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  • God doesn't like us anymore, so his angels are out to kill humanity. In the trailer and in the movie, you can clearly hear Michael say that God once sent "the flood" because he was angry with mankind. In the movie, God sends angels. Edit

  • There is no direct explanation, no. But since the people surrounding the diner were suddenly "possessed" by angels before going there, they were most likely going about their daily lives when it happened. It's likely the little girl was trying to hit a pinata at someone's birthday party when she was "possessed." The bag is acting as a blindfold, and you can see she's holding a stick. Edit

  • When Jeep, Charlie, Audrey, and the baby are being attacked by the angel Gabriel, Audrey decides to sacrifice herself (albeit in vain). Audrey tells Jeep to stop the car as it is going more than 90 miles per hour. The sudden stop flings Gabriel and Audrey through the windshield while Jeep, Charlie, and the baby crash off the side of the road. When Jeep asks Charlie where Audrey is after the crash, it is assumed that she knew that Audrey was dead even though it is never explicitly shown. Edit



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