade games that I used to play back in the 90's. I felt like the whole movie was just a cheap imitation of Constantine with Keanu Reeves. I couldn't figure out if certain parts of the movie were supposed to be funny or if the acting was just so cheesy that they were. I like how the previews made the movie look way more awesome than it really was. I highly recommend everyone to not see it, or Day Breakers either for that matter.
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Possessed by angels
p-stepien8 December 2010
The Angel Michael (Paul Bettany) plunges from heaven to Earth, after which he cuts off his wings and gets busy with gathering up an arsenal of weapons. In the meantime in an god-forsaken diner in the middle of New Mexico several lost travellers and the diner's employees surprisingly become a central point to the apocalypse. All because of the unborn baby of the diner's hapless waitress. Soon people possessed by angels appear and only Michael's arrival helps stave off the impending doom...

Even with the above basic premise it is easy to figure out where this movie is going. It that sense it is basically a homage to the brilliant Prophecy series (brilliant more in content than acting or direction). Now I must say that I am extremely surprised by the low grades the movie has on IMDb, given that so many worse movies have ratings in their 6s or 7s...

There are definitely things not right in this movie with the whole middle sequence surprisingly poor and borderline terrible in its lack of logic - possessed suddenly stop attacking and let the one thing they are preventing from happening happen... That said the acting was at least good and characters are well presented. Add to that a very good fight sequence with the angel Gabriel and I found this movie a good if uninspiring watch.
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Better than I expected!
Spaceygirl20 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
First off, Jude Law and Paul Bettany must share a personal trainer because Mr Bettany is as ripped in this as Jude is in Repomen. Omigod! Those abs, those arms!

Nevertheless, to the film itself. Look, it's just a movie and a fun one at that! Paul Bettany has a grand old time, at the end sporting the best set of wings I've seen this side of Hallowe'en. He and fellow Brit Kevin Durand as the arch angel Gabriel are easily the best thing about the movie. Dennis Quaid, Charles Dutton and Tyrese Gibson give able support but Kate Walsh grates in her role and personally I was happy when her character was killed off. All in all, Legion is hugely entertaining, some scenes having serious WTF? moments and the end leaves it nicely open for a sequel.
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Story might not be original, but performances are excellent!
dean-harmse10 June 2010
This movie didn't arrive in my country with much fanfare, so before I bought a ticket I did some research. Most reviews were negative, but I went to see it out of pure boredom. I didn't expect much and having read all the negative reviews I watched it with my critics glasses on.

I actually enjoyed this movie. Never have I given a movie 8/10 before. Why did I do it now? Performances. I reckon the people who went out to see this movie expected blood, guts and fecal matter flying all over the place. Instead they found hardcore actors doing what they do best. Even lesser known actors were up there doing it with the masters of the industry. Paul Bettany is one of the most underrated actors of our time. When has he ever given anything but a solid performance? Dennis Quaid? His prettiness might be a thing of the past, but as a performer he grows with every movie he makes. The same goes for the whole cast. They all acted like superstars.

You won't like this movie if you're into mindless B-grade BS. If, however, you like movies because the actors telling the story makes a fantasy feel so real you actually feel you're gonna break the armrests off your chair you should do yourself a favor and see this movie.

On a final note. Being a Christian myself I did not find this movie offensive at all.
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My only regret was not getting a refund...
reagstersrox22 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I went into this movie knowing nothing about it, as is what many people do when they spontaneously go to the movies, and honestly i had an open mind about the movie from beginning to end. From an acting standpoint, Paul Bettany and Dennis Quaid did quite a fine job covering up Lucas Black's terrible acting and dreadful fake dialect, and were quite fine on their own, as they often are in their other movies, but the rest of the cast, with the exception of Charles S Dutton couldn't act their way out of a paper sack. Second, the only consistent thing thing throughout the movie was (*spoiler*) the baby- the fact that it was going to be... important. The baby's importance is never defined. Why Matthew dies and then somehow returns (And then disappears immediately following) is never explained. The characters are introduced, elaborated on slightly, and then killed, leaving the viewer puzzled as to their importance in the plot. Not EVEN to mention the fact that a newborn baby was not buckled in a seatbelt, then gets in a major car crash, and survives the crash with no injuries whatsoever. Overall, the plot was inconsistent, the acting was mediocre, i was not absorbed into the movie, and the whole experience was a waste of my time and money. i plan on calling and asking for my money back. I recommend that nobody sees this movie at all.
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Absolutely Awful Film
andrew_barratt7 March 2010
Words can not express just how DIRE, this film really is. It is a confused screenplay, messy plot, and very average special effects.

As the film started I actually thought that this could have been a modern zombie classic with hints of parody of other films. It was even funny, the grandmother scene is hilarious, as is the stretchy guy. If the film had carried on in this way, it could have salvaged itself. But no. The angel concept was badly considered, there was no explanation of the rational, and frankly if the best anyone's god can send to eradicate mankind is a swarm of flies, followed by a relatively small army of fairly useless zombies, then its no wonder mankind got itself so screwed up! The concept of the saviour child, is not explained, so everything seems relatively pointless. The premise for this film could have been an absolutely epic, apocalyptic feature with feuding angels, fire and brimstone, humanity brought to the edge of destruction, mammoth scenes of human zombie carnage. But No, it was this pile of dross, that was most probably funded by the catholic church in some vain attempt to make angels / religion "cool".

Don't waste your life on it. Don't wait for it to come out on DVD. The best thing about this film, was that the cinema we watched it in didn't treat us like criminals after having spent the best part of £20 on tickets.
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Why have this gotten such poor ratings? It was Unique and refreshing!
ChristaPurcell19 February 2011
When i read the reviews and hear, decided not to listen to the critics but watch it for myself anyway. This movie actually has A very good unique story line.I can honestly say I am glad that I listened to myself!

I just watched it twice..which is rare for me. It is a bit cheesy with the possessed people and all, the special effects are great, Dennis Quaid is, as always, a wonder. The angels are very real and there are some good innovations, as special effects go,you won't be disappointed.

For me it seems like this is a 90 minute (or so) reader's digest version of the 5 year TV series Supernatural with dealing with the Apocalypse and good and bad angels.

PS: The Angel was hot, like Castiel on Supernatural too =) eye candy is always great in a good flick LOL
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A lame "Terminator" rip-off
Rectangular_businessman10 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Ugh. Why do almost all the movies about angels that I see have to be so boring, pretentious and poorly made? First, there was "Constantine" and now, there is "Legion", another pathetic and unoriginal attempt to create a "cool" supernatural themed movie using religious motifs.

I just don't see why some reviewers said that this movie was something "original". Not only the basic plot line is a bad rip-off of "Terminator", but also "Legion" managed to contain every single annoying cliché from many other horror and action movies that were made before than this (And most of them were much better than this drivel) Now, I don't mind if a movie is unoriginal as long it is good, but "Legion" managed to be even worse than I was expecting, being dumb and cheesy, having many, many plot holes and lot of stuff which happens without reason (Seriously, the whole deal about the importance of the baby and why he wasn't supposed to be born in first place is never explained in this movie. I bet not even the the writers didn't know why the baby in question was so important in first place and decided to include him just to keep the ridiculous plot going. Weak.) The script was corny and poorly made, being filled with many cheesy lines that could be expected from an Uwe Boll movie. Even the action scenes were lame and uninspired, with an insipid visual style and mediocre special effects.

"Legion" was a terrible film, lacking of any single redeeming value. It was awful (and unoriginal) from beginning to end, and just because it had some kind of "controversial" premise, it doesn't make it better.

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Kicked myself for being so stupid as to sit thru till the end...that bad.
ricgu21 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Hard to believe some solid actors agreed to appear in this movie, for nothing worked here. This movie had no redeemable qualities what so ever.

Its like the studio gave the green light after seeing only a one liner from the producers. Story was a work in progress, for even when the movie ended you were still waiting for some of the open questions to be answered to justify your time investment. Why her, who was this baby and why was it so significant, what was the significance of the majority of the people in the Diner. Acting was forced, FX were sub- standard, plot had more holes than a slice of processed Ledermeier fromage.

Give your 10 dollars to the Red Cross instead, you'll feel better. You'll be more satisfied watching a rerun of the X-Files.
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Failure. Disappointing. Watch the Action clips online for free.
KentaroK18 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This has to be one of the most awful film experiences ever.

The reason is that it has a lot of potential, but failed to deliver on any of it.

It reminds me of the Prophecy trilogy in set-up. It reminds me of a Jet Li movie crossed with The Crow crossed with some anime involving Shimmigami (death gods) in potential for action. It reminds me of Dust Til Dawn in the set-up of the main action scenes. It reminds me of the Exorcist or Constantine in the use of Occult and Orothodox, Universal (i.e. Cat-hol-i-c) rites.

However, it fails to capitalize on any of this.

Prophecy has a much better story, much better drama, much better characters, and much more involved and self-consistent plot.

Matrix has more action. That's The Matrix (1999), not even touching on the other movies, or on something like Storm Riders.

The Crow has a better hero/anti-hero.

Jet Li movies have a lot more "kung fu". In fact, so does The Matrix, and that also has gun-fu.

Equilibrium has gun-katas. Why can't somebody copy this? The "wing-fu" was much less impressive than it could have been. See Archangel in the X-Men movies. Archangel in the Marvel universe is represented both in comics and in the recent X-Men movies (I think, X-Men 3 - The Last Stand) as vastly superior to the angels in Legion.

And so on.

This is just a failure on so many levels.

Overall 1/10, because IMDb does not allow the score I want to give it: negative nine (-9)!
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